Tuesday, August 28, 2012

24 Hours....


Sunday, May 30th, our new ward, West Park, met for the first time for one hour and they called our new Bishopric....

Bishop...Jared Schank (No big surprise there...he was our bishop in the Buckeye 2nd ward and he'd only been in a few months, so most of us guessed he'd be called again...;D)

His 1st counselor...Bret Little (I figured he'd get called...I've served with Bret before in our old stk when he was in the bishopric then and he's pretty awesome and funny, plus he's DJ's hunting buddy.)

Then his 2nd counselor...Clint Schultz (now I really don't know him, but I know his wife and she is awesome and Cayla says hes really funny and can play basketball and is crazy on the court!)

Our Stake President called them and said they would meet and set them apart at 4pm. Your asking yourself...why am I telling you the time they are being set apart...because I got a call at 5:12pm from Bro. Northway, Bishops Exec. Secretary, wanting to meet with me on Tuesday. The fact that they set the new Bishopric apart at 4 and I got a call so fast after that could only mean one thing and really didn't like where that was going, BUT there was hope, they didn't ask to meet with DJ...that is until DJ got home that night and said that he ran into the Bishop at the church and he asked if DJ would be willing to support me in ANY calling that was issued to me...I said did you say NO...UGH!!!! LEADERSHIP...Ok not just any leadership, President, the Bishop calls the president. Ok not that I wont serve where the Lord wants me to serve, but I truly was enjoying my life in YW's Just teaching...yep, I know, I caused this myself...I GOT COMFORTABLE...REMEMBER THAT PEOPLE...IF YOU ARE IN A CALLING...NEVER, NEVER GET COMFORTABLE...THAT IS UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET RELEASED!!!

I knew it was going to be the president of something, but what I didn't know. I've served as a primary president before, a stake president, a YW's president, never a RS president. I was pretty sure it wasn't that. I don't think the Lord was that cruel and would do that to the ward! But either way, I felt very unsure of myself. I really don't know anyone in either ward making up the new wards. I know that sounds funny and bad but I've been in my own little world for 3 years.

So I wait and pray for 2 torturous days, I have some names come to me. I write them down. I feel faint, I feels sick, I feel nautous. Is Tuesday ever going to get here!!! It finally comes. But then those feelings just get worst. Will someone just kill me already!!!!

So I get to church but I need a reason to be there cuz I now everyone is going to wonder why I'm there, so I figure I'll get my temple recommend renewed with the stake...I'm soooo good!!! I'll kill two birds with one stone. I wont lie to anyone. I'll just tell them I'm there to renew my recommend...it's the truth!!!

So I walk in with the Bishop and I tell him I would be Happy to except the calling as Primary Chorister!!! Boy I didn't realize how close I was....He extended the calling as Primary President to me!! I was surprised but I wasn't. It'sn not like gong into an already established ward primary... we are starting from scratch. It's a new ward! Then he asks if I'm aware of all those that came from our ward...Nop...I know, I'm bad... plus, I don't know nay of the kids. I'm coming in as a new member to a new ward! What a craziness this will be. But I was able to come up with 3 great ladies to serve with me. I think we will be wonderful group.

So this happen Tuesday night, Wednesday morning at about 6:15, the phone rings. The phone ringing at our house early isn't really that uncommon. Sometimes if DJ doesn't hear his cell phone his work will call. So I jump up and run and look for the phone. Saw it was my moms house and I knew something was up...When I answered it, it was mom and she gave me the news...My grandpa...the kids great grandpa (big papa) had passed away at 4:30 that morning. All I could say at the moment over and over was are you ok mommy?

My grandpa was a stubborn, cracky, pigheaded, old man, who loved my little kids more than life! He would do anything for those little boogers!! He showed a soft side that only his family could see. When people saw my grandfather they didn't see what we saw, we saw a man with a heart of gold!

His funeral was Monday and it was amazing to listen to DJ and my uncle Dennis as they talked about his life! My heart broke as I watched the great grandkids try to understand that Heavenly Father has a plan and that we are all a part of it. But what an experience for them to see the military honor their grandfather in a 21 gun salute. That is something they will always remember.

