Friday, January 28, 2011

The Holidays came and went...

Well December came and went and lots happened during it. 

The month started with decorating the Christmas tree.  With all the craziness going on in our lives I really didn't think it was going to happen but low and behold it did...but don't tell anyone...January is almost over and it's still up!!

This year Joshua joined the Jasinski basketball team!! 
If I do say so myself, he was a pretty good player!!

Next came our trip to Disneyland with the DeGraffs.  This was our 2nd year going with them and celebrating Seth and Ryans(the DeGraffs dad) Birthdays...Seth turning 9 and Ryan...well who knows...we just know that he acts like hes Seths age.
It rained on us the whole time we were there.  We LOVED it and had so much fun in the rain!! There were a few days we had to go back to our hotel and change our clothes and shoes and then back we went to Disneyland!  It was funny cuz there were places at Disneyland that there was NOBODY got kind of SPOOKY!! 

If only all the gold was real!

DJ and Ryan at the Haunted Mansion in the rain!

Syd'a, Seth and Brenna sporting the latest in rain gear!

Josh and Seth showing off their rain looks!

Seth and Syd'a were always together under the umbrella!

Hansens and DeGraffs in front of the castle at night

We are all wet!

The kids looking good!

After Disneyland came Christmas Eve and the opening of the Christmas PJ's!

Christmas Morning

Passing out the gifts

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if Cayla and Craig weren't there

DJ had to work Christmas morning so he headed out around 11 :(
Santa gave us a trip to his WORKSHOP for Christmas.  So the day after Christmas we headed up to Greer, AZ were Santa has a portal to his workshop. 

On our way to Santa's shop

Santa's work bench

DJ helping Santa make toys

The boys helping make toys

Seeing Santa at the North Pole

Having a snow fight

Seth and Mrs. Claus

In our Cabin

This was our own personal cabin

This lake was frozen!  The boys were trying to break it but couldn't.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Its TAX time again...

I don't know about all of you but I really hate TAX SEASON...I don't know why but I do!!  The funny thing is I have a GREAT tax guy!!!  He has been doing taxes for years...I know this is going to sound funny, but for anyone that knows him, knows he is GREAT...but my TAX GUY is my dad. 

My dad is expanding is business and is looking for new clients.  He has been doing Taxes for over 20 if your tired of the stress that Tax season brings...or you want to try and maybe save a little money...or you just don't have the time...Give Ron Waldron a call...602-750-1943. 


Don't say...What else could go wrong...

I will NOT say "What else could go wrong?"  Cuz you know when you say that, thats when more stuff happens!  But I will say...This year has not started out on the right foot for our family...OK, it pretty much sucks.  But I guess if it starts out as a bad year, it surely has to become a better year, RIGHT?  Oh heck, who am I kidding, this is my family and we really do have rotten luck with stuff!  But hey..."IT'S ALL GOOD!"

Lets re-cap the year so far...And while I re-cap I'll sit here eating my chips, drinking my water, and having a really good laugh...cuz thats about all one can do!!  NO, really everyone...
"IT'S ALL GOOD...LIFE IS GRAND!!  YOU JUST HAVE TO LAUGH AT IT ALL!!" be honest, most of this stuff is happening to DJ, but there is stuff happening to me and the boys that I wont put down just yet! 


January 1st...HAPPY NEW YEAR...2011...Everyones happy...You stayed up late to celebrate.  Well not us.  You see DJ had to work (just like on Christmas be), SOOOOO, we called it an early night, but the boys and I still were up at midnight, they watched a movie and we said our HAPPY NEW YEAR...and then it was off to bed for them. Well camping out in the toy room that night.  DJ got up at 4:30, thats a.m. and left our house and headed to the stadium for work.  At 5, again, thats a.m. my cell phone rings...nice guy, he didn't want to wake the boys, but had not trouble waking me.  Anywho, as he was driving down the road the oil light came on and then the check engine light came on and then the car longer running.  The engine seized.  About 9 miles from home.  So up I get, and off I go to pick him up and take him to his job.  Then back home and of course I can't go back to bed.  UGH!!  That night I pick him up and we tow the car home.  It took us almost an hour to tow the car home going 15 miles per hour.  NOW THAT WAS FUN!! 

