Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a MONTH...

January proved to be a JAMMED PACKED month of things happening in the Hansen household.

If it wasn't one was another. Of course I need to start the month off with what is the BIGGEST thing of ALL...Well maybe the BIGGEST MIRACLE of ALL...

...Seth's Baptism!!

Yep, he made it! I know some of you had your doubts, ok-ok, mainly his father and mother, that this day would come. that he would even survive to the ripe old age of 8~BUT he did and on Saturday Jan 2, 2010, our last baby was baptised by his dad (tear~tear)... it was a nice day. His grandpa Waldron spoke and after, all his family and friends got together at our house for a 6 foot sub. And of course the traditional gift of scriptures was given (boy are we so predictable as parents).

With Seth turning 8 he started scouts and on the 5th, Seth had his very first Pine Wood Derby. This was Crazy. NEVER send an 8 year old up to his toys and say "go look at your cars and pick one you want to copy." He came back with one that was the sleek sports car. Dad was all over it, of course the design got modified a little. Oh and talk about giving mom a HEART ATTACK!! So "THE BOYS" are out side working on the car with the dremel tool. Theres noise going and everything ~ still noise going when DJ comes in and sits down. Did I mention there is noise going. All of the sudden I realize that the noise is STILL going on and DJ IS IN THE HOUSE. SETH IS OUTSIDE WITH THE TOOLS, that are making noise! I look at DJ and say are you CRAZY!! He says Josh is out there and he has the on/off switch in his thats suppose to make me feel better! SCARY!! Anywho, Seth had fun at his first pinewood derby. He didn't win, but he didn't care and that's what its all about!!

Josh got to go on his MAKE-UP hike this month. You see a few months ago the scouts went camping and were going to go hiking, which they sorta did, but they sorta got rained out. He looked like a drowned rat when he returned home back then. So this time the weather was perfect and he had fun with his dad. He also had his Induction ceremony on the 10th into the National Junior Honor Society. It was short and to the point, which I liked! Josh was really on a roll this month, cuz he made Honor Roll (get it roll and roll... ok so it wasn't that funny...give a gal a break already)! (He really is a smart kid, when he wants to be, he just hides it well). Right now he's off playing Boy Scout at a day camp earning, I hope, lots of badges!

Cayla's life has been crazy this month, but looking at her life, it's crazy every month. The last few weeks she's been going over to a friends house who is currently taking the missionary discussions. Which is pretty cool. Earlier in the month, the cheerleaders had to go and cheer for the P F Changs Rock N Roll Marathon...oh my heck, you should have seen the outfit she had on, I wish I had gotten a pic of it, it was unbelievable! She's had SAT Test this month and Scholarship dinners, Student council, dance, plus cheer and YW's, speaking at other schools for NHS...and so on and so on and so on. Right now she is up in Prescott at a POM competition. Really how does she fit it all in, cuz you know I haven't figured it out yet, and she still manages to get to seminary. Well, it's no wonder she is sick all the time!

Now for all of your sports fans this will be cool to you but for those of you that don't care for sports or should I say football then you just wont care!!! DJ's month was busy with Football games!! Not like what you think. Yes he watched some but his was mainly working them. And of course he worked the BIG one for AZ -- THE FIESTA BOWL!! He was put in charge of protecting one of the coaches and was right there on the field.

But as Football came to an end, other things came forward. The Military got their paper work together (FINALLY) and made him First Sergeant. So now he's the BIG GUY in the unit (He's already one of the oldest...;D) It's extra work but it's what he wants. More power to the old guy! So he had that, THEN we get a call...the Stake President wants to meet with him...BUSTED! Well, we knew something was up. It could be good, it could be bad~ Well, we haven't decided yet. His new calling is to the Stake High Council. So this is either...3rd times a charm or strike 3 your out! We will see!

But amongst all of this DJ's been having A LOT, I mean A LOT of pain in his leg. Not his knee where he had surgery but his leg. After an MRI...drum roll please...THE RESULTS...STRESS FRACTURE! He has to be off his leg for 6 to 8 weeks (maybe more). What's that mean for a police detective...LIGHT DUTY! You can't drive your work vehicle cuz you can't carry a gun cuz you can't fight bad guys! So whats that mean in our family...WELL...3 drivers~2 driver has to drive to 19th Ave everyday at 5:30am...2nd driver has to drive to 91st ave at 5:25 am and then to 115th Ave at 7:00am everyday...3rd driver is NOW STUCK AT HOME without a vehicle until either one of said drivers decide to return case you can't guess...I'M THE 3rd DRIVER! NOT FUN!

Mixed in with this month was things I had for school, my grandpa's 82nd birthday (which we had a small party at the hospital for him), and lots more. Oh and who could forget ALL THAT WONDERFUL RAIN! It was soooooo COOL! I wish we could get more. It was nice while it was here!

Those were just a few of the major highlights in January believe it or not! SO, SO MUCH MORE HAPPENED, but I figured your getting sick of reading my blog and it's time to move on.

With that said, Here's looking forward to February...cuz it's looking a bit jammed packed!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride...

My life's been a bit complicated lately...and anyone who knows me knows thats SO normal and your saying "What else is knew."

It's like I've been on a roller coaster ride lately- up & down - down & up -side to side - round & round-loop to loop - back & froth - then back again! Really that's what life's been like lately and I'm sure most of you can relate to what I'm talking about!

Lately our family has been faced with some VERY difficult decisions (which I'll keep to myself right now), and we are really having a hard time with those decisions... sometimes I wish I could be 7 years old so my Mommy could make all my decisions for me! I'd be loving life then. Oh plus she could come and clean my house...that would be SO sweet!

Anywho- you know you want to do whats right and whats best...but the question is...WHAT IS RIGHT?

So you pray and your not sure if you get your answer cuz if your like me your stubborn and pigheaded (you all can stop agreeing with me so quickly...try to act shocked when I say things...where is the love). Of course as a parent you want to do what's best for the family.

Have you ever wanted something so bad - so bad that you dreamed about it --- You just knew it would happen. It had to happen...RIGHT? Well, sometimes the Lord has other plans for you. Even when you argue with Him - Yes, I do argue with the Lord, sometimes...not all the time. It's in my nature to argue...don't know'll have to talk to my parents, I blame them for it ;)...But I do often argue even though He's always right. You see I generally know what the answers are before I get that full answer feeling. I just don't always want to hear it.

Then theres dealing with the effects of others and ho you interact with them after they have treated you a certain way.

I know...none of these makes any sense to you all...but what do you's the ramblings of a crazy women...ME;)!

When all is said and done...I still don't have the answer to my question and my life is STILL complicated! GOT TO LOVE IT!!
So here I go again...UP & DOWN - BACK & FORTH! IT'S ALL GOOD!