Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can I just say...

...I survived this week!!! And what a week it was!
Let me tell you. We had our Silent Auction and Spaghetti Dinner Friday. Boy, my friend Teresa and I were pretty nervous about it a few weeks ago cuz we just weren't getting the donations we needed and then...
Well, last week, we started getting what we needed. This week it was sooooo much fun putting together all the baskets and seeing everything we had! We still had a lot of running around to do, but it was fun. But the week is kind of a blur, don't remember much from day to day!
The dinner was fun and I hope that everyone that came had a good time. It was Hilarius watching some of the people bidding on some of the stuff we had, going back and forth. Made my night!
But of course all things have to have something go wrong...but it was MOMMY to the rescue! Well, my mommy that is. Friday morning, Seth woke up and well, I guess he missed MR. BUCKET and MR. TOILET! Cuz he wasn't feeling too good and well...I don't think I really need to say, you get the picture-RIGHT? Well, I called my mommy at 7 or so, well maybe even 6:30ish, (sorry it was so early mom and dad) and well, mommy was at my house (in BUCK-EYE), by 7:30 and kept my poor sick baby all day! And he really was sick...I know I'm a really bad mom for ditching my kid when he was sick, but if I didn't Teresa would have had a melt down all by herself getting the auction together. Heck between the two of us, we almost did!
Of course that night, MY MIGRAINE hit. Can I just say I hate those! Yes I do! But if it was going to hit really bad it did it at the right time... CLEAN UP! I had to leave during clean up cuz I wasn't doing good at all. I almost didn't make it home. Thank goodness for Josh. He helped me in the house and it was ALL GOOD! Love that kid!!!
Saturday was the day of craziness. Josh got sick at 3am. SO he also missed MR. BUCKET and MR. TOILET, too. Seth was feeling much better now (oh Cayla brought him home after she was finsihed babysitting-thank you Cayla). Josh was kind of a green color- (pretty cool looking).
That morning we worked on some things Cayla had to do for Jag at school. She left at 9:30 to go get her hair done by a friend she use to work with. BY 1 I had to leave to drop of a baby gift for one of my best friends daughters and then meet Cayla at my moms to help her get ready for Prom! Well, I couldn't leave Josh so I brought him along, green faced and all. Dropped by the baby shower and told them I couldn't stay unless they all wanted to get sick and then went to moms and waited and waited and waited for my darling little girl!
Why am I waiting, well, while she was getting her hair done, she remembered she had a meeting at the school for Jag at 1:00. She needed to go and get her flower thing for Cody Miller (Prom Date), cuz she forgot to pick it up on Friday. Then the gal who did her hair wanted to do her nails, so she had to go back to that. After all that another friend called her and said that she was in the hospital, so off Cayla was to the hospital! Busy little bee she is! Well, she made it back to grandmas house by 4:30, cuz grandma was leaving and wanted to see her in her dress!
Anywho, got her ready and off. Why is it the teenagers really don't like having their pictures taken...oh plus there was the fact that Cayla is trying to get sick! But really I'm the mom and I wanted to take lots and lots of pictures and she wouldn't let me. Oh well, I did manage to get a few (I'll put them on later)
After Cayla was off to the Prom with Cody, the boys and I headed home. Well sort of. Got the boys home and then I had a teacher/friend from the school that was having a jewlery party that night down the street from my house. I stopped by for just a bit. Then headed home!
But can I just say grandmas are the mirical workers. While we were at my moms, she gave Josh some lemon sorbe and he started feeling much better. Go figure! I try stuff and as a mom he wont eat or drink, but if grandma offers, well thats a diffrent story!
Thanks mom for all the help Friday and Saturday!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Why is it...

Why is it......That every time DJ is out of town for a long time, one of the kids has a science project due!?!? Seriously does he plan this! I'm really beginning to think so. And Science, come on, I really don't like it that much...your killing me here DJ, your killing me.

Why is it......That the one computer program I really want to work, WONT and its late at night and I can't call DJ and bug him about it. REALLY like he can fix the problem when hes not home, but I can still bug him, can't I. And not only is my program not working, I have my whole computer upstairs not working...why does this always happen when DJ's away, cuz if he was home, you know it all would work perfectly. Its just cuz he's gone and it (it being the computer) wants to make me crazier than I already am.

