Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A few months ago Qwest changed our Internet. They went to something that was going to be faster and all that.
NOW...we didn't get a choice in the matter, it was change or you have NO more Internet. SO, with the option at hand, we changed. Really it was no biggy. Infact, according to DJ it was going to be a better deal anyway. We were upgraded to a faster modem and everything was ALL GOOD....

Didn't really put two and two together until a few weeks ago, but here's whats been happening. Ever since they switched us we have had some static on our phone line. At the time I really didn't think much about it. Until it started getting worse and I mean really really worse! To the point sometimes I really couldn't hear what people were saying (ok so the truth came out, I never knew what any of you were saying half the time, I just agreed to it all, ok, deal with it).

Then the next thing started happening, our Internet started to really slow down. Whats up with that. Its suppose to be FASTER. Now if you haven't learned yet...
Suzi is not a patient person...
I know, this might come to a shock to some of you...but yes it is true...I have NO patients!
It was driving me crazy. Then the Internet started to freeze up! NOW I'm mad.

Not only is it freezing up once in awhile, its happening ALL THE TIME. So DJ calls Qwest. They have him do something, saying it was the problem, yeah~no! Still static and still slow Internet!
DID NOT FIX THE PROBLEM. Infact its getting worse by the minute.

Do you all know what time it is right now...ITS CAMP TIME...The time I need my computer! Yesterday was the worse day of all. It wouldn't let me on the Internet but for two seconds here and two seconds there. It was driving me batty...(no commits...I know I'm already half way there).

Anyways...DJ makes a call, I'm telling you, I know these Qwest people sit at there desk just dying of laughter at some of the stuff they know they are making people do. They had us running around our house, moving beds, taking panels off walls to get to wires, climbing over stuff, it was crazy...and what was all this for...just to find out that it was our modem and not our phones or our phone lines that what bad. I could have told them that. The problem started when we got the NEW modem!!! Now I have to WAIT (and everyone knows I don't wait well, maybe thats were Seth gets it from). A new one should be here today or tomorrow or the next day. The crazy part it...it works just fine first thing in the morning and late at night. DJ gets on it last night and has NO problems at all. FIGURES!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ok so I know I'm his mom, but can I just say that I think that my son Joshua James is the best looking kid around! AND TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY so I think he got even better looking when he woke up this morning! Its hard for me to believe that he's 11 today! I know I had a hard time excepting Cayla turning 17 a few weeks ago (ok, not really, but moms are suppose to have hard times when their kids grow up right?), Your kids are growing up and somewhere you missed the memo...I don't know.

(Isn't he SOOOO CUTE!)

But LOOK...Josh went from my cute little boy into a really GOOD LOOKING KID. Let me tell you about this good looking kid!!! Some of you have been deceived by my sweet Innocent little, ok not so little, boy...you see, he may look and sometimes act all calm and quite...


Underneath it all...HES JUST PLAN CRAZY!!! NO!! Really he is, just ask anyone in the family, they will ALL tell you the truth, the kid is NUTS!

Hes a good kid...like every kid, hes got problems... and as a mom, of course I want to try and fix them all, but I can't ~ I haven't figured out how yet. BUT I'll keep trying for him and the other two rug rats. Out of my three rug rats, Josh is the most complicated to understand, I think, well sort of. Hes a really funny kid a times. Can make you laugh your head off. Other times, I think hes just plan sad and I really don't know why.

Hes a funny kid~ loves watching the Discovery channel and the History Channel. He LOVES everything to do with WWI and WWII and Vietnam. He likes to invent things. Watch out or else one of these times you might end up in the little boogers trap.

Lately hes been getting into basketball. Kind of felt bad for him the other day... He got a new basketball for Christmas and someone at the park stole it while he was there, (little brats...oops guess thats not very nice to type, but really stealing from a kid).

(Josh and Seth get a long really good...sometimes Seth does drive Josh batty and Josh wants to kill him but its all brother love, right?)
I know sometimes being the middle child is rough but Josh does ok. He causes trouble when he can. Beats up on Seth every chance he gets...Teases Cayla about her bugs all the time (only cuz its easy to do) and trys to get the best of mom and dad, when he can!

