Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dear Family and Friends                                                                                     December 2015

To say 2015 flew by is totally the understatement of the century!!!  I say it every year but this year…Oh my heck I just got use to writing 2015 on everything…sorta, and I still have a million and one things on my to-do list that I need to get done before the end of the year, which by the way is just a few weeks away!! EEK!!!  I DID NOT GIVE THIS YEAR PERMISSION TO FLY BY SO FAST!!!

This year started with the excitement of 2014 coming to an end, celebrating Christmas with family and friends and ringing in the New Year in classic Hansen style…lots of FOOD, watching movies in our PJ’s all night and toasting the new year with sparling apple and grape juice!  I’m still trying to get over the shock that I DID NOT GIVE LAST YEAR PERMISSION TO FLY BY SO FAST!!
February was an exciting month…WHY? Because I got to go to Washington to visit my brother and nephew. I was so worried I would freeze but really it wasn’t that cold, just LOTS of rain!! Even with the rain I had such a good time! Also this month Seth took his acting to the comic books, which for every boy who loves super heroes was a dream come true, however he was playing a bad guy and seemed to enjoy it just a bit too much!  With the end of this play came the end of the Drama Season for Seth, it went by so quickly…I DID NOT GIVE THIS YEAR PERMISSION TO FLY BY SO FAST!!!

We fast forward through March with DJ getting called as the Varsity Coach in YM’s.  Of course April brought us Easter…A time to celebrate the resurrection of the Savior and new life.  With April we are now 4 MONTHS into the year…I DID NOT GIVE THIS YEAR PERMISSION TO FLY BY SO FAST!!!

May was probably the most exciting month of Josh and Seth…SCHOOL ENDED!! Seth finished 7th grade and was getting ready to be the TOP DOG in Elementary School as an 8th grader.  Joshua ended his Junior year very excited because now he was a BIG SHOT senior!  May was also our 25th Anniversary!  Of course DJ surprised me with a trip to my favorite place on earth-Disneyland!! My hubby knows me so well!! It was crazy to think that we have had a life together for 25 years, where did the time go…I DID NOT GIVE THIS YEAR PERMISSION TO FLY BY SO FAST!!

Summer time kept all of us busy.  Seth started back at swim where he has really improved, he still hates it but he’s really fast!  Josh took on a high adventure trip with the guys from Church…they hiked Mount Langley in the Sierra Nevadas. What a trip this was, he had everything from sunshine, rain, hail and snow. Seth also took off this summer to scout camp for a week.  The day he got home the family took off for a 10 day trip to Utah and Idaho to visit family!  What a trip it was…Cayla, Craig and the babies came along on this trip with us!  We had so much fun visiting zoos, museums and of course all our family! But this trip just wasn’t long enough and before I knew it we were heading home!  I DID NOT GIVE THIS YEAR PERMISSION TO FLY BY SO FAST!!!

This trip was kind of a bitter sweet trip, right after we got home Cayla and Craig made a MAJOR change in their life…they moved to Washington for Craig to further his education.  Of course this move brought lots of tears to everyone…and a major change for Cayla who has lived in Arizona all her life.  It was very difficult to watch them leave…I DID NOT GIVE THIS YEAR PERMISSION TO FLY BY SO FAST!!!

August brought DJ’s 30 year High School reunion, which also brought another trip back to Utah!  This trip brought a FUN experience of our car breaking down two different times, getting towed two different times and driving through the Arizona desert with no air BEFORE breaking down, sitting in the heat for hours…FUN TIME, FUN TIMES!  But DJ had a great time seeing old friends!  August also was the start of the new school year…I now have one senior and one 8th grader.  Just a few more months and I’ll only have one left in school…WOW, I DID NOT GIVE THIS YEAR PERMISSION TO FLY BY SO FAST!!!

One big change besides DJ’s birthday in September was him getting called to be the 1st councilor in the Stake Young Men’s presidency. He loves working with the Young Men and is really excited about getting to work with Seth once he turns 14 in December.  Josh also took on a NEW roll in his life…he is in the work/release program and started working as an intern at ATCA (Airline Training Center AZ).  It been fun watching him take on new responsibilities.  October brought another trip for me up to Washington to see Cayla, Craig and the babies!  DJ, Josh and Seth wanted to send me up there for my birthday!  To say I was excited doesn’t really describe how I felt getting to see them.  And it was during this trip that I got the best Birthday gift from Cayla and Craig…they are expecting our 3rd grandbaby, another boy, in March!!  So Excited…this will be the ONLY time I WILL GIVE THE YEAR PERMISSION TO FLY BY SO FAST!!! 

