Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends                                                                                                                   December 2011

                You know it happens every year & this year was no exception…The Holidays kind of snuck up on our family!! Every year we say it’s not going to happen & BAM!! Here we are half way over with December already!

                This year seemed to be a more trying year not only for our family but for many of our extended family and friends.  But isn’t it funny the blessings that come from our trials and tribulations.  As we approach this coming year, I hope we remember those blessings.

                This year seemed to be a busy year for us and the kids…and when I say kids that includes Cayla and Craig.  Between Church, work, sports, scouting, military, school…oh and moving, it’s no wonder the year flew by! And that was only mentioning a few things.

                Yes, it was that time again…time to move.  We find ourselves in Goodyear, up in the Estrella Hills.  This meant a new school for the boys and a new Ward for us for church.  We are really enjoying the area so far.  It’s a very active community.  Everyone enjoys biking and running.  Our family has taken up biking, which we are loving.  Suzi has started running, which she hates but it helps her in training for her vertical marathons she does every year. DJ has always been active so this area is great for him.  The wild life up here is amazing…both good amazing and bad amazing!  So far we’ve seen it all (in our neighborhoods I might add)…rabbits (in our yards even), ground squirrels, woodpeckers (which Suzi has a love hate relationship with), raccoons, ducks, turtles, come kind of giant lizard, tarantulas (yes that’s the BIG spider), coyotes, bobcats(living in neighborhoods), mountain lions, and Suzi’s biggest fear of all time SNAKES!

We weren’t the only ones that moved this year.  Cayla and Craig moved to Tempe to live closer to the college and to work.  They have the cutest little apartment.  They love having their own place. Both of them are working hard in school and enjoying married life.  It’s hard to believe that in November they celebrated their 1 year anniversary.  Both of them work for ASU so living right next to the college makes it easy for them to get to work.  Cayla is also teaching dance, which she loves and helping a family friend who takes professional photos. Both of them are currently serving as Ward missionaries in their ward…it seems they can’t get away from that calling.  They had it in their last ward also, but they really do enjoy sharing the gospel with others!

The boys, Joshua (13) and Seth (10) started a new school this year.  Josh is now in the 8th grade and Seth in the 4th.  Both of them seem to be doing well.  The school they are attending has a lot of after school activities for the boys so they are very busy with those.  Seth just moved up into the Webelos in cub scouts.  He really enjoys cub Scouts.  For the last few months his mom has been his Cub Scout leader and he’s really liked having her as his leader.  Josh is working hard in the Scouting program.  This past summer Josh was selected for the Order of the Arrow and went through his Ordeal in the fall. He’s also a member of the Jr. National Honor Society at school and works really hard in that.  Both the boys really enjoy sports and keep mom and dad busy when they are playing games. 

DJ is still a Detective with DPS and for the last two years has been serving as the First Sergeant in his National Guard Unit.  He also teaches a class at one of the colleges here in town.  He’s currently serving as a member of the High Council for our Chruch. Between all of these he’s pretty busy but still finds time to get out and go hunting.  This year he was able to go out and he got his Elk which really made him happy!! DJ got to go to scout camp with Josh for the first time. He moved up to the Brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow. When Josh completed his Ordeal, DJ went and had them use the sash he got when he was Josh’s age for Josh. He’s getting ready the first of the year to have surgery on his left knee…he forgets he’s not as young as he use to be, so his body keeps reminding him!

Suzi just finished doing a vertical climb for the American Lung Association in November.  She cut almost 2 minutes off her time from last year. She works hard at trying to keep everyone’s life as normal as possible.  When we moved into our new ward she was called to serve as the Bear Leader in the Cub Scout program.  As always if Suzi’s life wasn’t crazy and busy she wouldn’t  know what to do with herself.  But sometimes she dreams of a less stressful life!

As always we hope this next year is less stressful for everyone.  We pray the Lord will bless your family and watch over you always. From our house to yours we hope you have a Merry Christmas and May your New Year be Fun and Happy!

All Our love, DJ, Suzi, Joshua and Seth Hansen