Monday, December 13, 2010

Its one of the worst I've been in...

Now I have to warn you...I've been a really bad mom, cuz my kids have moved around a lot...been in LOTS of school districts!  I know thats really bad! 

By the time Cayla was in 8th grade she'd already been in 8 or more schools.  I know PRETTY BAD!  But she always managed to do good!  It was because we lucked out and got great teachers!  I loved getting teachers that we got really closed with and that really wanted to work with us! 

It was the same with Josh...Hes been in 5 school, Not as many but still....

All these school have been in different school districts...Most of them NOT very good districts, Cartright, Pendergast, Littleton, Tolleson...We are talking some pretty bad districts.....


It is by far the WORST district my children have EVER been in!!! 

I know I'm venting...but if I can't vent here where else can I vent...oh to my hubby, to my mom, to my friend Teresa, to all my other friends, to my family...well I guess I vent a little tooo  much! Oh well, you all can just deal with my venting.  

But really, this last two years in Buckeye district have been unbelievable.  I can't believe some of the things this district allows.  If you knew what I knew you'd been in an uproar! 

I always thought that schools and districts where suppose to have the well being of the children at hand, not there own, but I'm learning first hand that thats not the way it is here.  They don't want any negative publicity so they don't do anything that might cause fire teachers if they can avoid it, or take care of bullying issues!  They have NO problem interview children with the police without calling the parents to notify them about it (yep happened to my kid when he saw someone selling drugs last year...thats only one things thats happened).  I'm telling you this district is messed up!  But I'm sure I don't have to tell most of you! 

Ok, I'll stop my venting, well for now!  But I'm sure I'll write more later, cuz I always do! 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank you EVERYONE!!

 I just wanted to Thank everyone who helped in one way or another with the Wedding....
It turned out to be a PERFECT DAY with your help!!!

Some of you helped with sewing the dresses...A HUGE thank you to you all!!!!

Some lent us items for the would not have turned out as beautiful without your kindness in letting us borrow things...Thank you to you!

Some helped in Serving and cleaning up...Again, freeing me to be the mother of the bride!...
A Thank you to you!
And a Thank you to everyone that came to BRIDAL was crazy and fun with all of the support Cayla received that day...Thank you everyone!  (But you all didn't eat enough food!!)

And then Thank you to everyone for picking up the slack since I've been a CRAZED MOTHER lately! Your all wonderful to help in one way or another....

And the BIGGEST THANK YOU of all is to ALL of you who have had a hand in helping me raise such a perfect daughter!!! She is who she is today because of all the wonderful people she has had in her life!!

Thank you EVERYONE!!!

The Wedding....

Well the marriage between Cayla Janay and Craig Gassaway went off without a hitch! 
Everyone looked beautiful and the weather was perfect! 

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Gassaway

Its nice to know we can all clean up and look nice once in awhile!  

Cayla made the perfect BRIDE! 

My little PILLS are growing up! 

The wedding party

Yes, that is my little baby girl...all grown up and getting married!

Lets show a little SASSYNESS!!!
She just needed to sit down, so she did! 

In about a week or so you can go on line and check out more pictures from the wedding...just go to In fact you can check out there engagment pictures now, if you'd like to see more!

Thanks to EVERYONE who help make this day happen...without friends and family it never would have happened!  Thank you, you're all AMAZING!!!!