Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sprinklers and A Game of Froger...

Yep, thats what it was...a day of "Sprinklers and a game of Froger".

Yesterday marked the first game for Joshua and the Jasinski Jaguars Baseball team and even though they got SQUASHED LIKE A FROG, they did really good.  It wasn't entirely there fault...the game had shall I put it...mishaps to it.

It started out to be a descent game.  All the families sitting there watching our boys...cheering our boys...yelling at Seth and the other kids to settle down and to stay out of the way cuz they were crazy, rolling down the hill and running around...when...BAM...on came the sprinklers!  Are you kidding! And of course everyone went crazy!  

Well lucky for us they didn't come on in the field were the game was, but they did come on were we were sitting!  The game was able to continue on!  BUT the sprinklers did reach were our boys were sitting in the dug-out! UGH! They boys on our team had no where to sit!  SO the families picked up our chairs and moved over a bit...NO BIGGY, right...WRONG! 

About 10 minutes later another set came on...before the first set turned off, NO WARNING...are you kidding we moved a little bit more.  THEN, another 10 minutes...ones behind us turned on...this time hitting us in the head and in the faces...WE ran and pressed ourselves against the fence until we could make our move and then RAN to a dry spot. If we could have taken pictures of each other...One of us was using a chair to try and block the sprinklers from hitting them in the face...that one was funny cuz they couldn't figure out why they kept getting hit until they realized it was going through the mesh part of the chair...a few of us were trying to press ourselves further into the fence...while the people on the other side of the fence, who were safe from the water, were dying of laughter.  Then we made the move to safety!

THEN the phone calls were made...because you know what happen NEXT...yes you guess it...sprinklers came on in the field and stopped the game!  We called the maintenance guy for the school, we called the receptionist, we called anyone we had numbers for...IT PAYS TO KNOW PEOPLE IN HIGH PLACES AT THE SCHOOL!  

I can tell you the coach for our team was NOT happy....

Then I look back over at the youngest child...I truly do love his pointed head...he left his chair against the fence...I needed to go and get it cuz we needed to leave it was time for a game of LEAP FROG...could I make it across without getting wet...My friend did not think so...but I thought I it began...I ran to the fence and waited for the first sprinkler to go, then I against the fence...really against the fence...RUN...grab the chair...NOW BACK...NOT ONCE GETTING WET....

I'M GOOD....

WELL, after 25 minutes of NO PLAYING...the district maintenance guy shows up...he finally gets the sprinklers turned off.  Well by this time, I have to leave.  I get up to him and he gives me this run around that they aren't even suppose to be on this field playing...funny thing how both schools ended up on this same field and how he was glad it didn't stop their playing for too long...ummmm was 25 minutes and there really isn't much light goof! 

BUT all in all, it did make for a funny story with