Sunday, October 7, 2012

Summer in Review

I know...As always I'm a day late and a dollar short...I was down loading some pics off the camera and I realized there were a few pics I should share!  So  I thought I should catch ya'll up on some of the things that here we go!! 
June started off with Caylas birthday...shall I say how's not nice to tell a womens age but than again she is my baby...she's 20!! 
 Crazy to think that Josh is now 14...Geesh hes growing up fast...hes taller than his big sister now and shes not too happy about that...guess now he can call her his little sister!! 

 So it's July 4th and it started to POUR cats and dogs!!  As you can see we have Lake Hansen behind the boys (and this is after it started drying out), but the weather was PERFECT (especially in the summer)!  So we roasted hotdogs and made smores!!  Had a PERFECT and YUMMY night!!!!! 

We also had a week when Staton and GiGi came and stayed!!  We love it when they come and spend time playing with us!!  They loved playing at Starpoint pool...We spent hours there everyday!!  They loved getting wet by the BIG DIPPER!! 

Meet DJ...the HUMAN JUNGLE JIM!!! 
As always, Summer MUST come to an End!!! 
Then its back to school!!!