Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Test your REDNECK vocabulary!!!

So I'm at the store the other day and I see this card and I just have to get it for my brother and my brother-in-law...yes, I got them the same card (sorry Dan and Trav)...but it made me laugh, so I had to get them both the same.  I thought this card was funny and my kids and hubby thought it was funny (then again our family is a bit strange...hummm)...so I thought I would test all of YOUR REDNECK vocabulary and see how you'll do...now most of you probably wont think this is funny at all, but oh well, we did and I'm thinkin thats all that matters, right, right!!!  SO, here we go...lets see how ya do!!!

See if you can use these words in a sentence: (no peeking at the end of the blog)


SO, did you come up with your sentences...Lets see if they work the way a true REDNECK would use them...

BASS...That was the BASS moonshine I ever had!
CHEER...Pappy sure does like sitting in his rockin' CHEER!
RANCH...Can you hand me the RANCH from my toolbox?
DID...There's a DID possum in the middle of the road!
BARD...I BARD that El Camino from my cousin Jimmy.
RAT...Go down the road and make a RAT turn at the bait shop.
AWL...I need to get a quart of AWL for my outboard motor.
FAR...My still blew up and caught on FAR!

So how'd you'll do? 

And then of course I told my brother I hoped that he would have the BASS birthday ever!!!

Well, we found them funny, hope you did too!! 

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