Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Monkey see ~ Monkey do!!
Can I just say OOPSY to my friend Stephanie....
You see Stephanie and I really do share the same brain sometimes! We've worked together very well for years in Relief Society and Girls Camp. We think the same, we act the same, heck we look the same... just kidding...Steph is much cuter than me!!!
So a few weeks ago DJ was mowing the lawn and bang, crunch and shatter...THERE WENT OUR SLIDING GLASS WINDOW!! Ya lets just say it wasn't a happy moment in our lives!!
Well you know Steph and I have to do EVERYTHING THE SAME... Like when she moved to Buckeye for some strange reason WE FOLLOWED!!
SO when we broke our window, Stephanie decided to follow and today she called me with the glorious news "YOU CURSED ME!!" As soon as she said those words I knew....
Sorry Steph, no one said we had to do everything the same!!!
Monkey see ~ Monkey do!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

19 years

OK so this ones about my hubby and me!! I'll make it short and I'll make its sweet! Only because there really isn't much to say except for that I really do love that guy!

We like any couple out there have had our ups and our downs! But its been a fun roller coaster ride! Can't wait to see what happens this next year and what we'll have plan for our 20th Anniversary! He keeps asking me what I want to do... Any ideas? I have a few....(The wheels are turning...uhm...lets wait and see what I decide...but lets first get through the year!)

Plus I really CAN'T wait to see what the NEXT 19 years has plan for DJ and me...ok maybe I can wait on some of it, but NOT all of it...NO I can't wait, it should be interesting cuz, well, its our lives and we have VERY interesting lives!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DJ!! Thanks for finding me!!! "1-4-3"

Just an FYI...


OK...SOOOO Today is MY 19th Wedding Anniversary (Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary...Haaaaaaaappy Anniversary)

BUUUUUTTTTT... That's NOT what this BLOG is about....

You see my WEDDING DAY was the HOTTEST day on record. My WEDDING DAY was over Memorial Day weekend, which means that my Anniversary is kind of the unofficial START of SUMMER...

That's right LADIES (and any GENTS that read my blog) SUMMER is officially here and its here to stay.

Don't be angry about it, embrace it!!!
People its Arizona, its HOT, DEAL WITH IT!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Schools Out for Summer...

...Well almost! Well sort of!

See Cayla is out of school today and the boys get out tomorrow!

I have mixed feelings about this....

Heres why....

~It was a very busy year at school and I'll be looking forward to a break (yes me NOT the kids).
~All those late nights with Cayla helping with homework and ealie mornings waking her up for semianary in Tolleson (it will be nice not to have to worry about those for 2 months)
~Spending the two months...locked in my house with my kids cuz of the heat (not too sure on that one, kind of happy, but kind of scared...serously have you met my kids)
~happy to have the time with the kids but I know that after awhile they will begain to drive me crazy and it will be a race to see who will crack first...me or them! (and we all know its such a short drive for me)
~Drive me crazy...they will start to drive each other crazy...thats when the fun really starts!
~The trip...you see normally we don't travel during the summer cuz, well, its too hot, but this summer we decided to take a trip and again, have mixed feelings on this one. We are heading up to Utah for a week. Yep thats right Utah, not so much to see the family, but to see all the historical stuff they have up there that is only open during the summer, hence, the summer trip instead of the fall or spring one.
~Oh and then there is girls camp (so much fun coming up...sorry Steph, I've been a slacker)
~Cayla has Cheer and dance and whatever else she has, so she'll be busy.
~We have Cayla and Joshuas b-days (love those days)

So see I have mixed feelings, I'm pretty happy about the summer, but at the same time, just kill me now!
(Oh I'll write about my Sea World trip next time...it was a blast!)

Friday, May 15, 2009

2 hours...

...and counting!!!
Yes thats right...I only have 2 hours to go before I get on a school bus with 60...did you get that number...60~ 5th graders and drive to San Diego!!!
What the heck was I thinking when I said I'd be a chaperon!!
Oh ya, I remember...I get to stay at Sea World~after it closes and sleep with the Manatees! How cool is that.
Cay is so jealous...Manatees are her favorite! HA-HA! Oops, I guess that wasn't very adult of me or very motherly either. But Josh did it to her so why can't I! :)
Really, we (Josh, plus me, plus 59 other kids and who knows how many adults), are driving to Sea World, where, when we get there, they will take us behind the scenes and show us the ins and outs! Then half of us will go sleep with the Manatees (me) and the other half will sleep with the sharks (so glad thats NOT me)! (OK when I say sleep with the sharks and the Manatees...I don't mean in their tanks, come on people work with me here). Then tomorrow we get to spend the whole day at Sea World and then drive home that night! (It shall be a long drive home)
Too~Too Cool!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Am I cursed...(uhm...maybe)...