November and December have been exciting so far.  During this time my dad, was released after serving for 10 years as the Stake President of the Phoenix West Maricopa stake.  It was bitter sweet…he’s served as a member of the stake presidency for over 19 years.  I’m not sure my parents are going to know what to do with so much free time.  December really is a magical time, fun things always happen during this time…The best thing of all Cayla and Craig came down for the holidays!  Everyone is excited to see them!

As always our lives are busy-crazy but with all our ups and downs this year we have come to appreciate what is most important… FAMILY!!  This holiday season I hope you can find joy when spending time with family!  I hate to see any year end but looking at what’s ahead from our family, new baby, graduations, missions, just life, I think I’m ready to GIVE THIS YEAR PERMISSION TO FLY BY! 

Merry Christmas,

The Hansen and Gassaway Family, DJ, Suzi, Joshua, Seth and Cayla, Craig, Eric and David. 

Monday, December 7, 2015


The months of November and December somehow always turn out to be the craziest and busiest months in my life...I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way!!  It seems between all the holiday madness and birthdays we have during this time we have to also find time to live our normal lives...ok our somewhat normal lives...what may seem like normal to some can seem like total craziness to others!  

Its usually around this time of year that ALL the stress from the last year starts to catch up with me...not to say that I didn't show the stress during the year...especially this year, which seemed more stressful than other years...but for some reason it ALL seems to manifests itself around now!  I noticed this in High School when I use to stress out about clockwork, Christmas vacation I WAS SICK...Christmas morning I WAS SICK!  Nyquil was my BEST FRIEND during this time! Well like alot of things in our lives this has continued in my life...usually around the holidays I start to feel the stress of life, push through it and then my body says...nope you can't do that...and BAM! I'M SICK!!  Well, of course every year I fight it tooth and nail and this year is NO DIFFERENT!!  

Yesterday was a very emotional in our family!  My dad, for those of you that know him Ron Waldron, was released as Stake President of the Phoenix West Maricopa Stake for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He served as Stake President for 10 years and before that as 1st counselor for 9 years.  It was a very sweet morning as testimonies were messages of love and service about my dad and and his two counselors, Greg and Todd, were shared.  Also what sweet testimonies were given my the new incoming leadership and their wives.  Emotions were very high that morning, tears were being fought back by everyone.  Even the two General Authorities were fighting the tears.  Its going to be fun to see what happens not that this chapter closes and an new one opens today for all these families!  
(Pictures from Kathy C)

As we came home from this very spiritual and emotional meeting and I entered my house and looked around, I almost had a melt down.  You see this past two weeks has been a crazy rollercoaster ride it seems like...This week we had our ward Christmas party.  I was asked to help with the committee again this year.  We thought we had a simple plan...whats that saying about the best laid plans...well, everything that could happen, probably did.  Lets just say there were family health issues, family issues, school issues, church issues...any kind of issue that could pop up in my life it did..........................SOOOOOOOOO my house kind of blew up during this time!  I got Christmas decorations out and started putting them up and well it just seemed to add to the mess...YOU KNOW YOU ALL CAN RELATE WITH THE ISSUE...............But on a side note-the Ward Party was GREAT...the decorations-GREAT, food-AMAZING, Youth program-AWESOME and FUNNY (ok side youngest son added a bit of comic relief when he slipped of the back of the stage the wisemen where standing on...then all the youth started laughing...yep my son, the youngest one! LOL), over all night -PERFECT!!!!

So back to Sunday, as I looked around and I thought its Sunday I really don't want to clean to much on Sunday I started straightening the counter anyways and I came across this flyer, I guess you would call it, I read it and as DJ where it came from.  He said they got it last week in their High Priest lesson.  As I read it, I started thinking about my crazy two months and really, I need to "SIMPLIFY"...The message is "Is the Gospel Working For You?" by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.   But there are so many ways to take this message into you life..................

