Tuesday, January 27, 2009


...it's all about I. It's all about #1....

SO, if any of you who really know me, know that I'm a bit of a, well, lets just say it, a dizzy air head of a blond sometimes. (Don't laugh-I can be) And AIR HEAD is RIGHT on this time.

Let me explain....

So most of you know, I'm very involved in the PTSA with 2 other moms. They are really good friends of mine. You'll find us most days at the school - together - ALWAYS! We've earned the name, as a joke, from one of the teachers, "THE MOM MAFIA". Shhhh but I kind of like it. But don't tell any one, it's our little secret.

Well, all the attention is always on the three of us:-). Never just me:( SOOOO Friday, I took matters into my own hands (like I really had a choice in the matter), I decided I would pass out at school and give everyone a heart attack. Kind of cool huh.

Here's what happened, or what I remembered happening. The three of us were suppose to go and pass out flyer's to try and get donations for our silent auction that we have coming up (shameless plug...if anyone has any thing they would like to donate, it would be greatly appreciated, just let me know). ANYWHO, I went to the school to let them know I couldn't go, Josh was sick. But we got talking in the teachers lounge about some things for a few minutes. While we were talking, I started getting hot. Now anyone who knows me, knows I'm NEVER hot. I started fanning myself, took off my sweater. After a bit I even went and got some ice to eat to try and cool off. After a few minutes we moved over by some tables and I knew I wasn't doing too well. See I know my body, I've passed out before, (it kind of freaked my mom out when I did it as a kid and DJ out when I've done it since we've been married). But I could tell I wasn't doing to well. I just wanted to GO HOME. BUT we were talking(and anyone again who knows me knows that I just LOVE to talk and CAN'T STOP), so I sat down, but it wasn't soon enough. As I was sitting down, I told my friends, "Just so you guys know I'm not feeling to well and I might pass out..." Well that was the last thing I remember before I hear my one friend who is a trained med tech saying "Suzi can you hear me?" I was out long enough that they managed to get my cell phone out of my pocket and call DJ, and get the school nurse. WOW, that was a few minutes.

I wasn't all the way in focus yet, but as soon as I heard 911, I came out fighting. They were talking about calling 911. That was a NO in my book. I know they were all worried, but I just wanted to get up, wash the mud off my face and go home. Well not really mud, but you know what I mean. I was sweating pretty bad, I felt hot and claimy. My friend took my blood sugar and oops it was 197, pretty high, especially since I didn't eat. I was planning on going home and eating. Then the next thing I know they were all trying to force candy down me. I just wanted to get up and GO HOME. After a while they let me sit up, only. If I didn't follow their directions, they would call 911or and put an IV in me. So I had to listen. It wasn't pretty. You had two stubborn people, me and my friend. The battle was on.

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS... They even called my MOMMY. They had my mom go over to my house to keep an eye on Josh, because they said I had to go and get checked out. I WAS SEEING RED!!!! I JUST WANTED TO GO HOME!! OH WELL.

So DJ shows up and finds me in the nurses office. See after a long embarrassing time in the teachers lounge they moved me to the nurses office. My own hubby turned against me and made me go to Urgent care. But I showed all of them. Everything came back fine so far. My EKG is fine, my blood work is fine, even my blood sugar was back to normal. Ok so the blood sugar could be normal because they made me at the school eat a piece of candy, drink orange juice and eat an orange.

Now my mom and my hubby want me to go and get my Glucose checked out, couldn't be because sometimes I get the shakes when I miss meals, I don't know. I think they are all mad. But what do I know I'm the crazy one.

SOOOO, now my face is red, because, people at other schools have heard about my little trip and of course EVERYONE at my school knows. Thats why I thought I would share it with all of you, so you could kind of hear it first hand from the horses mouth so to speak.
I just like being an air head.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I was just wondering...

...WHY we bother to even clean the house? We (and when I say we, I mostly mean the mothers of the world even though there are a few fathers, but mostly mothers), spend hours cleaning...late nights, early-early mornings, the time the kids are at school...just so when the kidos get home from school we can spend time with them. But then the cycle begins....
The house that was clean is now a BIG MESS. The dishes that were done are now all dirty again. The floor that you spent all day sweeping and moping, is dirty again. And don't get me started on the endless pile of dirty clothes.
And lets not forget the toilets, the vacuuming, the dusting, the all around general cleaning that we do. IT NEVER ENDS!!!
So why do we do all this, EVERYDAY...
...So we can get a kiss from out little ones and hear I LOVE YOU MOM!
And I guess for that, its all worth it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

He makes me want to scream...

Big papas nickname for him "Smiley"

You know I really do LOVE my little guy, but sometimes (ok most times), I just want to... (cover your eyes if you are sensitive to murder and death)...well, KILL him. Ok maybe not kill but then again, he is my demon child:). And he lives up to his name!!!

We really are having a time and half with this kid. He LOVES to be at school with all his friends. The problem, he wont get his work
done, hes too busy doing everything else. He causes problems for the other kids, cuz they are all working and Seth's trying to "HELP" them, as his teacher sometimes puts it.

