Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is crazy...
Caylas getting things ready to figure out what college she wants to go to. No biggy, RIGHT? WRONG!
Shes gotten a nice scholarship, but of course you need to have more money now adays then what they give you...IT'S CRAZY! Especially if she wants to live on campus, which I think she does...anything to get away from her crazy brothers!
She keep applying for scholarships, but of course a lot of them she doesn't qualify for a number of reasons...which is kind of a bummer for her, but shse keeps applying, at least she has the big one... (Time to find another job, Cayla...good thing she got offered one yesterday, now if she goes back and takes it)
So now she is applying for some other things, and they want to know EVERYTHING! Honestly, I don't remember it being this hard when we were filling out stuff when DJ was in school. But we all know that my kids have sucked my memories from me and I'm lucky if I remember what day it is...Sunday, RIGHT?
It's nuts all the stuff and info they want. Let's just say I'm glad that I have a daughter that is on top of all of it! Cuz really, it would drive me NUTS to fill out of these forms all the time. It's like buying a house when it comes to all the paper work.
But hey it's just college...gee what do they want my first born...Oh wait, they are getting my first born....

Friday, February 26, 2010

She just can't WIN...

Poor~Poor Cayla...For reals this time. I'm not being a brat and making fun of her (ok maybe a little I am), but really poor little girl!
So Monday she had a surgical procedure done to check her acid reflux plus to see if she has GERD. No biggy really, she had this done a few months ago...this time there was one more test and she had to have this device on her for 48 hours to measure her PH balance. It was just bigger than a cellphone, but to here talk about it, the thing as HUGE! (It wasn't really that big, again about the size of 3 pagers put together).
Well this happens on Monday, oh wait last week we took her in for her knee, which she hurt at cheer. Now she has to have physical therapy done on it. That is if we can get her into the place, they can't see her for another week or more. Nice!
Then Tuesday she hung out at Jasinski helping in a 1st grade class. You see Cay wants to be a teacher after college. She's always wanted to work with kids. And she thinks she wants to work with 1st grade, so she got to sit in on a class. She LOVED it! But of course she would, she LOVES kids!
Then Wed. she started to not feel good. She thought she was getting a head cold. She wasn't feeling good last week, but just kind of pushed it aside. But this wasn't going away. By Thursday night, I couldn't even understand the kid when she was talking to me on the phone. I finally told her to stop talking and go and blow her noise. It just kept going and going and going. Boy did she have a lot of snot in her...but it makes sense cuz shes a little snot (oh wait did I just write that;D) !!
Friday was not a good day for her, (wait thats today, so I guess you would say todays not a good day), she had to go and drop off part of her Senior paper at school. So she called DJ and told him her throat was bad and she felt really bad. (You see thats WAY before I get up!)
He called me and said he wanted to get her in to the DR. I agreed. So by 9:00 he was on his way to check her out of school and off to the DRs.

What did the DR have to say...She has STREP THROAT! You see strep is going around right now and if anything is going around, leave it to Cayla to catch it. And now she has exposed all her friends and everyone at school! (GOTTA LOVE IT when a kids sick with one thing and you think its another...oh well, at least we have DRUGS now!)
I'm telling you the poor kid is going to be in sooooo much trouble when she goes of to College...What she going to do without her mommy and daddy to take care of her?!?

Friday, February 19, 2010

It was a BLONDE moment...

...And I'm sure I'm NOT the only one to have these!!!

Ok so here is what happened...Yes, sit down, stand up, whatever you do when your getting ready for a good laugh, cuz thats what you'll have, at my expense! (and its ok, go ahead and laugh, everyone else has).

So yesterday Cayla had a Doctors appointment and after it was over we went to the store. No biggy so far right? Well, when we got to the store, DJ called. He had been in classes all day and wanted to know what had happen at the Doctors. So I was telling him about it. Then of course we started talking about other things, while we were walking in the store (I know how rude...talking on a cell in public, in a store...I'm one of THOSE people, what can I say). Cayla was putting her two cents in during the conversation, no biggy. And all was good.

As I was talking with DJ, my cell phone was up to my ear (don't forget that part-it's important to remember)...I all of the sudden had a panic attack. You see, I felt my front pocket where I keep my phone, IT WAS GONE...Then I checked my back pocket and my sweater and then my purse...There was NO PHONE. I even said it to DJ, I can't fine my cell phone.

Remember, I was talking to DJ on MY CELL PHONE. Cayla was DYING at this point. So was the lady that was walking past us. Right then I realized that I was on my phone. Later, in the store when we saw that same lady, she couldn't even keep a straight face as she walked pass me! Oh well, at least I gave someone a good laugh!

Yep, I was having a BLONDE MOMENT!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Seth REVIEW....

I mentioned these events before so I thought I would post some pictures of these events...(better late then NEVER)
SO LETS REVIEW whats happened to Seth during December and January...
That little boy had a busy two months.

Lets start with his 8th Birthday. We asked him a month or so before..."Would you rather have a birthday party or go to Disneyland?" Well, my little man, being raised by a mom who LOVES disneyland, said he wanted to go to Disneyland...Little did he know...Thats what we were planning for his 8th birthday...

We really do love spending time at Disneyland during Christmas time and it's GREAT that Seths Birthday is right before Christmas. It puts our whole family into the Christmas Spirit and then we are ready for the Christmas season.

This was the best part...while we were at Disneyland, we ran into our friends the DeGraffs. Ok so I knew they would be there at the same time we were going. Seth and Sydnie are best friends and all the kids get along great, so it really made the trip fun. It was kind of funny...when we wanted to spend just family time together, the kids kept asking when we would get together. And you talk about oppsites...We are light and blonde hair, they are dark and black hair. Everyone thought we were trying to still children cuz I had their kids and they had my kids, it was kid swaping time. It was a sight to see.

Seth had a fun time at Disneyland for his Birthday. I think if he could choose that every year he would. He's a kid after my own heart. The next big thing happened two days after we got back from the big D. Seth went to his first REAL Cub Scouts. You see he went to pack meeting the month before, but he didn't have the uniform...THIS TIME HE DID!

Isn't he cute....

After Disneyland and Cub Scouts, both within a week, came Christmas Eve and Christmas!
And from there...

Next came Seths Baptism...That was a BIG day for all of us. Of course it was Seth's Big Day, but for us as mom and dad, it was our last baby being Baptized. WOW~ hard to beleive...DJ must be getting old cuz I can't be that old! But then again...sometimes this family of mine makes me feel like I've aged a hundred years!

The our last two things...Seths very first Pinewood Derby and he recieved his Bobcat!
Way to go Seth Michael!!! He really did have a busy few months! Heck so did I! But that's ok, it was all for my baby boy, whose growing up!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flowers...JUST BECAUSE...

Can I just tell you something...
I know a lot of you know this but I want you to know that I know it!! (And I do!)

That my daughter is AMAZING...AWSOME...And well...PRETTY SPECIAL...and I just LOVE her more than I can explain!!

So the other day she brought me home flowers...why...just because! Yes, me being the suspicious mother, was wondering what was up or if she was needing to pass some goal off or something, but NO, nothing. She just bought them with me in mind!

She knows that I'm having a lot going on in my head right now and she felt I needed a little cheering up. It wasn't much, BUT IT WAS EVERYTHING TO ME!

Can I just say...