It starts with a story......(Most women can TOTALLY RELATE TO THIS)...

One sister, a Relief Society Instructor, was known for preparing flawless lessons.  One time she decided to create a beautiful quilt that would serve as the perfect backdrop to the theme of her lesson, But life intervened - there were children to pick up from school, a neighbor who needed help moving, a husband who had a fever, and a friend who felt lonely.  The day of the lesson approached, and the quilt was not completed.  Finally, the night before her lesson, she did not sleep much as she worked all night on the quilt.  The next day she was exhausted and barely able to organize her thoughts, but she bravely stood and delivered her lesson.  And the quilt was stunning - the stitches were perfect, the colors vibrant, and the design intricate.  And at the center of it all was a single word that triumphantly echoed the theme of her lesson:  "SIMPLIFY." 
What is the difference between those whose experience in the Church fills their souls with songs of redeeming love and those who feel that something is lacking?   FIRST:  are we making our discipleship too complicated?  SECOND:  start where you are.  I pray that we will focus on "the simplicity that is in Christ" and allow His grace to lift and carry us during our journey from where we are not to our glorious destiny in our Father's presence.  As we do so and someone asks us, "How is being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints working for you?" we will be able to say with pride, in all humility, and with great joy, "It works wonderfully!"  

So as I look around my house, as I look at my list of things to get done, as I look at my calendar of events coming up...One thought now comes to mind - SIMPLIFY!  Am I focus on the right things this time of year or for that matter all year!  I'm worried about getting sicker and not having time to finish all the work that needs to get that what truly matters or should I focus on the "Simplicity that is Christ."   Time to refocus...time to SIMPLIFY!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My parents are pretty AWESOME!!!

I don't know why but yesterday I felt the urge to find a Christmas gift my parents gave all the family back in 2008.  This was something that up until recently I KNEW exactly where it was and for some reason I couldn't find it yesterday.  To say I was getting upset was an understatement!  For years this gift was with my Family History, I could see it there, I've gotten it from this same spot over and over but this time it wasn't there.  During my frustration DJ happened to call and asked what was wrong and I told him and he said well my first thought is in the safe and my second thought was with the Family History...well it's not with the Family History and WELL SILLY ME...I then remembered it was so important to me and I didn't want it to be destroyed in a fire so I put in in the safe...and GUESS was there safe and sound!

And what is this silly little gift you ask...
well it's not so silly to me and my family...
in 2008 for Christmas that year my parents gave us (my brother, sister and me) one of the most precious gifts they ever could have given us, they gave us...
 the story of How the Gospel of Jesus Christ came into our Family...
as they put it, they wanted to share something of lasting and eternal value.  
They wanted us to recognize the treasure that is contained in their story and the lasting worth it is to our family and our posterity.  

Every so often I get out this story and I sit down and I read it.  Even though I know this story and I've heard it for years I seem to find new things in it, perhaps because I'm in different stages in my own life as I read it.  Its not that long of a story but the things that my dad went through during his journey into the gospel is truly a testimony.  You can't help but see how the Lord was preparing him for what his future was.  It just shows you that the Lord truly is there with you no matter who you are, member or non-,member, the Lord always has a hand in your life. 

As I sit here reading what was the start of the first chapter in my parents life in the gospel, I think about next month as the next chapter in my parents life comes to a close.  You see my dad will be released as the Stake President of the West Maricopa Stake.  Its kinda crazy to stop and think about this chapter coming to a close.  Dad has served as stake president for 10years and before that he served as 1st counselor to President Hinten for 9 years.  So basicly 19 years of my father's life as been serving as a member of the stake presidency in the West Maricopa Stake. My mom has been by his side supporting him all during this time. Lets put it a little differently...I have 3 children...Cayla, age 23 (married almost 5 years with 2 children and one on the way), Joshua, age 17 (senior in high School), and Seth age 13 (almost 14, 8th grade)...I only had one child when my dad was first put into the stake presidency.  My other two kids weren't even born.  Pretty much this is all my children have known of their grandpa.     

Watching my dad and mom live the gospel has been a true teaching experience in my life. Watching how they have handled the trial and tribulations that have come their way over the years and how they have come through those situations has been a true blessing in my life. I know that sometimes people look at my parents and think that they have this perfect life but really they are just like all of us except that they have learned to rely on Heavenly Father to help them when they are in need of help and guidance. Not to say that we haven't, I just think that they have fully put that trust in him.  I love the example they are to me.   

