Friday, January 16, 2009

He makes me want to scream...

Big papas nickname for him "Smiley"

You know I really do LOVE my little guy, but sometimes (ok most times), I just want to... (cover your eyes if you are sensitive to murder and death)...well, KILL him. Ok maybe not kill but then again, he is my demon child:). And he lives up to his name!!!

We really are having a time and half with this kid. He LOVES to be at school with all his friends. The problem, he wont get his work
done, hes too busy doing everything else. He causes problems for the other kids, cuz they are all working and Seth's trying to "HELP" them, as his teacher sometimes puts it.

We started something last year with the little booger (sometimes it works and well sometimes it doesn't). We told him he had to worry about himself when it comes to school, not worry about others (I know that sounds bad but only when it comes to school), don't worry about if they are doing their work, you know stuff like that. So when we drop him off at school, the last question thats asked is "Seth who do you worry about?" His answer is "myself."
Well its a nice thought but not very effective all the time. The little booger is truly going to be the death of me and his teachers. But everyone says hes just so plain cute (which he really is, but....). I have a friend who just LOVES to hear him speak (if any of you have heard him, you know you just can't understand the poor kid). He may be cute and look like a little angel, but hes got the devil horns under that halo.

Seth showing his true colors...loud and happy and crazy!
He really is a loving kid and VERY talkative. The kid NEVER stops...No really, he never does. And he really is always happy and smiling. Oh well, someday my little booger will grow out of it (that is if he lives that long:)).

BUT in the mean time, you all get to hear me vent about my little angel.

This is when I LOVE Seth the best...when hes sleeping...

Which never really seems to happen that much (just joking)

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