Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is coming...

...And the goose is getting HOT! Well, not really, BUT, my list is getting LONG. Christmas is 3 days and counting and I have NOTHING, DO YOU HEAR ME, NOTHING DONE! NO REALLY I DON'T....

Here's my list of things to do before the BIG CHRISTMAS EVE Party (at my house) and of course the BIG DAY itself...

1) Make cookies with the kids (Haven't made a single one this year -for Christmas that is- OH WAIT, I did last week for cub scouts with Joshua but theres non left)

2) Bake Banana Bread (I have a tone of Banana just waiting to be baked)

3) Wrap gifts (I finally started wrapping some yesterday cuz our poor little tree looked soooo bare with only Josh's two wrapped gifts under it. I've been done shopping since Thanksgiving weekend...WELL SORT OF...)

4) Get more gifts for Seth (We thought we had him finished on Thanksgiving weekend, WELL, forgot about the birthday and most of his gifts went to that, go figure. Now he has NONE, well maybe ONE)

5) Get Christmas Cards in mail (I know, I know...stop lecturing me already, its the Monday before Christmas but wait it get better...)

6) ...Pick up pictures from Cosco that go on Christmas cards (Theres still more...)

7)...Finish writing Christmas letter (I know what your thinking, why even bother, well its the thrill of having so much stress, just gotta have it)

8) Order Meat and cheese for Party on Wed.

9) Make pies (also one for DJ's work party)

10) Make Carmel corn (wait I did that last night, ya me! I can mark that off my list)

11) Make all the food for the party and the dips for the party (wait...if I'm going to do that I need supplies so that means...)

12) Go to the grocery store

13) Delivery Christmas goodies

14) Clean the house (that will take a few years, should of started last year)

I can go on and on and on and on. I think you get the idea. Christmas just kind of hit really fast this year, so fast my heads spinning. So what am I doing sitting here writing, I better get started.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year to you all.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lets Review...

Thanksgivings come and gone and we survived (BARELY) our brush with MR. BUCKET and MR. TOILET. But boy, did it knock the wind out of us. I'm still not all here (I know I never really was anyways).

Even though we were sick and knocking on deaths door, DJ and I went out on BLACK FRIDAY. I was NOT going to let a little thing like not being able to stand and hardly able to walk STOP ME from shopping on the BIGGEST SHOPPING DAY OF THE YEAR~ Do You Hear Me!!!

So here we were, sick and sicker, up and out the door at 3:40am and at Kohls by 3:55, ready to shop. Can't say what for cuz little eyes are reading but we were there. And you know I was sick cuz I, who is ALWAYS cold, was burning up, BUT I was still shopping. NOW, thats dedication for you.

The whole day... it was kind of...well hazzy, its a blurr for the both of us. We remember long lines and we know we went to Kohls, Toys R Us, Target, Ross and Walmart. Then it was home. Toys R Us was FUNNY. The lines were soooo long. DJ went to get in line while I finished shopping but then he called me and said hurry he was next. He went and got in line at Babies R Us side. There was NO one in line on that side...SWEET, we checked right out. Got to love it.

Now shopping with DJ was a First on BLACK FRIDAY. It wasn't too bad. But I couldn't get anything for him, however, he did make a great pack horse. I highly recommend bring a husband if haven't before. I DON'T, however, recommend, going shopping when both people have been sick!!

Then Saturday it was time to try and put up the Christmas decorations. Again, this task took us longer then normal. It took us till Monday to get everything up. BUT hey, were else in the world could you put Christmas lights up outside in shorts...AZ, thats where! DJ kept saying its just wrong as hes hanging the lights up in shorts and sandals.

Then of course we got our tree up and decorated. I LOVE my tree and my 3 pills took FOREVER to decorate it. BUT thats ok, it turned out good and it looks beautiful. Everyone kept playing while they were putting things on the tree. It was a fun night.

