Sunday, November 14, 2010

We did it...we did it!!!

One of two buildings we climbed

Katie, Teresa, Me and Windy

SO last week was the BIG VERTICAL MARATHON
for the American Lung Association...
and since I'm blogging about it...I must of lived...BARELY!!!
It was a very close call...whether I lived or not...that is!!

The vertical climb was CRAZY!!!  We did Great!!  Me, Teresa, Katie, and Windy!!  We worked hard and we finished something BIG!!  53 flights of stairs and OVER 1200 thats crazy!!!

Our team name...
Yep...that was me and Teresa...we were vertically challenged...Don't laugh, it was true.  We just knew that one of us would fall and drag the other one down with them.  It was just a matter of who was going to do the falling. 
With that in mind, we started training for this a few months ago....
BUT now its back to the gym to train for NEXT year...Anyone want to join was a lot of fun...for a worthy cause....
I know...

View from the top


One daughter...Two boys...THANK GOODNESS....

(photo by Chris at

Its November and the STRESS LEVEL is about as HIGH as you can go right joke it really is!!!  We are going 90 miles an hour at our house, as I'm sure everyone is at this time of year...cuz after all, just in case you didn't know...IT'S THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!

But lets take the Hansen's craziness up one more level and add Cayla & Craigs wedding!!!  And WOW...My life is MORE NUTS then it already is...yes I know its hard to believe!! 

At this point I can tell you that I have gotten the flowers done...good thing...and all the invitations are done and in the mail...if you didn't get one...I AM SOOOOO SORRY, after all this is my mind we are dealing with and I can't remember my name let alone everyone else....BUT after the flowers and the invitations, I'm just not sure what to do!!!  It's all kind of a BLURR!!!  I'm not sure what I have and what I don't have...heck, maybe I have joke! 

Yes, can we say stressed out about reception and food...YEP...that would totally be me!!! 

Thanks to everyone whos offered to help, but to be honest, with school, church, marathon, and everything else (long story), I'm not sure about how it's gonna look! 

If anything---Cayla will look beautiful...and the flowers will look SO-SO and well...everything else will be...ummmm....well....Just there =)

I'm just glad I only have one daughter and two boys...Thank goodness!!!