Do you ever just get the feeling that you might just be CURSED?!?!

Now I don't mean in the hebeejebee sort of way...I mean things just don't go right-sort-of-way!

Well, I can tell you...I'M JUST PLAN CURSED!!!:)
(in more ways then one:))

You name it and it goes wrong! (Here are just a few things that make my life exciting and well of course~cursed!! :)) Even as far as the three baby birds that were DEAD in my front yard (along with 2 eggs), and the shattered back door that happened (mowing accident...scared the jeepers out of the boys and me...it was loud...sounded like a gun shot~thats when I was thinking~Just shoot me, just shoot me! ...ALL IN ONE DAY.

Oh WAIT, forgot to mention forgetting to be someplace~ TOTALLY SPACED that I had something to do at 6:30 this morning. What a DORK I am. (sorry Teresa~I really am a flake)

And then there was the car door that wont open, unlock or anything (sounded like broken glass when you opened and closed the window, thought the key was going to break in the lock when I tried using it)...

And of course don't forget the dog running away! (found him~thats when I discovered the door wont open on the car and had to climb out the passenger door to get him ~it was quite a sight to see~don't laugh but just imagine your little kids climbing over the seats, but put my BIG derriere in place of a cute little kids derriere and that was the scene...waisted a whole day trying to fix the door~guess what...it still wont work and so we have to take it to the dealer).
This was just a few things that happened today! So much fun!!

Good times-good times!!! I'm just LOVING life right now! But hey, IT'S ALL GOOD!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busy little girl...

Can I just say my little girl has had a busy week!

Last Saturday was LaJoys prom and I didn't put any pics up on the last blog...SO...here they are...

(Cayla and her date Cody Miller)


(These two look so cute!!)
Now I mentioned in the last blog about working on her Jag project. Oh my heck...you talk about NO sleep, that was me and Cayla this week.

Sunday night I was up helping Cayla with her Jag project until about 1:00 or so. (Day 1 of no sleep) Monday, she had dance practice until 5:30 or so, which meant not getting to work on the homework. No biggy~ when she gets home, we'll work on it...WRONG!! We had someone show up and visit for a bit. So we didn't get started until 10:45 or so. At midnight, I sent Cayla off to bed and continued working on the project until 1:30. No biggy~I never sleep anyways! Tuesday, same thing, Cayla had dance until 5:30 or so...but when she got home she had to head stright to YW's. Didn't get home from that unitl 8:30 and right back to work we went on the project...It was 2:00am when I sent Cayla to bed and 3:00 when I finally went. The next day, Cayla had a confrence she had to be out all day. Left it early with a few other people so they could get to dance practice by 3 and practiced-practiced and practiced! Then it was home to work on homework (BIG English paper due on Friday)...poor kid was so whiped out that she had to stop working at 9:30 and go to bed, which meant another late night on Thursday!

Thursday was the first night of the BIG show. After the show-well, teachers really don't care about shows and things like that and she had to finish writing her big report. Which meant mom type while she wrote so that she wasn't up so late. Needless to say-she got it done! Off to bed she goes (after proof reading and editing)...

Friday~last night for the show! She did really good on all her dances, but the show itself wasn't up to pare! Cayla said she felt the same way about it, as did her teacher. Oh well, maybe next time.

(This is kind of dark but its Caylas solo)

Saturday~Cayla had a service project for school she needs to be at in Avondale, by PIR at 8. Off she goes. After that, shes off to grandmas...why~ TO GET READY FOR PROM~again! This time her prom date was with Stanley Frydrysiak. Hes been a close friend of hers for years.

They had so much fun at Prom! The theme was "Diamonds are Forever!" (way to go James Bond)

(Caylas best friend Tiffany~helped with the hair)

(Cayla and Stanley~looking good)

(Stanley Frydrysiak~ this was his school Prom!)
You can say...Mom is glad this week is OVER!! But we both survived! I'm glad shes young, cuz I don't think I could do all the things she does week after week. I guess thats WHY shes the teen and NOT me!!