(Cayla and Josh are really close...Cay thinks Josh is soooo cute. When Josh was little he didn't have a problem giving his his sis a kiss but now he runs anytime she trys and give him a kiss...the tables have turned)

So for Josh...I hope he has the BEST Birthday today. We love him very much. We couldn't be happier to have him in our lives. He makes life fun for us!!

(Josh with his closest friends...acting NORMAL?)

Friday, June 26, 2009

This ones for YOU...Steph...

(This was taken right out side your house...don't deny it Steph!)

Thats right this blog is for my special friend!
(Special in more ways than one...)
(inside joke)

(This one was taken in yr back yard...you know it was...just admit it)

For those of you that don't know Steph and I live in our own little worlds. We have our own little conversations that really make NO sense to ANYONE around BUT US! And this is one of those times. So this is dedicated to:



Now if you had one of these in the yard...you wouldn't have to use the pool! You should think about that Steph! Just a thought for you:)

Most of you need to understand...
Stephanie is the type of friend that everyone can count on, and sometimes that GETS HER IN TROUBLE! Shes always there no matter what, even when you don't want her around shes always there...kind of like a kid, you can't get rid of her! Oops did I type that. Shes one of those people that you kind of take advantage of cuz you know shes there for you. Shes someone that you can vent to or just be still and not say a word to but she knows, its kind of creepy if ya ask me. Some people over use her and some just use her when its covenant for them. I'm not sure yet which one I am yet. But we have that kind of friendship that is just there, if ya know what I mean. We never stay on task with ANYTHING, we kind of think alike which can be a good think or a bad thing depending on who you are, I guess. One of us starts a thought and the other can finish it and it turns out ok, well most of the time.
Sometimes she is that thorn in my side but I don't think I would have it any other way. She is crazy and thats what makes her normal...
(inside joke)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lets talk Sea World (better late than NEVER)...

...Can I just say sleeping at sea world with the Manatees was (how does an excited kid put it) TOTAL AWESOME...TOTAL COOL...WICKED...AMAZING...OUT OF THIS WORLD...WOW!

Ok, Now I'm just going a bit over board but really it was really cool!!

OK, so the drive down wasn't as bad as I thought! Well with one exception...Teresa and I had to share a sit (do you know how hard it is to fit my long legs into a bus sit, granted it was a gray hound type bus but still). We did have our own sit but thought that there wasn't going to be enough so we gave them up...boy were we dumb, two other parents got them, OH WELL, WE SHOWED THEM...WE MADE THEM SHARE ON THE RIDE HOME AND HAD OUR OWN SO WE COULD STRETCH OUT AND SLEEP...NICE!

Ok...back to the drive, the reason it wasn't so bad was the teachers on our bus every 15 minutes, yes that was 15 minutes handed out snacks. I thought for sure we would have someone get sick but no one did, CRAZY. But up until 40 minutes before we reached Sea World the kids were eating and watching movies.

When we got there it was activities all night. They split us into our groups, half with the manatees and half with the sharks and took us to those areas. During the night we got to feed the bat rays and go around as see the dolphins and some of the whales. We even made little dolphin our of clay. They took our group that didn't see the sharks into the shark area. There was just so much to see and do.

But at bed time...this was soooooooo cooooool! You see Manatees don't really sleep all night. They only sleep for 20 minutes and then have to get air. So every time you woke up during the night they were swimming around. Of course you really didn't sleep really good, but that was ok, you had a cool show to watch all night long. I just layed there watching the manatees swimming around. Pretty neat if you ask me.

OH WAIT...if I don't share this little bit of info, Teresa just might have a cow. This was the high light of the night. NOT REALLY. So we were walking along, it was kind of dark and all of the sudden, slat...yes slat. A bird, in a tree, sleeping, pooped down and it hit me, ME of all people, in the face, yes that was the face and the head. IT WAS SO SICK. You had everyone helping me clean up. It got my hair, the side of my eye and reckashade and hit Teresa (serves her right!) So that was my little adventures at Sea World.

The next morning they took us around to feed the Sea Lions and to a few other places and then to Breakfast! They really take good care of you there. After breakfast we broke off into our smaller groups and spent the whole day at Sea World.