We started something last year with the little booger (sometimes it works and well sometimes it doesn't). We told him he had to worry about himself when it comes to school, not worry about others (I know that sounds bad but only when it comes to school), don't worry about if they are doing their work, you know stuff like that. So when we drop him off at school, the last question thats asked is "Seth who do you worry about?" His answer is "myself."
Well its a nice thought but not very effective all the time. The little booger is truly going to be the death of me and his teachers. But everyone says hes just so plain cute (which he really is, but....). I have a friend who just LOVES to hear him speak (if any of you have heard him, you know you just can't understand the poor kid). He may be cute and look like a little angel, but hes got the devil horns under that halo.

Seth showing his true colors...loud and happy and crazy!
He really is a loving kid and VERY talkative. The kid NEVER stops...No really, he never does. And he really is always happy and smiling. Oh well, someday my little booger will grow out of it (that is if he lives that long:)).

BUT in the mean time, you all get to hear me vent about my little angel.

This is when I LOVE Seth the best...when hes sleeping...

Which never really seems to happen that much (just joking)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Idaho, Utah or BUST...

...Happy New Year!!
Its been a crazy two weeks!! I really can't believe that its 2009! I know everyone says it that time goes faster when you get older, but heck I DON'T want to grow up and get old.

Well, as you can tell Christmas came and went. And boy did it come. I managed to get most of the things done on my list. I was up til 2 most nights, well one night till 3 wrapping gifts. Every year I say I'm going to do better so I wont have to stay up late on Christmas Eve and every year, well I don't manage it all too well. I really don't know why, it just happens.

Christmas Eve was great! I thought we were just going to have a smaller group this year, WELL, I was wrong (I know its not the first time and it wont be the last). Most of the family showed up along with our non-family-family (thats what we call the friends who are closer to us then friends but aren't family. Get it~Got it~GOOD). Anywho, the Wilsons and the Smiths all showed too and everyone seemed to have fun. Maybe it was all the food!!

Of course that night after everyone left the real fun began! Clean up one mess just to make another. After DJ and I got to bed, I remembered I forgot to put something out, and oops one of the kids was already up and the other had been up, opened the stocking and then went back to bed. So I put the gift out and I tried going back to bed, ya-no, couldn't do it. So I got up and started getting breakfast ready.

After a bit everyone one was up and the house blew up! There was paper flying everywhere. It was a mad house, which I'm sure everyone else had too.

Then it was on to Grandmas house (my mom) for Christmas again. It seemed like thats what it was all day. We'd open more gifts and then more people would show up and we would open even more gifts. Of course the kids thought it was GREAT! I just couldn't wait for it all to end so I could go to bed. (I still had things to do....)

BUT WAIT... when we got home we couldn't go to bed.... We had to get ready to leave the next day for Idaho and then Utah. I still had to pick up the house (had close friends watching Micky our dog and I didn't want them to see the house a pigsty) and then do laundry. Another long night.

BUT it gets better... We wanted to be on the road by early afternoon on Friday but after checking the roads, we needed to get chains for our truck. After searching all day, we got some thanks to Caylas best friend and his family. WE WERE OFF at 7pm!!!

The drive was a bit scary at times. We hit NV and had snow the whole way. Hit a couple of storms and had a couple of close calls!! Good thing hubby knows how to drive in the snow!!

The kids had so much fun at their aunt Kimmys house. They got to play in the snow, and build a big snowman, that started melting right away so the boys took a shovel to it and wacked its head off. Cayla had a double date while there. When I say double I don't mean two couples, I mean two boys took her out!

From Idaho we headed to Utah. NOW I thought Idaho was cold, oh my heck!!! Utah was freezing. One night it got below 0. Thats just wrong. See why I live in AZ. Yes I know my hubby hates the heat, he went around most of the trip with only a long sleeve shirt and/or his fleece sweat shirt on. Hes crazy!!

We got to see our dearest friends for a few hours, wish we could have stayed longer. Seth asked John to play the piano (Cayla use to love to listen to him play when she was little), I really could have stayed all night! Also Seth got to finally meet another grandpa up there. You'd think after 7 years they would have met.
We stayed at DJ's folks house, that was an adventure in itself. Had the BIG family luncheon on Saturday and had a baptism to go to also. After the baptism when everyone left the church, DJ thought Cayla should learn to drive in the snow and that I should have more snow driving time. Did I mention I HATE the SNOW! Anyways we had fun driving in the parking lot. Making the truck slid and then get it under control again. OOPS...their bishop came out and I'm sure he was wondering why we were driving crazy in the church lot. Oh well, the kids had fun making the car slide every which way.

On the 4th was the long drive home. The roads were pretty clear until...ready for this...until we hit AZ. About 40 minutes from Flagstaff we hit another BIG storm. But it was all GOOD! We got home in one piece, just a little later than we want cuz of the snow, but we made it by 9.

Now the real fun has begun. We've started packing up Christmas. Have you heard the song from the Forgotten Carols "I cried the day I take the tree down"? Well, we love that song and all of Christmas is packed up except our tree. If I had my way I would keep my tree up all year long. But I can't, I think I'll take it down this weekend. Then Christmas will really be over...BUT we have Valentines Day and Saint Pattys day, and oh yes, Easter coming up. I really do like HOLIDAYS!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!