Monday, December 17, 2012

Candy Canes, Eggnog, presents galore...

As always I'm a day late and a dollar short (well when it comes to posting pics and recipes for everyone...the recipes will be on the next blog)!  BUT what a day it ways!!! 
Caylas Holiday Baby Shower was December 1st and boy (haha, I made a funny) but boy did we have fun!! 
There was FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOOD AND FUN to last us the whole season!!!
Cayla had so much fun and truly enjoyed herself.
And might I add...isn't my baby adorable!!!

Family and Friends all seemed to have fun and we can't thank you all enough for coming and spending such a fun day with us! 

Of course the best part of the the whole day was the food!!  
At the top:  Cream cheese Pumpkin Pie Bits
                  Strawberry Cream Puffs
                  Snow Capped Gingersnaps
                  Cupcakes...eggnog, chocolate, and candy cane
                  Ginger bread butterscotch Trifle

We also had: 
Peppermint Cream Brownie Torte
Ham and Swiss Brunch Bake
Cranberries and Citrus Broccoli Salad
Baked Ziti with Pumpkin & Sausage
Roasted Red Potato Bites
and of course to drink:
Pineapple Raspberry Punch

I think the best part of the the whole day was the FOOD!!  You get a bunch of women around FOOD and you know, theres NO HOLDING US BACK!! 

Of course we can't thank all of you enough for coming to the this Holiday Baby Shower for Cayla and Baby Eric...Yes we have the name in case you missed it!!  We are so blessed that you could spend this special day with us!  We hope you enjoyed your time spending it with family and friends!! 



Cindy Jenkins said...

OMGosh, there's a horrible picture of me on your blog! lol. At least no one will recognize me. I've gotta work on my facial expressions, even when there's not a camera {that I know of} on me. lol

Suzi said...

Well first off its not a horrible pic of you...second, NOW EVERYONE knows to look for you in the pictures, silly!! I can tell you I take horrible pics when I don't know theres a camera on me. I've seen some of me making pig faces and all kinds of things like that! UGH!! Gotta love those sneak pics of us all!