I'm so grateful for the true pioneers my parents have been. They accepted the missionaries invitation to join the church, to be baptised and to go forth and be examples to those around them.  
The seeds were planted before my dad was a member, he was sick and he received a blessing...from that blessing we now have a family growing in the gospel.  The examples they have been in teaching me and now I have taught my family and will eternally be grateful!   

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


SOOOOOOO...I'm sure some of you thought I had dropped of the face of the earth this last year...
Seriously, I hardly posted anything!  
Yep, I'm sure you thought I finally did it...
That I ran away and I changed my name...Well, as wishful thinking as it was, and how tempting it was at times, I didn't do it...
Life just was crazy...mostly in a good way this last year!  
To say its getting back to normal.....well that's hard to say!  
BUT I'm hoping to get back to blogging more because I know this is how a lot of my family and friends keep up to date on what's going on in my crazy families life!!  

But for now, I'm not really going to bring you up to date on much I just wanted to share some of the MOST EXCITING NEWS OUT THERE!!  

This announcement is from Cayla and Craig...
Here we go.....
Drum Roll Please.....

Thats RIGHT!!! 
 Cayla and Craig are expecting baby number 3!!!!

We are so excited to add GRANDBABY NUMBER 3 
to our family in March!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Who's a "Meat and Potato" kind of person

I said it before...but its so true so I'm gonna say it again...


Really I do!! 

I love eating the foods I grew up with, even the most basic dishes, you know like Meat Loaf!!  
So the other night when I was flipping through my old recipes, 
(the ones my mom gave me before I got married with all the family favorites), 
I saw this recipe and decided this was WHAT WAS GONNA BE FOR DINNER!!  

An old family favorite....Simple MEAT AND POTATO PIE

Meat and Potato Pie 


2 pie crust (store kind works great) 
1 pound ground beef or ground turkey (I use turkey) 
1/2 cup milk 
1/2 envelope dry onion soup mix 
Dash pepper
Dash allspice 
1- 12oz package lose-pack frozen hash brown potatoes, thawed

Prepare pie crust.  Line 9 in pie plate with pastry.  Combine meat, milk, soup mix, pepper and allspice, mix gently.  Lightly pat into pie plate.  Top with potatoes.  Adjust top crust, seal and flute edge.  Cut design in top pastry.  Bake at 350' about one hour or till browned.  Serve with warm with catsup.  Makes 6 to 8 servings. 

Prepare pie crust.  Line 9 in pie plate with pastry

Combine meat, soup mix, milk, pepper and allspice, mix gently

Lightly pat into pie plate 

Top with potatoes

Add a little pepper on top of potatoes 

Adjust top crust, seal and flute edge

Bake at 350' about an hour or till browned.  

Serve warm  
If choosing to freeze, allow to cool and then seal 

Cut and serve 

With or without catsup 

Growing up this was one of our family favorite!  There was NEVER leftovers when we had this!!  
Simple and GOOD...what more could you ask for!! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Washington and Overnight Pumpkin French Toast...

Yes I'm at it again...another PUMPKIN RECIPE...
Keep reading...its at the end of my blog! 

Also, I know the pictures that I'm posting today aren't too great from my trip...all of these pics were taken with my camera is upstairs and right now I'm sitting with my laptop typing away listening to the rain outside and I'll be honest...I'm just too too lazy to go upstairs and get the camera with all my pics.  I'll post better pictures, maybe later!  LOL 
 Its just one of those lazy kind of days out right bow.  

At the beginning of February I went to Gig Harbor, Washington to visit my brother, Dan and nephew, Caleb.  
I have to tell you I was really nervous about going...why you ask...
Cuz everyone had me believe I was going to FREEZE!!!  
Anyone who knows me knows I don't do COLD...ANY WAY...SHAPE...OR FORM!!!  
So I had to prepare...So because of this I OVER PACKED!!!  
2 coats, 3 sweaters (ok maybe 4 or more), 4 pairs of shoes (need different shoes for different activities in the cold), and of course lots and lots of long sleeve shirts and sweaters! 