It was kind of funny...so when we got to Sea World, we all had shorts on cuz well we were coming from Phoenix were it was 100 degrees. When we got there it was in the 50's. We were freezing. At times I'm sure I was turning blue. The next day was a typical San Diego day, over cast. Our helper person says "oh it will burn off, don't worry." Well, I still wore pants and kept my sweater. I told Josh to keep his sweater, but hes on the verge of being a man and didn't listen, so he was in shorts and the ugly lime green shirt that we all had to wear. As the morning is going on the poor kid is freezing, so I was going to get him a sweat shirt of some kind (side note...I looked all day, did you know they really don't sell just regular hoodies, they have jackets and sweatshirts (for girls) and other types of things, but not just hoodies).

Anyways, we decided as our small group to go to the big show first. It started at 11:30. So we get there and our kids who are already cold want to sit in the slash zone...NOT ME...NOT TERESA! So we say that's fine and move to different area were we can still see them. OH MY HECK did they GET WET!!! Ok wet does not even come close to what they got. It was dripping off there clothes. Ya lets just say they were cold. After that we figure since you already wet lets hit the rides....It took them hours to dry off! Teresa and I just watched from the side (I was already cold didn't want to be colder!) They had fun though! Funny thing at around 3 we went to go and see the Dolphin show, thats when the sun finally came out! It took all day for it to come out! Oh well.

If you ever get the chance to go to Sea World on a field trip...GO, it is fun to sleep with the animals. At about 5 we headed home and slept the whole way! What a day!

Friday, June 12, 2009


You know the song..."Christmas is coming...the goose is getting fat...please put a penny in the old mans hat...if you haven't got a penny...a ha'penny will do...if you haven't got a ha'penny...well then God bless you".... (hope you know the tune....)

"Girls camp is coming...Suzi's getting stressed...late nights with Stephanie is truly a blast...we've been working really hard...or maybe hardly working...we've been kind of playing too...soo what else is knew!!"

YEP!! Girls camp is coming and I've now reached my ZINE ZONE...MY WHATEVER ZONE...MY IT'S ALL GOOD ZONE...and the new phrase for Suzi...MY HAKUNA MATATA ZONE!

Thats right! Now you all know, I've been going to camp since I was a teen(yes, I know that was a long time ago). My mom went when I was small, put the LOVE of it right into me back then. She did so much that was so fun and spiritual! And thats what I always made camp. So, lets just leave it at ...


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Through the years...

WOW...how time flies...Cayla was just saying this last week~how old she feels and looks and I made the commit..."if she feels old whats that make me?" (No commits needed from the peanut gallery~thank you very much!)


So I guess I AM getting old!!! Just a little!(Shut up Kimmy...yes I used the "SH" word:)!)

That's right...Today, Cayla Janay is 17. Its hard to believe. This year she is a Senior in high school, on cheer, student council, active in church, active in tons of school activities and clubs, you name it~shes involved in it...what more could a parent want? Well, what every parent wants...FOR HER TO BE HAPPY!!!

I can truly say its been interesting watching my clutsy, giggly, book brainy, not so people smart (just joking Cay), daughter grow. Shes kept life not so boring for us! SO today Cayla, Here's hoping you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I wont write too much about you cuz I know you'll kill me if I embarrass you too much so I wont, cuz I'm not that kind of mom! I would NEVER tell any one how you can't say some words or should I say pronounce some words (well I can't either so its all good, right), or how you can't whistle, or how when you see a spider or cricket you call your LITTLE brothers to come and kill them or you just scream bloody murder. Those sort of things will remain our little family secrets and NO one will ever find out! What kind of mother would I be if I told the world EVERYTHING about my little girl...so I'll just stop right now and not say another word about anything that might turn you red!

Cayla has always been close with her grandma Waldron

Cays been really luck over the years to go to girls camp with her grandpa...ALL her years at camp!! Shes NOT EVER had him NOT at camp!! Its their special time together!! I really think she just might cry if he wasn't there....

Shes had really good friends in her life over the years~some crazy~some wild~some some strange...but we LOVE them all!!! Thanks for always being there for her when her moms all of the above!!
Now for the mushy part...as Caylas grown, shes kept her family close...she really loves her brothers and they love her, they all drive each other crazy but that's what makes them a family. Along the ways, shes remembered to have fun! Isn't that what life's all about!
Keep smiling as you grow Cayla and remember...
we LOVE all the funny little things about you!!!