Saturday, August 17, 2013

What to do when you need a last minute dessert...

A few weeks ago we got asked to feed the sister missionaries at the last moment and of course we jumped at the chance to feed them!  We love having company over for dinner especially the missionaries!! 
Of course after talking to everyone in the family we came up with a plan for dinner (it was gonna be an stir fry and egg roll night...yum!  I'll put the recipes on the blog soon)!
But than Friday came along and I totally forgot about, forget about dessert!  What the heck was wrong with me!  Everyone knows that dessert is the most important meal!  Well especially in our family! 
So it was time to go through all my cabinets and the fridge.  What did I have cuz I wasn't going to the store again!  Hummm, brownie mix, pudding cups, pudding mix, cool whip...could I come up with something simple, fast and good!  Well according to the family I did!
Chocolate Trifle
Bake brownies, let them cool and cut them up into cubes and place a layer in your bowl
I next layered chocolate pudding over the brownies
I took the cool whip and half the chocolate pudding mix and I mixed the two together (My kids love this on their waffles as a treat)
Layer the cream mixture on tope of the pudding, then top with brownies and repeat each layer until you reach the top.

You can make your layers as thick or thin as you like 

Top off with cream and chocolate chips and place in the fridge for a few hours.  I will say it was really good but even better the next day, so if you have time let it set over night. 
Happy eating!!

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