Well, was I in for a wasn't too bad at all!!  Now it rained everyday I was there...lots and lots of rain, more than Washington normally gets and you know I was OK with that.  I really do LOVE the rain!!  It didn't get any colder than in Phoenix when it gets really cold!  It was in the 50's and 60's the whole time!  Kinda perfect weather if you ask me!!  

I had a GREAT TIME!!
Dan showed me Seattle...
I've never been to Washington before and it was beautiful!!
Dan lives in Gig Harbor which is about 30 minutes from Seattle.  It was like a combination of green mountains, lots of pine trees and grass and the ocean and the city all rolled into one place!!  

Our first stop was of course the Space Needle.  I don't think you can visit Seattle without making a trip to the Space Needle!  It was pretty neat but it was crazy windy and rainy at the top!  
Our next stop that day was to the EMP Museum, which was really cool.  Lots of music and movie memorabilia but what was really cool about the Museum was the special STAR WARS costume exhibit they had...I think Dan and I were totally geeking about about this!!! I'm pretty sure Caleb thought we had lost our minds!!  Now seeing the costumes from the PRINCESS BRIDE came in a close second on the coolness scale!!!  

 The next day we took a Ferry ride...My first ferry ride and it was pretty cool. Theres lots of islands all round the Seattle area and it was pretty nice going by each one.  

 I think by far the coolest place we went was to the Underground Seattle...the stories and history that was shared was so amazing!!!  What a crazy history Seattle has!!! I could do this trip again!!

While there we went to Pike Place Market...Oh the food and the shopping...its a good thing we didn't stay too long there, I could of done so much damage to my check book!!  As it was I had a hard time getting everything I bought home in my bags!!  

Dan also took me to my very first Cirque de Soleil show and can I just say...I AM A FAN!!!  The show, the music, the costumes...way way amazing!!!  
Over all I had a terrific trip to see my brother and I really can't wait to go back and see them and more of their town!!  

Thanks for a great time Dan and Caleb!!!  

Now I'm sure your wondering how my trip to Washington to see Dan has to do with PUMPKIN FRENCH TOAST...well now I'm gonna tell you!   Over the years my brother has become quite the cook!  In fact for Christmas my mom got him a subscription to a cooking magazine "Taste of Home."  Love this magazine a tone.  I've been getting it for years!!  

So of course while I was there we had to make some of the recipes and this one was so good I had to remake it when I got home for the family!!

from Taste of Home

~1 loaf (1 lb) cinnamon-raisn bread  (I've also used cinnamon swirl)
~1 pkg (8 oz) reduced fat cream cheese, cut into small cubes 
~8 eggs
1 can (12oz) evaporated milk 
~1 cup pumpkin  (I use fresh but you can use can) 
~2/3 cup packed brown sugar 
~1/2 cup milk 
~2 tsp ground cinnamon 
~1/4 tsp ground nutmeg 
~1/4 tsp ground ginger 
~1/8 tsp ground cloves 
~1/2 tsp salt 
~1/2 cup chopped pecans 
~Confectioners' sugar 
~Maple syrup 

 ~Cut each slice of bread into quarters.

 ~Arrange half of the bread in a greased 13x9 in backing dish. 

~Layer with cubed cream cheese

~Add remaining bread, press down slightly.  

~In a large bowl, whisk eggs, evaporated milk, pumpkin, brown sugar, milk, spices and salt.

~Pour over top and refrigerate, covered, overnight.  

~Preheat oven to 350'.  Remove casserole from refrigerator while oven heats.  Bake, covered, 40 minutes.  Uncover; sprinkle with pecans.  Bake, uncovered 25 to 30 minutes or until lightly browned and a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. 

~Let stand 5 to 10 minutes before serving.   

  ~Dust with confectioners' sugar.  Serve with maple syrup!!

I think the next time I make this I might melt the cream cheese a bit and pour it in so that the cream cheese will be evenly in it.  
This was super good and hit the spot just right!!  ENJOY!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

When do you have the spirit....

Today in Sunday School our teacher, Jay Jankowski, taught a about the Sermon on the Mount as well as a few other things.  
He shared with the class a handout 
"How to Discern When You Do and Do Not Have the Spirit".
As always it got me thinking...(I know its a scary thinking again!)

