Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Years Resolutions??? Naaaaa!

As I look back over this last year (you remember 2014-the year that flew by!), I just want to SCREAM!!!  Yep that's right...SCREAM!!!!  

It kills me when I look back at all the things I didn't take pictures of...
Have you ever had that where you know this happened BUT where are the pictures...ugh, ugh and double ugh again!!!  
Having the pictures helps me remember what I forgot happened cuz we all know that my memory is well...ummmmm wait I forgot!!  

Also, why didn't I BLOG more!!  Seriously why didn't I write things down to help me remember...ugh again!!! 

Well here it goes.... 

I'm not BIG on New Years Resolutions...WHY you ask...

Because usually they get broke and
So WHY DO IT!!  

Well what I do believe in is setting goals through out my life to help me better myself and my family!! 
 Everyone talks about setting New Years Resolutions and trying to make a new start but really shouldn't we be setting goals to make ourselves better always, not just at the start of each new year. 

Now if your one of those people who can set  new years resolutions and stick to your resolution all `year, well your a much better person than me!  

See if you need to lose weight, why wait to the new year to set a resolution to be more healthy...why not just start TODAY!!  

If you feel you need to spend more family time together, again WHY WAIT!! 

Its the same with everything...Clean house, becoming a kinder person, learning to cook..anything...WHY WAIT!!!  

For me and my family, we are trying to add more spirituality into our lives.  We've set some family goals...some might sound like new years resolutions, but again, it isn't.  

We've made a goal as a family to read the scriptures more together.  Also to spend more quality time together. As we look to the future it dawns on us that we really only have a year and half before Josh leaves on a mission and we want to do all that we can to help him be prepared.  Also only a short time before Cayla and Craig are moving to a new state and again Josh leaving so family time is becoming very important to us!  

We've set a few other goals but whats funny is some of these goals were set before the New Year (like August)...why because we want to better ourselves.  I'm not saying that I'll be able to keep all the goals that I've set!  But calling them New Years Resolutions just isn't right!  I'm working on being the best that I can all the time not just January 1st and setting goals is how I can keep working towards that. And setting goals doesn't just come once a year...its something you can do anytime!!