I'm grateful that my mom had that last day with my grandfather. It was a great day. She was able to spend hours visiting with him. He was doing so well. This all came kind of as a shock to all of us. You see a few months ago, we would have expected this, but right now, he was holding his own, but this just shows you that we live on Gods time and its all in his hands.

So as you can see...I had a pretty stressful 24 hours.

It's that time of year...AGAIN....


WOW!!! I can't believe it's that time of year again. Really, how does time fly by so fast? However, some days feel like they last FOREVER, but other days are over so fast. Some say its age that makes time fly, but again I think it's kids...follow me on this one...they run you from here to there, they need this and that, and mess up all of that...so of course you never have time for ANYTHING and before you know it ~ YEP...the day is over and you didn't get ANYTHING done! But hey it's all good and that's what moms are for, RIGHT?!?!

This week is our School Book Fair. I love it when our school gets the book fair! BUT its a lot of hours for my friend and I. We are usually the only two that work the fair and well, anything else that happens at the school this year. BUT that's OK, it's ALL FOR MY KIDDOS!

BUT the books, they are crazy this time. Like today, we were looking at this one book...YOU TALK ABOUT SCARY! We actually gave ourselves goose bums as we were readying what this book was about. It had a scary looking dead ghost girl on the cover and then as we were readying it, the air clicked on in our room, made us cold and well, we kind of scared ourselves. I think the best part was as we were going around (when there wasn't any classes visiting) looking for all the scary books, my friend had her back to me and she said "Now I feel like someone is watching me." I just started laughing, cuz I just happened to be staring at her back. She felt my stare and it gave her the hebe jebes! I LOVE IT!

You know what else it is right now...SCIENCE FAIR time! Josh has built the COOLEST thing, but I'm telling you, I have NO idea how I'm going to get the big thing to school this week. He built a Trebuchet...basically a BIG, OK it's big to me, but really its not true to size. A trebuchet is like a catapult. This thing is SOOOOO COOL! But really, it's almost as big as me! And it has changeable arms on it which makes it taller! His project is all about physics with levers and weights. The kid came up with it all on his own...funny little guy! (OK maybe he's not so little any more).

The kids, and when I say kids, I mean DJ, too. Had so much fun these last few weeks throwing balls and seeing what will fly farther! Cayla was telling a bunch of her friends about it, and when we were doing the science part (you know running the actual test), all these guys said they wanted to come out and play with it too. (Boys and their toys).

THIS SCIENCE PROJECT IS GOING TO BE THE BEST WATER BALLOON LAUNCHER AROUND...of course that's not what it was made for, BUT that's what it will be used as if I know my boys!

Test your REDNECK vocabulary!!!

So I'm at the store the other day and I see this card and I just have to get it for my brother and my brother-in-law...yes, I got them the same card (sorry Dan and Trav)...but it made me laugh, so I had to get them both the same.  I thought this card was funny and my kids and hubby thought it was funny (then again our family is a bit strange...hummm)...so I thought I would test all of YOUR REDNECK vocabulary and see how you'll do...now most of you probably wont think this is funny at all, but oh well, we did and I'm thinkin thats all that matters, right, right!!!  SO, here we go...lets see how ya do!!!

See if you can use these words in a sentence: (no peeking at the end of the blog)


SO, did you come up with your sentences...Lets see if they work the way a true REDNECK would use them...

BASS...That was the BASS moonshine I ever had!
CHEER...Pappy sure does like sitting in his rockin' CHEER!
RANCH...Can you hand me the RANCH from my toolbox?
DID...There's a DID possum in the middle of the road!
BARD...I BARD that El Camino from my cousin Jimmy.
RAT...Go down the road and make a RAT turn at the bait shop.
AWL...I need to get a quart of AWL for my outboard motor.
FAR...My still blew up and caught on FAR!

So how'd you'll do? 

And then of course I told my brother I hoped that he would have the BASS birthday ever!!!

Well, we found them funny, hope you did too!!