Monday, August 31, 2009

A Summer of Fun in Pictures...

I know, I know...all these pictures are a little late, but what do you want from me...I'm lucky I remember my name and address...WAIT~whats my name....
Anywho, these are just a few of the pics from all we've been doing since May...
OK...Can I just say...Sea World with Josh, sleeping there, being in the place after hours...SO COOL!!! Don't you just love our LOVELY GREEN SHIRTS!!
(Of course here is Josh and me...and our good friends, Austin and Teresa...I tend to get into a lot of TROUBLE with Teresa....)
Hes just SOOOOOO cute!

The newest Temple in UTAH...Oquir Temple (yeah I know I spelt it wrong, but hey what do you expect from someone who hasn't been in school in (blank) years!)

(good friends the Bowkers...Love them!)

(Mary Fielding Smiths home)

We went to the "This is the Place" in Utah...TWICE! (This is where Brigham Young said the saints needed to be...its a pioneer village) The kids had so much fun the first time and we didn't get to see everything (still didn't)...that we met up with our very good friends the Bowkers and spent another day there!

(Salt Lake Temple)

OK...this was SOOOO COOL! And I have so many more pics I could put, but this is the cemetery where the prophets of the church are buried (well all but 3). We walked all over, in the rain. We got a good work out that day. VERY COOOL!
We went to a museum and then afterwards, we just vegged for a while at the park. All of us had fun...running and playing! It was a nice park...could have taken a long nap if I had a blanket!

At the museum, Cayla found this frog prince and she was hoping that it would be like the story...If she kissed him ~he would turn into her PRINCE didn't work...shes still looking!

On our way back home~in the middle of NOWHERE...we found this fort...COVE FORT...that President Hinkleys great grandfather was sent to establish for the saints to rest and get supplies while they where traveling to their destinations. It was really neat to visit...I highly recommend it to EVERYONE! (Plus its a nice little place to stretch the old legs and to take a break from the KIDS!)
Now summer is over and the NEW school year has begun! Can't we just skip everything and jump to really was WAY too short!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is a little late...time to catch up~SO MUCH TO SAY...SO MUCH TO DO...

...And so little time to do it ALL!!! (This ones a long one, sorry all)

That's really how I feel. Where to start? Lets start with the end of May the first part of June...

We went to Utah for a site seeing trip (sorry to all the family we didn't see but we wanted to go see all the sites we miss when we go see you normally~you understand...if not...oh's rough sometimes). Anywho, we did stay at DJ's folks house~Thanks for the room (its always nice to know we have a place to put our heads at night!)

We got kind of worried about our a late start. Was waiting for some meds to get filled that I dropped off, but there was a mistake in the perceription and they had to wait to hear back from the Doc. I thought we would NEVER get that call saying the perceription was ready for pick up, but by 11 (yes that was 11 in the morning, not 6 like we wanted), we were off! We hit rain and lots of it in AZ, that ARIZONA you know the DESERT, where it NEVER rains, well we drove in it for a while up north~CRAZY! The kids were pretty good on the drive...didn't drive us too crazy and we got up to his folks at around 10:30 (AZ time)...11:30 (UT time), not too bad at all.

The next morning we were off...ok not really, we kind of had a slow start. WHY~ well Cayla trimmed my hair, we ate, we just kind of did whatever...heck it was our trip. Finally we were ready to go...BUT WHERE TO... The decision was made and we went to a place called "THIS IS THE PLACE". Its the spot where Brigham Young said Utah was the place for the saints to be. Its a really cool place to be (except for the snakes). If you've NEVER been, you need to go and if its been years, go again, they've added a tun more stuff. IT WAS SOOOO COOL (except for the snakes)! Infact it was soooo cool we went again on Tuesday and still didn't see everything. (More on Tuesday later)

They have all kinds of old pioneer homes and things from when the saints where around during Bringham Youngs time. Some of them originals and some of them copies...It was really cool. You can interact with them and do crafts, play games and things. It was a lot of fun (other than the snakes we saw~not so fun)

Sunday we spent the day with his parents and went to their ward. They really have a nice ward. Lots of members walked up to us and introduced themselves to of the friendless wards I've ever been to...It was kind of nice.