Why is it......That when I find something funny ~ others really don't ~ is it that its really NOT that funny or is it that they just DON'T have a funny bone? I'd like to think its that they don't have a funny bone, cuz I sure do find a lot of things funny!

Why is it......Laundry and dishes...NEVER, do you read this, NEVER END!!! I know I did them yesterday, yet when I looked today ~ the sink was full and the hamper was too. It baffles my wee little mind...It's just WRONG! I need the laundry and dishes fairies at my house, along with the clean the bedroom fairies, the vacuum fairies, the scrub the toilet fairies (I think ya get the hint).

Why is it......when you wake up in the a.m, you feel more tired then when you went to bed? Can't figure that one out at all. Couldn't be the fact that I stay up late, but sometimes I do go to bed early. Or the fact that I wake up a million times and can't go back to sleep, so I just watch TV in bed. You should see some of the shows and commercials they have at night. Did you know they will you sell ANYTHING on TV, it's really kind of cool.

Why is it......When you have a really good hair day...IT'S WINDY OUT. Come on already. You know really good hair days DON'T come around that often, but when they do, you want someone to see it...BUT NO, NOT IN BUCKEYE...the wind NEVER stops here. It really is the strangest thing I've ever seen (well that and when I saw that elephant fly).

AND Why is it......There are so many songs about rainbows and whats on the other side?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

4 Things...

...Kids...Sreaming...Junk Food...And Late Night....
Not a good combination in ANYONES BOOK...RIGHT?
Well, its not in mine. And thats what I had last night. Let me share my little story with you. Any of you who have kids that go to Jasinski may understand my story just a little. Well, only if your kids are in grades 4th to 6th.
Last night was the 4th to 6th grade LOCK-IN. Whats a LOCK-IN you ask. A MOMS worst night mare! REALLY!
If you have a 4th grader at Jasinski, don't laugh, your time is coming....
You see 5th graders go to Sea World at the end of the school year. Pretty cool, right? Well, it is. And its not the expensive. Reason why, they raise the money by selling otter pops after school and by having school LOCK-INs. A school LOCK-IN runs from 7 to mid-night. Yes, that was not a type-0, that did say MID-NIGHT, as in 12 a.m. You know the time you were sleeping, but I wasn't cuz I was at the school being a school helper cuz my son is in 5th grade and this was their LOCK-IN and oh wait, I'm with the PTSA and we help with everything. SO I was at the LOCK-IN where they played games, run around, watch movies, eat lots of junk food, and have LOTS of fun. Theres LOUD music playing and screaming and balls everywhere. ITS A MAD HOUSE!!!
OH WAIT... I FORGOT THE BEST PART OF ALLLLL... I AM GOING TO GET MOTHER OF THE YEAR FOR THIS ONE... This soooo out does the last time I didn't feed the boys until something like 8:30 cuz they were at a meeting with me... I had to bring Seth with me to the LOCK-IN cuz DJ's out of town for a month and Cayla had to babysit after work for someone else.
At 12:40 a.m we walked into our house ready for bed. What a night. My head was still hearing kids screaming and dancing and balls bouncing. I highly recommend a Lock-in to any mom, not to work, to ditch the kids for the night...

Thursday, April 2, 2009


...You know its bad enough that I don't get that much sleep at night as it is, cuz I just don't sleep~but now!
What am I going to do...How will I survive...This is TOTAL a matter of LIFE and DEATH...This really could be the end of the earth...
Oh, did I forget to tell you whats satellite box is out in my bedroom. This is serious business. DJ is out of town for the next month or so and I have NO TV. I don't sleep much at night (thanks again mom for the nice little gift your passed on of not sleeping...guess I can't blame mom for all of it...stress is some of it) anywho, when I can't sleep, I really can't go and clean house or anything, I might wake the house up, so I watch TV until I fall asleep.
See when I was a kid I learned to fall asleep listening to something. Can't fall asleep unless I have sounds like music or wait what is it...a TV. I don't know how I will fall asleep until they come out and bring me a new box, gone a have to put music in the room or something, can't even use the VCR, cuz its not hooked up yet, its still in the box...I'm going to scream. Its going to be a long couple of weeks. And DJs gone, I can't even keep him up talking, gee thats not fare...if I have to be up and suffer, shouldn't he. Isn't that what happy couples do~share everything.