My three pills
Getting the TREE ready
This is Seth trying to put something on the tree. I just knew he was going to FALL into the tree.
Cayla is going through her Vanna White stage right now.

Joshua trying to decide which ornament would look better...this one or that one.

The stocking where hung by the chimney with care??? What Chimney we live in AZ where its 100 degrees at Christmas.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick & Happy Turkey Day...

...And what a TURKEY DAY this will be. It will be one for the books, thats for sure. Let me tell the tale....
...You see our family over the years has done a few different things on Turkey day:

1) When the kids were younger (pre high school, thanks Cay for growing up), we'd go to ID and spend it with my sister.
2) When the kids got older we started going to Disneyland, our favorite place on earth.
3) If I can, I'd have people over. I LOVE to cook the turkey meal.

To tell the truth, 1&2 happened so we wouldn't hurt families feelings by tiring to decided who we would spend the day with.

So this year~The BIG Question~ WHAT TO DO? We thought, NO BIGGY, kids are in school, we'd stay here. Then 2 things happened (things always happen, right?):

1) My dad informs me that the family (him, my mom, brother and sister and their families), were getting together in ID and they'd love for us to try and come.
2) About a month or two ago, DJs mom got pretty sick. Shes doing better now, but still (shes in UT).

What do we do... go to ID (16 hour drive), go to UT (12 hour drive), or stay here (we just went to Disneyland a few weeks ago, so thats out). Well DJ and I being the fast decision makers we are (NOT), we couldn't make up our minds what to do. The kids can't miss school and if we went somewhere it would have to be after Cay got home from school (which was 3)...what do we do. After weeks of going around in circles, LAST WEEK (I know, nothing like waiting til the last minute) DJ came to a conclusion. We haven't been up to see his family in a long time. If we drove we could be there by 3am, plus we have some good friends we'd love to see. So we made the call, were were on our way to UT for Thanksgiving. We were on a roll, UNTIL....

Saturday it all started and went down hill from there. Josh woke up in the middle of the night...well lets just say he was REALLY SICK. Became good friends with MR. BUCKET. Stomach Flu you know. He was down all day Saturday and we kept him home Sunday from church to be safe. Then Sunday night Seth, go figure, the Stomach Flu. However, that little booger seemed to be just fine after his visit with Mr. Bucket and some sleep.

Monday at 5am I get up to check on Cayla for seminary and open her door and the room started spinning (you can ask my family, I have a bad habit of passing out), so I sat down. I just figured I got up to fast before. But heck lets admit it-I am an air head. So Cay helps me up and I start back to my room, Ya~No, she had to help me all the way, I wasn't doing to well.

I get back and I think I fall asleep (not too sure on that one). Then the old alarm goes off for the boys. DJ gets Josh up and going. I call him in and before you know it... Mr. Bucket and I are making friends. I end up that day not being able to walk on my own without falling-staying in and out of consciousness. The days a blurr. The next day I was a little more awake and was able to eat 3 crackers (Yay ME).

Then Wednesday comes, see this also triggered the glorious migraine too. And because of my stomach and everything I couldn't figure out WHY THE HECK MY HEAD was hurting, until Wed...daaaahhh, so since I could now keep things in (isn't that so nice to know on turkey day), I took drugs (got to love drugs).

Why is it kids can bounce back so fast and well not adults. So Tuesday night DJ shared that his tum-tum wasn't feeling so well, but that he was ok. NOOOOOOO, hes our main driver for the trip. I'm not 100%, what are we going to do. He says "DON'T WORRY, I'LL BE FINE." Famous last words. DJ never made friends with Mr. Bucket or Mr. Toilet (ya, didn't share that one before, we were all very close friends)(well, I guess DJ became an aquaince with Mr. Toilet, not FRIENDS like the rest of us~just thought I'd share. I know too much info...), but lets just say Cay and I had to get him twice after he fell to the floor. The way DJ was carrying me on Monday was what we were trying to do with him. He was weak and drained. There was NO WAY we could make that drive with 2 sick adult drivers and one new 16 year old driver. Plus the storm was going to hit, we just didn't know where.