January 2nd...DJ spent the day eating peanut brittle and that night I made a ham.  No reason for making it other then I felt like it.  After dinner DJ was de-boning the ham (which means he was eating most of eat) when he comes and tells me, "I think I broke my tooth, yep, I'm pretty sure this is half of my tooth."  He bit into a piece of bone that he thought was meat and broke half of his back molar.  FUN! 

January 3rd...School starts!!  Now most moms JUMP FOR JOY on this day, but I'm just as bad as the kids when this day comes!  WHY?  Cuz I'm at the school almost as much as they are!  Plus, right now, I just don't like their school, so UGH...SCHOOL!!  Whens the next break!?!?!?!

...Called the Dentist and they get DJ in and inform that he broke it all the way down to the bone!  I mean really if your going to break something you might as well do it good!!  And well, he did!!  So they have to pull it!  It took over 3 hours...why, well, while they were pulling it, the tooth kept falling apart and pushing into his bone.  Finally the dentist stoped and ended up leaving some of the tooth in his jaw and said if he messes too much with it there might be nerve damage done, so he needs to show the ex rays to the oral surgeon...NOW, I would have been ok with his nerves being numb in that area cuz then I could slap him silly!  Now that would have been FUN! 

BUT, while DJ was at the dentist I got THE CALL!!  What call you ask...well we had the car towed from our house to our repair guy.  So thats the call and we were so hoping it wasn't that bad but it was...We had lent our car out for a long while and it had an oil leak and oil didn't get put in and the car was bone dry.  So when DJ got the car a few days ago, the oil light came on, he checked it, and put oil in it and got the oil changed...all well and good, but a little to late.  They had been driving with no oil for who knows how long! Oh well, life goes on...SO NOW, I get THE CALL, the call telling me the damage and the among...over $2,000...ugh...I just wanted to cry...oh wait, I did!  So much for catching things up for the new year!  Oh well thats life!!  But I thought life was suppose to be FUN!

January 4th...DJ's been having some pains in his feet (probably from kicking me all the time), so off to the foot doctor.  I take him cuz I KNOW WHAT THERE GONNA DOOOOO...Inflamed nerves...Cortizone injections, in BOTH feet!!  Yep, thats what they did...FUN FUN FUN!!  

January 5th...There was a BIG and when I say BIG mix up at work...I can't really write about it...but its pretty serious!!!  This was NOT FUN!!  

January 6th...Poor Poor DJ...Off to another Doctor.  I'm telling you, you don't want to get old.  He has a cyst on his back.  He's had it for awhile, no biggy, but lately hes been having headaches.  Well this cyst is right at the base of his neck, so it could be causing them.  So he goes hoping to have it removed...NO might be attached to something so next week he gets to have surgery!  Also he mouth started hurting more so he looks in at where they pulled that tooth and notices something...he can see his JAW BONE...yes his bone sticking up.  So he calles the Dentist and back in he goes.  And yep, thats his Jaw bone!  They called it something but I don't remember what. I really don't think he is having very much FUN right now!!

January 7th...7a.m the phone rings and its the Dentist office calling...The oral surgeon can get DJ in to remove the rest of that tooth and grind his jaw bone down at 10:30...Now that sounds like a lot of FUN, doesn't it.  

The sad part is next week really doesn't look much better...Its really FUNNY when you can look at the next week and can tell that things are already going to be happening. 

During all of this week, I had Doctors appointments that we are trying to shuffle around DJ's times so I can drive him.  Josh and Seth had their appointments and scouts and all that stuff. Plus all the stuff we are dealing with the school.  And we have put our place up for rent and looking for a new house...shesh...Can we just say this NEW YEAR HAS BEEN LOADS OF LAUGHTER AND FUN in our family!  But I wont say...WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG...Cuz I'm afraid of what would!!