Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lots of big changes...

...And still more to come!
So last night was our Stake Conference and there were a lot of changes made and still a lot more to come!
Last night they re-aliened all the wards (ok not all the wards, but most of them), in our stake...and they created two new wards...the West Park ward and the Sundance Ward. We will meet in two weeks and the new Bishopric will be called and possibly all the other callings.
Our family has mixed feelings on the changes, as do many members in the stake. Its not like we haven't been apart of stake changes before. Really it seems like every stake we move into, they change the wards...I'm beginning to think it might be us!
We will be in the West Park Ward...some of our old Ward is there and then a lot of new a lot of new changes to come!
There will be families that we will miss in our old ward and other reasons for our nervousness with the change that I really can't say right now but we know this is what the Lord wants and you know we are a Church based on change!
And lets remember...The Church IS STILL True!


Charlotte and Jason said...

I think our ward is headed in the same direction...only it is interesting because the ward that they might be giving some people from our ward to...used to be all of our ward...does that even make sense?
There used to just be Johnson Ranch ward, then it split 3 years ago into Johnson Ranch and Desert Hills(my ward) So we kind of already know some of the people on that ward...but not all...and I don't even know what part of the ward would be going...oh the anticipation! It happens to the best of wards and stakes :(

Suzi said...

It really does...It's a good thing to know that the church keeps growing though....Hey, I still have a gift for you...I guess I should just take it over to your would be nice for you to have it before the baby turns 9 =)