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Oops...Better late then never...Christmas letter time!

2016 with our Family

Dear Family and Friends,                                                                                                                                         December 2016

                  I know all of us have had our share of trials and tribulations this year...our family certainly has.  But as we sit here trying to write this years family letter we realize that along with all our trials we’ve also received many blessings and have some wonderful memories to look back on!!  Realistically that’s part of the reason we write a Christmas Letter every year...not so much to bring you up to date on our family (which is important) BUT to remind us that along with our trials there is always good if we stay strong (sometimes a hard thing to remember, especially when you have two vehicles with blown in the garage and one in Utah...Woowho!). Looking at our families crazy life this year we remember how blessed we are to have so many family and friends out there that come to our rescue when we need it!  Family~ whether blood or not, are some of the most important blessings around!!!!

Now looking back at this last year…

Our tall skinny bean pole, Seth, had a pretty busy year this year...full of lots of changes! This year Seth said good-bye to middle school & hello High School.  He went from being the Big man on campus to low man on the totem pole as a Freshman. Before he took the huge jump to high school and after his 8th grade promotion he had a very busy summer! To start the summer off, he went on a long road trip with his grandparents to ID & WA visiting family and friends (according to them...he didn’t drive them crazy...strange).  He also got to attend his first pioneer trek  for our church, where he lived without any electronics or modern helps and pulled a was a fun and tiring experience for him!  Right after his trek, Seth was off again to WA & UT, this time to help his sister move!  After traveling all over he jumped FEET FIRST into high school...starting seminary (early morning church class), joining the school swim team and the drama club.  He's already been in two plays this year (which he LOVES because he is a bit of a ham).  And as a Freshman in swim he excelled (especially at the breast stroke) and was placed on the Varsity team where he received a varsity a FRESHMAN (we are just a little excited about this)!!  Its been fun watching him grow and enjoy high far!  Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this crazy kid!! 

Joshua had a few BIG changes this year!  The biggest...he graduated from high school!  We never thought he would survive high school to see it end. We can honestly say he had fun his Sr. year.  He got to experience a lot of first this year in school...He took a ski trip (and his dad got to chaperon).  According to his dad...he did pretty good on skis!  In January he started a new job at a smoothie place name Robeks...the family, most of the time loves it when he brings smoothies home, except when he brings flavors like peanut butter and jelly smoothies or green grass ones...yes those are real favors!  He got to get all dressed up and go to prom with a huge group of his closest friends.  Have to say he looked pretty sharp in his tux (which he picked out on his own).  Over the last few years Josh has been taking culinary at school.  He said once his main reason for taking it was because he can eat what they cook...remember when it was because guys wanted to meet girls...not my was all about the food!!  The thing is he was good at it and was asked to be apart of the competition team and brought home one of the schools first trophy's for culinary! He also attended a few leadership meetings in Williams, AZ (a nice little get away from school).  We also managed to get Josh to complete is paperwork for his Eagle with scouts.  He completed his project 2 years ago and finally managed to get his paperwork turned it!  He’s now an official Eagle Scout!! Graduation was nice and HOT...outside in the morning, in May in Arizona, while it was over 100 degrees out!  HOT HOT HOT!!!  All the kids were dying in their black cap and gowns!  And yes his mom insisted he wear his suit, forgetting that you wouldn’t see it under his cap and gown!!  Like most kids that Graduate from high school Josh has now realized that school is far from over.  He is taking advantage of his dad working for a College and started at Estrella College for free...he might be looking at following in his dad’s footsteps, studying administration of Justice. The summer found Josh still working at Robeks where he was promoted to a shift manager. Right as school ended Josh had his wisdom teeth pulled...and yes he reacted to the anesthetic and got pretty sick on the drive home...but the best part was when mom gave him back his phone, while he was still drugged, he started sending crazy messages to all his friends talking about his hamster (he doesn’t have one, lol). But he recovered very well.  Later he  took a trip his first plane trip up to WA to help his sister drive down to AZ.  He also got to go on the pioneer trek with his brother and dad!   Right after graduation he started dating a cute girl name Beth.

Cayla and Craig, I think have had the busiest, craziest year out of the whole family!  And of course they took all of us along for the ride!  The year started off perfectly with them flying down here for Christmas and New Years with all of us!  Made for a wonderful end to 2015 and a perfect start to 2016!  But the year got even better...they started out in January as a family of 4 and by March they were a family of 5...Justin was born on March 22nd!  Eric and David LOVE him to death!  In July Seth drove up there with his grandparents and Josh flew up to help Cayla and the boys drive down to AZ for the summer, while Craig finished up school.  Once Craig was finished with school, DJ and Seth drove up to WA and helped move their things to Utah.  This took 2 trips back and forth from WA to UT (10 hours one way)...with an extra trip to Idaho because DJ killed our truck engine and they broke down in ID, so DJ had to tow our truck down to UT with his uncle’s truck (Can’t thank Dani and Roger enough).  Then Suzi came to the rescue, taking an unexpected trip to pick up the stranded travelers in UT.  Now Cayla, Craig and the boys are settled into their new place in UT, where they are kept busy with Craig’s new job and with 3 growing boys and Cayla getting called in her new ward as the Young Women’s president and Craig as a teacher!  Cayla has also been busy working on her photography...doing her first wedding this year and a few Senior pictures. This past October Eric (who turns 4 this month) participated in his very first primary program!!  HE DID SO GOOD...said his part, sat still (which is a BIG DEAL) and sang his songs.  David (2 1/2) is almost as tall as Eric!  He has definitely entered the “2” stage...he has NO FEAR and is very independent!!  But he has a smile that will melt your heart (when he wants to smile that is).  I think Justin has had the biggest change so far.  He is sitting up standing up, crawling and has a tooth...maybe 2 or 3 by now!  Can’t wait to see all the exciting changes that will happen in 2017 to them!

DJ has been keeping himself busy with Church and work.  He currently serves as the 1st counselor in the Stake Young Men’s presidency.  And with his calling he gets to be involved in the Scouting Program, which he loves!  He gets to teach scout leaders once a month and work with the boys on stake activities.  He really enjoyed going on the Pioneer trek with Seth and Josh and spending time with them!  He was behind the scenes, helping with set up and wherever they needed him.  The day after camping for a week after the trek was over DJ and Seth took off for the 20 hour drive up to WA to help Craig with their resting for them!!  DJ is still working as a detective for the Maricopa Community Colleges.  He really enjoys his job and all the different things he's having to deal with. 

As for Suzi, her year has been full of helping her kids out when she’s needed.  In March she flew up to WA to help Cayla when she had Justin...ended up in WA for a month.  She got to spend lots of time with her grandbabies and time with her brother and nephew.  She really enjoyed her time with all of them but was very happy to get back to her busy crazy life at home.   Once home she spent time running  the boys to swim practices, piano practices, work, school...kind of everywhere (that’s what happens when your short not one but two vehicles and have to share).  She’s still working with the 8 to 11 year old girls at church.  She loves listening to some of the funny things these girls say.  They bring a smile to her! She also finds time to work on her crafts, spend time with friends and play referee between her puppy and kitty, Mia and Sofia! 

This year found us with a lot of car trouble (I know what else is new), issues with termites (again family to the rescue),  air conditioning problems (both house and car), health issues and lots of other personal problems, BUT mixed in with all that, there were so many happy times...A graduation, a promotion, a many blessings!  We know there’s been lots of family and friends with health issues this year but what a wonderful feeling watching HIS HAND in healing them! 

Our family just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Merry Christmas,

DJ, Suzi, Joshua and Seth Hansen

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