So after a long debate, at about 4 on Wed, we decided we'll have to stay here and make the best of it. Then the race was on. Cayla took me to the store, cuz well, I was still a little off balance (its a good thing I don't drink cuz I'd be one ditzy drunk). We got a small bird (I usually get a 20lb or more- don't know if I can cook a small one). We got a small bird so we can defrost it fast, which thx to water we did. That night I made one pie and got my broth simmering for the next morning.

Well, here we are...TURKEY DAY for just our small little family. It may not be all the bells and whistles it would normally be but it will be ours and we'll all be together. (Sometimes I can say the sweetest things)

So everyone, STAY HEALTHY. Don't visit with Mr. Bucket or Mr. Toilet. Their not very inviting. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and watch the Macy's day parade,and guess what...

Christmas is coming ~ GOTTA LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! Turn your radio on and listen to Christmas music, ITS THE BEST!!!


...My house lit up like a CHRISTMAS TREE. It was so COOL!!! And it rocked and rolled. What on earth am I talking about? Didn't you SEE and HEAR?!?! How could you miss it. All that rain, lightning and thunder... You couldn't have missed it, you had to of woken up. (Well, not if your Cayla, she slept through it all, how could she)

I had just fallen asleep watching NCIS about 12:30-1:00 (I know, another night of not sleeping-I do that a lot, you'd think I would have a perfectly clean house with the amount of sleep I DON'T get, oh well) and BANG-FLASH-POW. WOW, was it SO COOL!!
One small problem...our old dog Mickey (hes 16 years old), really didn't think it was so cool, like me. For a lab he sure don't like loud sounds much, you know like gun shoots, oh and thunder, which there was a lot of. Did I mention that it was SO COOL!
Anywho, DJ and I were up with him trying to calm him down, after he tried to claw his way out of the laundry room. After a bit and turning on a night light for him (wow, hes just like a kid), and giving him a snack and a drink (he really is a kid), he settled down for the night. SO I THOUGHT.

I went back up stairs and started watching the food net work and about an hour later I hear sounds and its not the wind and the rain from out side. No its my silly old dog. Hes up stairs. Crazy old dog. One hes suppose to be in his bed, and two hes not suppose to be up stairs. Again I got him settled in for the night. But HEY whats a person to do when you've go a crazy husband and crazy kids, and now a crazy old dog. BUT DID YOU SEE THAT LIGHTNING...just in case I didn't tell you...IT WAS SO COOL!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Wait for it...Did I go...Did I like it...Heres what happen...
So I'm not really part of the whole Twilight cult yet.
Why you ask?
Well, I haven't read the BOOKS. Yes, my mom, and all my friend have told me and I'm sure each of you will tell me that its a sin,
I got to go and see the movie earlie. Yep, little old me, who hasn't even read the book got special tickets (BUT I do own it, mind you, its just soooooooo long and thick, have you seen it. Heck I didn't even read Harry Potter when it came out, but I saw the movies:)).
See my mom, the crazy little old thing she is, LOVES to read. When I say love I mean LOVE. She use to get in trouble at school for reading too much. Have you ever heard of such a thing. So anyways, this is probable nothing knew to those of you that are part of the Twilight cult but shes read the books, All the books, THREE TIMES. YEP, that was the number 3.
Anyways, theres was this lady (there always is), that got an e-mail and she sent it to mom. So we got special tickets. Didn't have to wait in any lines or out in the COLD, cuz it was cold last night. They had music and special drawings (which we didn't win). We were treated like we were important or something.
The thing was, I really liked the movie. It was good. I knew it would be. I like these type of things. I wont tell you what happened cuz some people don't like that, I'm not one of them but like I said it was good and mom said they stayed pretty close to the book.
Now I haven't read the book not cuz I don't want to, its cuz its long and I just find it hard to have the time. I guess now I need to or else I'll NEVER hear the end of it.
Heck, even by dad came and he seemed to like it. We were probable the only two people in the whole place who hadn't read the book. PRETTY FUNNY IF YOU ASK ME.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy B-day Booger...

