Monday, August 31, 2009

A Summer of Fun in Pictures...

I know, I know...all these pictures are a little late, but what do you want from me...I'm lucky I remember my name and address...WAIT~whats my name....
Anywho, these are just a few of the pics from all we've been doing since May...
OK...Can I just say...Sea World with Josh, sleeping there, being in the place after hours...SO COOL!!! Don't you just love our LOVELY GREEN SHIRTS!!
(Of course here is Josh and me...and our good friends, Austin and Teresa...I tend to get into a lot of TROUBLE with Teresa....)
Hes just SOOOOOO cute!

The newest Temple in UTAH...Oquir Temple (yeah I know I spelt it wrong, but hey what do you expect from someone who hasn't been in school in (blank) years!)

(good friends the Bowkers...Love them!)

(Mary Fielding Smiths home)

We went to the "This is the Place" in Utah...TWICE! (This is where Brigham Young said the saints needed to be...its a pioneer village) The kids had so much fun the first time and we didn't get to see everything (still didn't)...that we met up with our very good friends the Bowkers and spent another day there!

(Salt Lake Temple)

OK...this was SOOOO COOL! And I have so many more pics I could put, but this is the cemetery where the prophets of the church are buried (well all but 3). We walked all over, in the rain. We got a good work out that day. VERY COOOL!
We went to a museum and then afterwards, we just vegged for a while at the park. All of us had fun...running and playing! It was a nice park...could have taken a long nap if I had a blanket!

At the museum, Cayla found this frog prince and she was hoping that it would be like the story...If she kissed him ~he would turn into her PRINCE didn't work...shes still looking!

On our way back home~in the middle of NOWHERE...we found this fort...COVE FORT...that President Hinkleys great grandfather was sent to establish for the saints to rest and get supplies while they where traveling to their destinations. It was really neat to visit...I highly recommend it to EVERYONE! (Plus its a nice little place to stretch the old legs and to take a break from the KIDS!)
Now summer is over and the NEW school year has begun! Can't we just skip everything and jump to really was WAY too short!!


Sarah said...

I am so jealous that you got to sleep at Sea World. That is totally cool! Great pictures - looks like you had a lot of fun!

Suzi said...

It was so fun...wish I could do it again.