Monday was pretty cool. We got up early and headed over to the town of Jordan where we got to go on a tour of the new temple that was built there...the Oquirrh Mountain Temple (remember if its spelt wrong, I just can't spell). Its Gorgeous! Now if you can believer this, Seth was very good when we went on the tour! One because we threaten him with an inch of his life and two because you can't help but feel the spirit. After the tour they take you to a reception area...oh my heck, you talk about fancy. It look like a wedding reception. They had beautiful seats and tables and paintings of Christ and a beautiful piano. WOW! After that we headed over to the Museum of natural history. The kids had a lot of fun looking at the dinos and frogs there...but it was after that that they had fun. We went across the street and they ran around the park for a good hour or so. From there we went to Temple Sqair!

Our last day in town was really fun! We met up with our friends the Bowkers at the "This is the Place" Park and just hung around for the day! A few things happened during the day. We decided that Seth, DJ and hammers just don't mix. Seth was hammering, DJ was holding the nail for him...well you can put two and two together...lets just say there was blood involve. DJ and Angela introduced me to Farrs ice cream~I guess its the greatest ice cream around (it was pretty good). Seth did something~none of us are really sure what but he ended up falling straight back on his head and hitting it really hard (ok I tried not to laugh but I did and he was crying so hard he tryed not to but it was funny), left a pretty good KNOT! At the end of the day we said our good bys to John and Angela and started to head over to the beehive house but got side tracked...

This was soooo cool, but in a morbid way (well maybe to some...we thought it was cool)...EVERY HEARD OF THE LINE...I SEE DEAD PEOPLE...Well, we kind of walked on dead people....So we were driving a long and ran straight into (not really ran into), the Salt Lake Cemetery. Do you know whats there...Well I'll tell you...All the prophets are buried there but 3 well and our current living one. It was the coolest thing ever. It was so old looking. It was after 5 so we couldn't ask where things where, so we drove around and the first one we found was President Hinckleys then after that we just drove and walked. We walked all over, this place was so BIG. They had pioneers every where. We found Joseph F Smith, Joseph Feilding Smith, Heber J. Grant, David O. McKay, Wilford Woodruf, Spencer W. Kimble. We also found a few apostles and a few 1st and 2nd councilors. It was really cool. We want to go back, because it started to rain really hard so we needed to leave. Infact it rained every night on us while we were in Utah.

Wed. we headed home. Again we got a late start cuz DJ wanted to visit with his dad for a few minutes before he went to work so we weren't in any hurry. We got on the road at about 10:30 (UT time). However we made a few pit stops on the way home. DJ's sister told us about a candy story that was about 10 miles off the freeway in Alpine so we made a stop there, it was a cute drive, the candy stop was so-so. Then when you get in the middle of NOWHERE land in Ut there is this Fort~Fort COVE. We drive by it all the time when we go up to UT. I'm sure you've seen the signs. Well, DJ said hey lets stop, so we did. WOW! Its ran by the church and little old missionaries (they were so cute~I love little old missionaries). It was a fort that Brigham Young asked President Hinckleys grandfather to go out and build so he did. It was so neat. You really need to stop there. The kids had so much fun and so did DJ and I.

Over all I'd say we had a lot of fun. Did we do all the things we wanted to do this trip, NO but who cares, it was a kind of whatever happens~happens trip. Its nice sometimes just to go and not really have set things. We had plans just not set in stone. We weren't in a hurry to go places, we just had a lot of places to see.

Infact while we were there we got to see the Bountiful temple, the Tepanogus Temple (I know its probably spelt wrong) and also some really old people that DJ knew when he use to live there in the 80's (you know that means they were really really old cuz DJ's really old). Oh and lets NOT forget Caylas fav of all...WE GOT TO SEE WHERE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL WAS FILMED!!! The REAL EAST HIGH!!! After about the 20th time of seeing it~it lost its thrill!

We LOVE visiting UTAH~ we just NEVER really get the chance to see everything cuz were are spending it with the family...and by GEORGE...this time we wanted to!!!

My observations about the place in the summer time...
~Lots and Lots of Roses
~Lots and lots of Flowers
~They need to re-pave all their roads, way too many pot holes
~They streets are too narrow
~EVERYONE rides a bike
~There was this green stuff everywhere...DJ says its called grass
~And this other green stuff in the sky...again hubby says they are called trees
~Way too many hills to drive...don't think I would enjoy driving them in the snow
~Just about every house looks different than the house next to it
~Again Roses, they are everywhere

(I'll put the pics in later, sorry they aren't in now)