Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summertime SO FAR...

This was written back in July but forgot to post it til sorry!!
I guess at times this summers been slow, sometimes crazy, sometimes stressful (most of the time), sometimes far!

So we started out the first week of summer by moving and we did it with the help of part of our family!  I know ask for help...well we did sort of.  Like I said some of the family was out of town so we turned to my daughters in-laws...LOVE THEM!!!  But you see we did most of the moving during the HELLO, most of you work so we didn't ask for help...DON'T be mad at us for not asking! 

There are some things that we like about our new home and some things we hate!!  BUT as always I guess I'll have to work that out!  Lets hope we do!

The first weekend in our new ward Josh got asked to go to scout camp with them...ONE LITTLE CATCH...They were leaving the next day!  Good thing we had everything he needed to bring.  He was really nervous about going but we encouraged him too cuz they were going to Colorado!  Very cool and very fun.  So we packed him up when we got home from church and the next morning at 5 sent him off with a bunch of people we didn't even know.  Now I feel really bad for the men that we sent Josh off see we didn't prepare them for Josh!  While he's a very good kid, very helpful (which all the men told us when they got home) we didn't prepare them for, well, Joshuas little problem...he puts his all in all into things, you know, goes all for it and well, he gets hurt a lot.  Josh came home to us BLACK AND BLUE!! I'm not kidding.  We needed to take him in for a physical for another scout camp he was going to and we had to wait a few weeks cuz we didn't want the Dr to think we beat the kid!  He could hardly move for a few weeks.  I guess he took a spill on a Diggler, its like a skateboard/scooter on big wheels, that they took down a ski slop...yep my kid did that!  But he had fun!! 

While Josh was gone, DJ, Seth and I spent the week unpacking the house.  Well, Seth went to his grandmas for a day.  Plus during that time my Sister came into town and we had her boys stay for a few days...following that my Sister-in-law came and we had her son stay.  It was a busy few weeks. 

BUT the coolest part after moving in was Stake Conference in my dads stake...We all got to meet D. Todd Christofferson of the twelve and LeGrand R Curtis of the Seventy.  Both of these brethren stayed at my folks cool is that!!! 

Of course we had a ton of Birthdays during June...Cayla, my dad and Josh, plus a few others and July was just a busy with birthdays...Craigs, his moms, my sisters and my sister-in-laws plus some others. 

We are getting settled in to the house and waiting for school to start. Josh is getting ready to head to another scout camp.  But neither of the boys want summer to end.  I think they are nervous about starting at a new school.  I think they'll do fine...well that is if Seth can think before he speaks!

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