Thursday, October 22, 2009

Poor~Poor~Poor Cayla...

You got to really feel for the kid...NOT!!!
When the poutty lip comes out and the sad, sad eyes and then the "it's not right, it's just not right!"
WHY...You ask? Well, I'll tell you...
See Cayla has a few friends that, well, will text me and ask me questions, or that I'll text and ask questions (What can I say...I'm a cool mom...hey don't laugh...let me live in my own little world and think my own little thoughts, ok!). Now I'm sure there are some of you moms out there with teens that do that. Now, it just so happens that some of our conversations will go on and on and on for a while and maybe those conversations will be about...well I don't know...about Cayla...just maybe... and maybe, she happens to be sitting right in the same room with me or with the friends at the time...and maybe, just maybe neither one of us will tell her what were text. I'm just saying MAYBE!
OH BUT DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR THE EVIL CHILD!!! Yes, I said EVIL. That poutty lip will change, the whinny and complaining will change and the EVIL EYES come out...the STARE STARTS. She will walk around and JUST LOOK into your eyes... You moms KNOW what I'm talking about...BUT NO...SHES EVEN MORE EVIL...SHE ATTACKS...THAT'S RIGHT...YOUR READ IT HERE and YOU READ IT RIGHT...she went after me around the kitchen table (after the cell might of been cuz I said do you want to read what we've been texting...oops, I deleted it...ha ha ha) and I'm not ashamed to say I ran to DJ and hide, but then...she came after me!!! That little pill, how dare she and started to try and tickle me and take the cell phone. DJ had to protect me. What a hubby he is!!!
All this cuz I text Geoff about his new dogs name (which I wanted him to name Cayla's nick giggles and he said NO WAY...You can't have two weird crazy females name giggles :))... and about whatever else we could think of about Cayla (heheheheheheheheheheheheh)...and it just went on for a long time...WE JUST DID IT TO BUG CAYLA...CUZ WE CAN! ;) LUV YOU BABY GIRL!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where or where is my PURSE...

I really miss carrying my purse right now...


I have to carry so much junk...oh's not's important PTSA stuff (right Teresa)...that it wont fit into my purse so I have to carry a bag, a big bag full of everything, papers, money, checks, notes, documents, things you write with, gum, water, t-shirts, tape, calculators, EVERYTHING under the sun...HECK IF YOU LOOK, I BET THE KITCHEN SINK IS IN THERE SOMEWHERE...I WANT MY PURSE!!!

I keep forgetting stuff...example yesterday...What did I drivers license so I couldn't cash one of the checks we needed to write for PTSA cuz I don't have my Lic number memorize...come on, what more do you want...thats too much for my head to remember~numbers!!! REALLY...if its not your socially security number~who has it memorized...obviously I DON'T!

Your killing me here people, just plain old killing me!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm going crazy...AGAIN...

I think I just might be going crazy!!! They say that happens when you get older...I did just have a birthday this last week and so somewhere along the way the years did start to SLOWLY creep up on me and as Cayla occasionally reminds me, well she reminds DJ more than me, we are getting older. BUT I think with my old age, not that I'm saying I'm old, I think my mind is going~Oh wait I NEVER had a MIND!!!!
But some of you might be asking why I think I might be losing that thing in the upper part of my head...well it's that time of year again...
NO...Not Halloween!
NO...Not Thanksgiving!!
NO...Not when the weather guy says that we will have no more 100 degree weather and then we do
NO... No Christmas!!! guessed it...IT'S the Jasinski FALL CARNIVAL!!!!
JUST KILL ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!
You would think after what I put my body throw last year, I would have learned and NOT do it this year...well that would be a NO....
And guess's even BIGGER...yes, you read right...that was the word BIGGER this year. And there is really only 2 of us running around until the day of it planning it. AUUUUUUUGGGGGG. Really I AM CRAZY.
BUT IT'S GONNA BE FUN! Ok...Shameless all should know I'm just a shameful person...if you are anywhere in the valley, you should come. Its cheap and safe...Heck it's in Buckeye!!! Ok, so it's half way to California if you live on the other side of the Valley, but thats ok, just make a trip out of it;)...hit the carnival first and the drive to California and watch the sun rise at the beach, sound good (you know I'm just kidding, its really not that far, people~20 minutes, 15 if you drive like me, cops plug your ears)
Heres some of what you'll get...Shameless plug time...50ft zipline (you have to be 48inch tall to go on this ride)~ it's called the looks so cool (it takes its own crew to put this one together, its so big), a video gaming trailer with 14 plasma TV's, a gyro, swing n spin, a 58 foot slide, a train, games, food and lots more.
Its not as bit as the state fair, its not as small as your normal school carnival, but hey its OUR school carnival. And I have to put the word out there some how...RIGHT?!?! And what better way then my blog. SO, with that said there it is, plus, I had to put something on the blog, its been awhile since I've put anything on and right now all I eat, sleep, drink and dream is this carnival. Its crazy.
Once the Carnival is over will life slow down...NOP the next week, we start right into the book fair...NOVEMBER 2 to the 6th. I really think I am going CRAZY!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Check one...

CHECK ONE...Coughing...(Late night~ALL RIGHT~NO SLEEP...again!!!!)
CHECK TWO...Fever...(Cool shower and meds to bring down)
CHECK THREE...Throw up...(Time for GOOD OLD Mr. BUCKET)