So this is for
Seths Favorite Booger...

I know that just sounds wrong!!

But hey its me and well, I'm just not NORMAL!

This blog is dedicated to BIG Booger (Jerrae) from

LITTLE Booger (Seth).
See Jerrae is my kids BIG sister. My Kids fell in LOVE with her when DJ was in Iraq. I was the YW's President and Jerrae was one of my girls (her mom was my YW's Pres,so we just kept it going). Well, she ended up becoming part of our family and when DJ came home he found out he had another daughter, lucky for us. Jerrae helped keep me sane while DJ was gone and then just kept being part of the family when he came home. When people ask who she is we say shes our kids big Sister!

We were so excited the day Chris walked into Jerraes life, because she finale found that one person who treated her like the queen we always knew she was. WE LOVE YOU CHRIS and thanks for taking care of our BOOGER for us!

Cayla always said she wanted to grown up and be like Jerrae and you know I couldn't ask for a better example for my daughter (I know kind of mushy, I can be at times-scary!)

So WHAT Can we do for you, JERRAE, on your birthday...



~Have Hot Chocolate (even though its a million degrees out)

~Eat cheese cake (its a sacrifice but somones got to do it)

~Wear all pink and a little black or white (the boys might die on that one)

~Watch Legally Blond

~Play with make-up (again the boys might die)

and last but not least

~have a Pedicure Party (wish you could come)


(oh and yes I will be out there any time for my play date, you tell me when)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my MOMMY... What can I say she looks good for her age, shes fifty(something)...(its not nice to tell a women's age....)
My kids LOVE their grandma and grandma loves ALL her grandchildren, and shes got a lot of them. (and they are all soo cute, wish I had pic of her with them all)

(Cayla is the oldest grand baby and loves her grandma to death)
(Josh is the third grandchild and the first grandson and he thinks grandma rocks) (Seth just loves his grandma so much and is happy shes always there for him)

Mom is always there for me. Its kind of nice to always have someone you can count on. My mom has made me the person I am today, which by the way could be looked at as a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you are. But I think its a good thing. I love my mom and like my kids say..."SHE ROCKS FOR A GRANDMA AND A MOM!"

Happy Birthday Mom and thanks for making me who I am!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Stephanies~

As I was listing my friends on the side bar... (another thing I'm learning~my small little world of blogging is growing...YEAH ME!!!), I realized I have a million friends name Stephanie (either spelt S-t-e-p-h-a-n-i-e or S-t-e-f-a-n-y). And not all of them have blogs, so this is only a few of them. The other name that is popular for me when it comes to friends is Julie (have about 4 or 5 with that name).

I think I've figured out WHY... You see my brain cells can only handle so much and when it comes to names, well I can't remember any of them (which by the way I do apologize because I am terrible at them. Faces-I remember,well sometimes- names not so good, so sorry). SO to make life easier for me, the Lord brought all these Stephs and Julies into my life.

One problem, when other names come along, I end up calling them Julie or Stephanie, cuz thats all I have on the brain. LIFE IS TOOO COMPLICATED for my SIMPLE BRAIN!! Whats a simple girl to do!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Told you I'm SLOW...

...(in the head-that is). So today I learned I can add a picture to my heading and CHANGE the color that its in. BOY am I a slow one. I told you this blog thing is going to take some time. So NOW I'll be changing the picture all the time (Its like a new toy, yeah me). I knew there was a way cuz I've seen it on so many others blogs but its baby steps right. For me its more like the baby crawl. DON'T be laughing at me now:). One of these days I'll even figure out how to add all my favorites on the side and who I like to visit. Well, that might be going to far for my brain cells:-). OR WAIT, (might I even dare to dream?) down load a picture from the Internet or a mini video. I don't know if I can handle that... We will see what the future holds for my blogging ability. STAY TUNED TO THE LIFE OF SUZI'S BLOGGING SKILLS....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

San Diego or BUST...

Everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE California, so this weekend we took off to San Diego for the Holiday. Sea World ROCKs! The last few years they have been giving to the soldiers and their families free, did you hear FREE, tickets to Sea World. Its been so cool to go. We don't know if they will do it again next year, but its been fun these last three years. We went and of course got to see everything.

Each of the kids have their favorites. Cayla loves the Manatees. Josh loves the Penguins and, well Seth likes to get wet! Oh and he likes to pet the Dolphins. Mom likes that part too.
Isn't he CUTE!!

We love to go and watch the Sea Lions. They are so noisy and really make us laugh when we try and feed them. This one sea lion just sat there waiting for people to toss fish at him and every time, a bird would fly down and steal the fish. I'm telling you these birds would bite your hands off if you let them. Mean little buggers they were. You toss the fish and mid air the take them.

The wind was really blowing and anyone that knows me, knows that I was FREEZING. By the end of the night, Cayla and I were just plain COLD and WIPED out. The boys went off to play in the jungle jim area, while Cay and I FROZE to DEATH.

Its MY cereal!!

I just LOVE Seth!!! He really is a loving and giving kid. Last Sunday I went to get some granola cereal for breakfast & the box was EMPTY!! (TOTAL CRIME RIGHT, and in a house with a cop, no less). WELL, DJ ate ALL the granola:( His excuse - "You said you got the cereal for ME!" I got 5 boxes of granola cereal, and yes I did say it was for him, but I didn't think he would eat all of them. and I put one box on the VERY top shelf. HE ATE ALL OF THEM. They are ALL gone. I told him thats why I put one on the top shelf - hidden and then I got him his Halloween Favorites - Boo cereal, Count Dracula cereal and Frankin Berry cereal. But NOOOOO - he ate all the granola instead.

So ANYWAYS, I was pouting (really getting ready for stake conference) when theres a knock on the door. Its Seth & he has a pear for me. He says "this is so you wont be hungry for breakfast." He gives me a hug, then leaves. Then a few minutes later he brings me a knife, plate and napkin, he says cuz he knows I like to cut my pears. He smiles and says "love you mommy", then leaves. He comes back with a notes a few minutes later that says "I love you mom" with a picture of him and me on it.

OK, so sometimes my little pill can be the cutest kid. Hes got the BIGGEST heart out there. I just LOVE that kid.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a fun week...

Its been a busy week for Josh and Seth. It was SCHOOL SPIRIT week. The boys really love doing school spirit week. Monday was PJ's day. Seth LOVES this day. He wore his BATMAN jams to school. For those of you who don't know, BATMAN is Seths favorite, so much that a year and half ago he was pretending to be his favorite and tried to swing from the ceiling fan and, well, broke both his arms. THAT'S MY BOY.... Since he wore his Batman jams to school everyone around the school now calls him "Batman", he loves it.

Wed. was backwards day and also a school awards assembly. It was a busy day for the boys. Seth got perfect attendance and the citizenship award. (Only one boy and one girl from each class can get that award). Seths teacher gave it to him, not because hes the smartest and the best behaved-cuz we all know Seth and hes, well Seth, she gave him the award because she said he has a BIG heart and loves to help everyone, a little too much sometimes.:) Josh did pretty good himself. He made Principles list (Yeah, Josh), he also got perfect attendance and well, he also got the citizenship award in his class. It was a pretty cool day.

OK so THURSDAY was the funnest day. It was CRAZY day at school and we went all out for the boys. We colored their hair with our school colors, SILVER and GREEN. (was a little worried it wouldn't come out of blond hair, but it did!) Seth thought he was so cool getting to have WILD hair at school.

