Monday, June 13, 2011

Just a short note...

Well I call it a short note and we'll see if it is by the time I'm done typing, cuz with me you never know.  Sometimes I can be a little long winded....

Some of you may notice and some of you may not...BUT the name of by blog..."Stranded in BUCKEYE" has "Stranded in BUCKEYE...NO MORE". 

This does come with some bittersweet feelings we are sadden to leave some of our friends that we have made in Buckeye.  BUT we are still in the Buckeye Stake for church.  AND we haven't moved THAT far away... We've moved to the Estrella Hills in Goodyear. 

There were many reasons for our move and I'm not going to go into all the boring details for all of you cuz I would really hate for you to fall asleep while reading my blog and never come back to read more.  BUT the Lord still has plans for us in the Buckeye stake...hence the reason I'm still keeping the stranded in Buckeye, I kind of like it!!!  It was the start of my blogging.  It has sentimental meaning to me. 

But now here we are in the Estrella hills, for really who knows how long...I guess, until we feel the need to move again...and with us that could be in a few years, or in 10 years, you never know, I'll just put this out there...DJ could retire in 2 years, so who knows what we'll do...maybe move to Gilbert, to be by Jerrae, or Tempe to be by Cayla, or Utah to be in cooler weather that DJ dreams of everyday, or up to WA to by my brother, who knows...its a big world out there! BUT for now we are HERE!!