As I went through this list it gave me a lot of food for thought.  
I've felt a lot of the things on this list over the years...I hate to say on both list.  In fact I'm sure I'm not alone...I think we all have our struggles at times when it comes to having the spirit in our lives and recognizing when we do.  

Heres the list...


~You feel happy and Calm. 
~You feel full of light.  Your mind is clear. 
~Your bosom burns.  You feel generous.  Nobody could offend you.  
~You feel confident in everything you do. 
~You wouldn't mind if everyone is seeing what you are doing. 
~You are outgoing, anxious to be with people. 
~You are glad when others succeed. 
~You want to make others happy.  You bring out the best and see the best in others. 
~You gladly and willingly perform church ordinances.  You'd like to be in the temple everyday. 
~You feel you can magnify your church calling. 
~You feel like praying. 
~You wish you could keep all the Lord's commandments. 
~You feel you have control of your appetites and emotions; food and sleep in moderation, diversion that is wholesome and moderate; calm and controlled speech; no anger, etc. 
~You're generally just glad to be alive. 


~When Satin is prompting you, you feel unhappy, depressed, confused, frustrated. 
~You feel heavy, full of darkness, your mind is muddled. 
~You feel empty, hollow, cold inside.  You feel selfish, self centered, possessive. 
~Everything anyone does bothers you.  You are always on the defensive. 
~You easily become discouraged. 
~You become secretive, sneaky, evasive. 
~You want to be alone.  You avoid people, especially members of your family. 
~You are envious of what others do and of what they have. 
~You are critical of what others, especially of family members and of authority. 
~You feel hesitant, unworthy to perform church ordinances; you don't want to go to the temple. 
~You wish you had another church job, or no job at all.  You don't want to pray. 
~You find the commandments bothersome, restricting, or senseless. 
~You become a slave to your appetites:  your emotions become passionate; overindulgence in food, sleep, stimulating entertainment, strong anger, outspokenness, etc.  
~You wonder if life is really worth it.  

Now that we have a list to help us recognize when we DO or DON'T have the Spirit, lets start being aware of when feelings or things might be affecting you...I know I will be!! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Years Resolutions??? Naaaaa!

As I look back over this last year (you remember 2014-the year that flew by!), I just want to SCREAM!!!  Yep that's right...SCREAM!!!!  

It kills me when I look back at all the things I didn't take pictures of...
Have you ever had that where you know this happened BUT where are the pictures...ugh, ugh and double ugh again!!!  
Having the pictures helps me remember what I forgot happened cuz we all know that my memory is well...ummmmm wait I forgot!!  

Also, why didn't I BLOG more!!  Seriously why didn't I write things down to help me remember...ugh again!!! 

Well here it goes.... 

I'm not BIG on New Years Resolutions...WHY you ask...

Because usually they get broke and
So WHY DO IT!!  

Well what I do believe in is setting goals through out my life to help me better myself and my family!! 
 Everyone talks about setting New Years Resolutions and trying to make a new start but really shouldn't we be setting goals to make ourselves better always, not just at the start of each new year. 

Now if your one of those people who can set  new years resolutions and stick to your resolution all `year, well your a much better person than me!  

See if you need to lose weight, why wait to the new year to set a resolution to be more healthy...why not just start TODAY!!  

If you feel you need to spend more family time together, again WHY WAIT!! 

Its the same with everything...Clean house, becoming a kinder person, learning to cook..anything...WHY WAIT!!!  

For me and my family, we are trying to add more spirituality into our lives.  We've set some family goals...some might sound like new years resolutions, but again, it isn't.  

We've made a goal as a family to read the scriptures more together.  Also to spend more quality time together. As we look to the future it dawns on us that we really only have a year and half before Josh leaves on a mission and we want to do all that we can to help him be prepared.  Also only a short time before Cayla and Craig are moving to a new state and again Josh leaving so family time is becoming very important to us!  

We've set a few other goals but whats funny is some of these goals were set before the New Year (like August)...why because we want to better ourselves.  I'm not saying that I'll be able to keep all the goals that I've set!  But calling them New Years Resolutions just isn't right!  I'm working on being the best that I can all the time not just January 1st and setting goals is how I can keep working towards that. And setting goals doesn't just come once a year...its something you can do anytime!!