THEN, Friday... Friday was wear a costume to school day, but it couldn't be anything scary. So we had to come up with something for Josh so he wore his dads military uniform. And Seth went as his second favorite...Indian Jones.

That night of course was HALLOWEEN. It was kind of a quite night for us. We got the boys dressed in their costumes.

Dad helped with Joshua make-up (he looked so cool and scary).

Cayla had to work and then had to dance at a football game for half time (kind of sad we didn't get to see it but we weren't sure she would get off work in time). We didn't go any where this year, no biggie. We had fun with just mom, dad and the boys. Our neighborhood was kind of quite but the kids made out like bandits. Josh was a skeleton pirate and Seth , Indian Jones. Of course the boys are boys. Josh had a sword and Seth a machete and a whip, so they had to fight each other. I really didn't know who to root for, I LOVE Indian Jones and well, Josh was pretty scary, I was so confused, which as everyone knows doesn't take too much. In the end it was a draw.
We had fun. The kids can't wait to wear their costumes again next year. (Cuz moms cheap and gets or makes costumes that will last 2 or 3 years and then they get handed down to Seth, he doesn't like that idea too much, but oh well, "LIFE ISN'T FAIR!" A saying we teach our kids over and over and over again.)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My LITTLE girl!!!

Can I just be the bragging mommy for a moment. I love all my kids and all the things they do, but Cayla this year has had event after event. She really is a remarkable young lady and guess WHAT... Shes my BABY!!!

Cayla takes a class at school called JAG (Jobs for Arizona's Graduates). You have to get picked to be in this class and Cayla had no troubles at all getting. This year JAG is having a conference in...drum roll please...WASHINGTON D.C. Students from all over AZ had to apply to try and get the chance to go. You had to meet their criteria (good grades 3.5 or better and a few other things, which of course my memory can't remember). Each student had to answer a bunch of questions and then if they passed the written part they had to go for an interview. WELL, GUESS WHAT~ Cayla got picked to be a Cadre Leader and represent JAG at Washington and at other events throughout the year. There were lots of students from all over AZ who applied and they only picked the top 18. She is so excited to be able to go. The trip is set for the first part of December.

Caylas been asked to go to the "People to People" trips for kids for a lot of years, but those cost an arm and a leg. So whats nice is this whole trip is funded by sponsors. Shes always wanted to go to the people to people trips so this kind of makes up for mom and dad say, sorry it cost way too much.

Then Caylas other BIG news. Last week all the students in the school were told their placements and Cayla...another drum roll currently ranked 3rd in her school. Yah Cayla. Shes worked really hard at this. She currently has a 4.8 gpa, but because of her dance class and it not being worth as much as a math or science class her gpa get listed as a 4.3. But who cares, she works so hard between work, YW's and school, plus having a social life, I'm glad shes having a little luck right now. Don't ask me where she gets her smarts, cuz it ain't from her mom, must of gotten it form dad.

Shes also been hard at work trying to earn her second YW's medallion. She has a silver one and now wants to get a gold one. Shes getting very close. I think she might be able to have it finished by the first of the year. Shes a busy little thing.

Plus shes starting to teach dance classes again. I really don't know where the kid gets all the energy, cuz I can tell you I'm wiped out by 9 and shes still working. Shes really excited to start teaching dance again. Its her love. Now if we can keep her from hurting herself then maybe she can get back into track and going to a dance studio for herself.

Thats my girl!!


