Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Schools out for Summer...

Can we give a BIG WHOOWHO!!!!!

Schools out for SUMMER!!!

I know - your asking what am I so excited for...I'm not the one that was in school all day?!?!?! Although that may be true - I was the one up before Josh and early morning seminary working our and cooking breakfast for him. 
Oh and lets not forget running up stairs (every other day it seemed like) while cooking breakfast and re-waking Josh cuz he fell back to sleep!
Then after he leaves for seminary getting Seth up for school.  Now that was a CHOIR!! The "Hurry up Seth", "Brush your teeth Seth", "Your hair is sticking up Seth", "Get your backpack ready Seth".  OR the "Mom, I can't find socks," "Well if you'd put  your clothes away maybe you'd have clothes." 
Then after school - getting homework done in under 2 hours would be a dream come true...BUT its like pulling teeth with Seth!
Let's see..."Mom can I have a snack?" "I need to use the restroom", "I need a drink", "My pencil needs to be sharpened" or one of my favorites "I need to stretch."
Whatever his reason or excuse it drags homework that would take 30 minutes into hours!  And I'm usually the one who has to sit with him...Oh and trust me I always have snack ready, pencils are sharpened, his drink is good to go, BUT somehow he drags it on!
Then Josh!!  Hes pretty good about doing his homework now in a timely matter.  It wasn't always that way.  But his problem is getting his homework done before scouts or bed.  When he stays after school, sometimes til 5 or 6, then dinner it doesn't leave much time.  Then theres always the projects due with only a day or two notice - so we are up late trying to get it done.
So you ask "Why am I excited for summer?"  Yes I still will be getting up early to workout but I don't need to rush getting breakfast ready and getting the boys out the door for school!  Two month break with NO HOMEWORK!!  No more "It's bedtime" and hearing "Oh mom I'm watching such and such, five more minutes pppplllllleeeeaaasssseeee!" Now they can stay up later...WHOOWHO!
The one down side is the real possibility of the boys driving me NUTS! The next 2 months and the depression of knowing in 2 months its ALL GOING TO START OVER!!!   NNNNOOOOOOOO - SAY IT ISN'T SO!! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A school year full of first~crazy...

Its crazy to think about that the school year coming to an end for the kids!

I know I probably shouldn't call Josh and Cayla kids anymore, even Seth is getting older...
.BUT really, no matter how old they get they will always be my BABIES!! 

It was definitely a school year full of first!! 

~Josh starting High School~Crazy!
~Josh starting early morning seminary~Crazy!
~Josh growing 4 to 5 inches~Crazy!
~Josh joining track~Crazy (but fun)!
~Josh becoming an uncle~Crazy!

~Seth starting 5th grade~Crazy!
~Seth having the BEST school year since starting school~Crazy!
~Seth learning to enjoy reading~Crazy!
~Seth getting an "A" in spelling~Crazy!
~Seth joining Drama and LIKING it~Crazy!
~Seth being in his FIRST district play and SINGING a SOLO~CRAZY!!
~Seth becoming an uncle~Crazy!

~Cayla working full time and going to school full time~Crazy!
~Cayla starting the school year PREGNANT~Crazy!
~Cayla having a BABY (at Christmas time)~Crazy!
~Cayla learning to be a great mom while balancing work and school~ Crazy (in a good way)!

See its been a CRAZY year of first with my babies (and I didn't even list all their firsts)...

I have such amazing kids if you ask me ~ which you didn't but I still think it!!!