Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The end of the SCHOOL year (I guess thats MAY)

You know its been an interesting few weeks...both VERY GOOD and VERY BAD...for now I think I'll leave the bad out...well maybe. With me you never can tell what I might say or do!  I kind of have a mind of my own...well and a mouth of my kind of has gotten me in trouble over the year......

Oh well, life does go on!!

But to start with the GOOD!! 

Its really a CRAZY thing!!  As many of you have probably have heard by now and if you haven't well then you must have your head in the clouds... you might want to come down...cuz its kind of exciting... the Gassaway house hold is going to be getting a VERY FUN and SPECIAL Christmas gift from Santa this year...thats right!! My Baby girl is going to have a BABY.....


CAYLA IS HAVING A BABY!!! Isn't that so EXCITING!!!  OK, not to leave Craig out he did help!!  But Cayla, my baby!!  No, really, its the best thing EVER!!  Well until the next time!!  So they are due December 23...So Seth is hoping for a December 17th day cuz he thinks it will be kind of cool if the baby is born on his birthday, cuz then he thinks he will be the coolest Uncle around.  So who knows we just might have a Christmas baby!  Guess we'll all have to wait and see! Seth was due on Christmas but I had him early and he's kind of hoping for the same thing...lets wait and see what happens together!!  Who knows maybe Seth will get either the BEST birthday presnt ever or the BEST Christmas gift ever...either way December is gonna be FUN this year!!

The next big thing is Joshua's 8th grade promotion.  ------- (I'll work up to that for you)

It was a pretty big end of the year for see he decided to play for his school baseball team this year...the COMETS!!  They took second place in the district!!  Pretty AMAZING if you ask me...but of course you didn't but I'm a mom so I told you what I thought anyways!  He played outfield...usually right field but every now and then he played left...his favorite place is Right, lots of action out there he says. 

He was also very active in NJHS this year...Thats National Jr Honor pretty much been active in this since 6th grade... he did  have fun with some of the volunteer work they did, like when he worked in a haunted house during Halloween time!  He came home every night looking pretty gross...grosser than normal for a boy his age! 

His 8th grade class took a lot, and I mean a lot of trips this year but I think the coolest and the funnest trip for him was the last trip they took which was to Catalina Island!  Of course it was educational but it was also FUN as he put it!  They showed him that education can be fun!  They did so much stuff...snorkeling, hiking, there was animals, they learned about the environment.  They left at midnight and got home 3 or 4 days later at the same time. 

Then the next day was promotion day.  It was a bit more relaxed then I thought it would be but all the same he was glad it was finished!  The next chapter to his life begins and he starts HIGH SCHOOL!   Hes very excited!  Of course after the promotion we headed out to his favorite eating place...of all the places on earth my kid could go to...where does he always want to go...for birthdays...for anything...lets see...ummm...RED ROBIN, YUMMM...yep thats it!!  What a typical GUY!!! 

Not to leave Seth out but on the last day of school they has an awards Assembly and during the months of April and May our school was doing a bike safety program...they were having people come from the Goodyear police department and from the Phoenix Suns and the Coyotes and just everyone during different times. During the month they would give out awards if you were waring your helmet and stuff like that.  You had to walk your bike in the cross walk and everything.  Pretty much everyone would do what they needed to do.  It was a pretty good program.  Well, how do you pick winners then if everyone one is doing it, I think it would be pretty hard, well somehow Seth got pick for always being polite and he won an award, plus a gift card to one of his favorite restaurants, applebees.  Your probably wondering why its his favorite restaurant.  Well, my kido loves soup and salad and they serve a soup and salad during lunch.  But at times Seth can be very charming to others and can win anyone over with those dimples of his...well anyone BUT his mother and father that is!! 

So during the month of May as you can see we did have so pretty good things I said there was some pretty bad things, but adding in the good I'd say it was a wash...well maybe...I'll have to wait and see.......CUZ everyone who knows me...knows I see the glass as half empty instead of half full...I know, I'm working on it...ok really I'm  not but I thought I would add that little bit to make us end on a postive not!  Yeah Me!!!