My friend Stephanie has tagged me. Here's how this one goes...This is an easy one. Go to your picture's folder and take the 4th picture from the 4th file and post it. How easy can that be.
Here's DJ making a monkey out of himself. Back in 2006 we got the kids and took off to San Diego. We ended up at the zoo and DJ just couldn't help monkeying around with the kids. We LOVE going to California!!!
Stephanie also did another tag. This ones a little different. Its called the bookworm tag, which involves opening the nearest book to page 56 and writing out the fifth sentence on that page, and also the next two to five sentences...The CLOSEST BOOK, NOT YOUR FAVORITE, OR MOST INTELLECTUAL!!
So here's my closest book... "DIARY OF A WIMPY KID" (We have such intellectual reading in our house:) Josh just loves these books. He'll sit there just laughing away and then try and explain everything that he just read, "Silly boy, READINGS for kids".)
"Believe it or not, I got the idea from Mom. This one time when I was a kid, I was playing under the kitchen table, and Mom came looking for me. I don't know what made me do it, but I decided to play a joke on Mom and stay hidden. Mom went all around the house calling my name. I think she must have finally seen me under the kitchen table, but she still pretended she didn't know where I was."
Ok so I have to laugh because of all the lines that would be the fifth sentence its one that talks about your kids hiding from you. HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE HAD YOUR KIDS HIDE FROM YOU? Its the funnest thing when my kids think they are hiding from me but really I KNOW all, I SEE all, and I HEAR all. Heck, I'm a MOTHER. When will the poor things ever learn.
So now I tag, let me see, who will it be... Stephanie (by that I mean Steph Little, since I know a million Stephs), Jarrae, Kary, and Zoila.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Can I just say that I am SOOOO glad that last week is OVER!!!! I'm on the PTSA Board and Friday was our school Carnival. It seems like we have been working on this thing for months and when the final week came it was just a rush, rush, rush!
You talk about thinking BIG!!! We found out that one of the schools in our district wasn't going to have a carnival this year, so they asked if they could come to ours, no biggy. We'll then it just grew and grew from there. Next thing we knew we had 2 other schools from the district we invited to come. Then the day before we found out that the other school in the district canceled theres and was planning on coming to ours. WOW, I think we got in over our head here. But you talk about bring a community together.
Of course with everything, you'll have a few snags here and there, but over all everyone seemed to have a good time. We had kids out there dancing with the DJ (not just little kids, but older kids, crazy) and everyone seemed to enjoy the rides. ME, I just wanted to crash and burn. We've learned a few things to do and not to do for next year, so next year will be even better. Its all about getting community involvement and that was our aim! If you came, thanks for coming, hope you had fun...sorry the food lines were so long (something to work on next year). If you helped in ANY way, we couldn't have done this without you, your helping to make our community a better one and our schools. Thanks.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well.... DJ's driving home last night, from working the fair, at around 12:30-1:00 in the morning, and he see...FLASH~FLASH~FLASH. Not on him, but on everyone one that's around him. The "PHOTO RADAR" is up and running on Watson road. So...F.Y.I... everyone beware and watch out, PHOTO RADAR IS HERE TO STAY!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


SOOO seriously, you've gotta love boys!!! And I say that as a loving mother of two boys who at times make me want to go run and jump of a cliff or eat a gallon or two of ice cream or even eat 50 candy bars. What happened you ask?

Yesterday the boys are playing, pretty good together, not really fighting or anything. But they were being really silly (which they really know how to do at times). They thought it would be funny to try and sneak into the family room without DJ and I seeing them. Of course they were so loud we could hear them coming from a mile away, but they were having fun. They would go up stairs and act like they were playing and then sneak down stairs.

After awhile they realized we could see them coming down the stairs, so one of them (JOSH) got it in his head "Lets slided down the stairs, with blankets on our head. They will never see us then." So they did this a few times and decided that it was a lot of fun, so they put pillows an the bottom of the stairs, went and got the lid to the laundry hamper and covered everything with blankets and started sliding down the stairs.

