Thursday, March 31, 2011

Football and Baseball...

If I didn't think life was crazy just got CRAZY NOW!! 

FOOTBALL and BASEBALL season just started...ugh.  Don't get me wrong, I like both, A LOT, but not when your son...yes, that was son, not son's, decided he wanted to play BOTH.  And which sweet son was this that wanted to see how crazy he could drive his mother, well, that would be Joshua.  And here I thought he was my reasonable, thoughtful, loving, smart and considerate son.  Boy was I wrong! 

So, here is whats happening.  Josh wanted to play football, so we signed him up with a football group called Elite. They practice during the week and then have games on the biggy, except we didn't know when his practices were, YET.

Then right before spring break, he decided to try out for the school baseball team, and try-outs were right before break and he made it!  Those practices go til 5:30 with games on Tue/Thur.  But we still didn't know when football would be.  Ugh. 

Lucky for us, the Football couch was willing to work with us and made practices start at 5:45, so we pick up Josh and his friend Austin and off we rush to Indian School rd and Falcon Field for Football practice...but wait, lets not forget that on Wednesdays, Seth has his piano at 4:30 to 5:00...I'm just glad Seth's finished with Soccer...cuz then I'd really go nuts.

Lets see if we can keep football and baseball up for 2 months.  I guess its good he's young, but I don't know about me.  Plus we have Scouts on Tuesdays and whatever else I decide to add with Seths life. 

I LOVE sports season!! And I love those CRAZY BOYS OF MINE!!