NOW mind you by this time I'm in the kitchen cleaning up not really paying much attention to my two darling little turnips. And DJ's working on his Sunday school lesson. I come out of the kitchen and go into the laundry room and DOWN comes Josh, just laughing away, HEAD FIRST, on his stomach, straight into a tile with pillows. He says you have to watch this mom, goes back to the top and down he slides. Then Seth does it. Of course I know they are having fun, but this is MY CHILDREN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. They are a bit, how do you say, klutzy. We keep the doctors and the emergency room on speed dial for them. SO needless to say, mom spoiled all the fun and said you guys can't do that any more. One wrong slip and its face first into the tile, or its a broken bone, (aint doing that one again!!!) I go back into the kitchen. Then we hear Josh telling Seth, "you better not do it, mom said don't, we might get hurt". But of course hes laughing away while hes telling Seth this, so of course Seths not going to believe him. Seths response... ITS JUST SO MUCH FUN, SO ITS OK!

You gotta love boys!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Ok, so my friend Steph welcomed me to the world of the BLOGFORD WIVES! I LOVE that phrase. Thanks Steph and thanks to everyone thats reading. WOW! Who would of thought that so many people would read what little old me had to say. Well thanks and there will be more to come.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Break and we stayed home!?!?

Can you believe its that time of year, FALL. Well not in Arizona. I don't really think Az knows what the four seasons mean. If DJ had his way we would be up in the mountains enjoying the leaves changing and in some places even the snow. THATS NOT FOR ME!!! Yes, it would be nice to have a little cooler weather, like the 80's or 70's, but much more than that, I WOULD FREEZE TO DEATH!! I'm glad my hubby loves me enough to suffer in the heat he hates! Thank you DJ!!

Well, the boys are out of school this week. Noticed I said "the boys". Cayla was out last week. Their fall breaks don't fall on the same weeks. Last year this happened and we took the boys out of school for a week. They had homework coming out of their ears, so we decided "Not this time." Plus, Cayla went and got herself a job!

Yep... thats right my little girl is all grown up, driving, dating and working. She works at a day spa. So any how, we didn't go out of town, but that didn't stop all the fun. Well, some of the fun.

Cayla, DJ and her friend Geoffrey went hunting for rabbits and quail. Cayla likes to hunt. Go figure, my girly-girly liking to hunt, the one who's deathly afraid of crickets!! Shes not too fond of the quail hunting, she says they run around to much (so chase them down), but she likes to Dove hunt. DJ even makes her do all the cleaning when they get some (GROSS!)

The boys didn't think it was fair that Cayla and Geoffrey got to go so DJ had to take them this week. It was pretty funny watching them carry their guns around. Seth is still a little to small for his gun, but Josh is learning and getting there. Seths turned out to be a GREAT hunting dog!! "Here boy, fetch. Good dog, SIT!!" Cayla and I spent some of her time making peach-strawberry Jam and Canning Peaches. I've been working on these for 2 weeks off and on so I had her and Josh help me finish them up. It was kind of funny watching Cayla, she really is a blond, but in a good way.
Later in the week the boys and I made candies. They really had fun with that, making pretzel fingers, ghost, pumpkins and spiders all in chocolate (WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR). They like to help in the kitchen, sometimes too much that it drives mom crazy (and the sad part is, she really doesn't have THAT far to go!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well, this is it...

...I have been wanting to start a blog for over a year. Everyones doing it, so I kind of feel out of the loop. What is it they say, "Everyones doing it! Just do it!" Oh NO! I'm following the crowd. But why am I doing it you ask? Well its not just because we are stranded in Buckeye, AZ (which by the way now has a Walmart and a Linens N Things and a Target 6 miles away. I can now die happy), but its to keep our family and friends up to date on whats happening in our very exciting lives. Well my lifes not that exciting but BOY is my kids lives exciting and DJs. I live vicariously through them. Isn't that what a moms suppose to do. So here I sit at the computer, trying to figure this stupid blogging stuff out, which everyone one says is so easy, so far I really don't think so. Its beyond my mental capability. Which really isn't saying much. But life is good. We keep trucking along, doing our thing. I promise that I will add more to this later. This is kind of my test blog. So be prepared...there is more to tell in the lives of the Hansen Nut house. I will fill all the family and friends in on what is going on in my life, DJ, Cayla, Joshua and Seth's lives. So hang on to you seats and check back every now and then.