Sunday, October 12, 2014

Did you think I dropped off the FACE of the earth...

...Well, I didn't...I'm alive and kicking...I've just been a terrible blogger!  I'm sure some thought that I ran away from home and changed my name to Gracie Lou!!  Well I tried but alias, my family found me!!  LOL.  I think my kids have a hidden low jack on me somewhere cuz they always manage to find me no matter where I'm hiding. 

Well it looks like I really have to bring you up to date on whats going on in our lives!!  WOW has it really been a year since I my how time just seems to fly by!  So lets just give you some of the major things that have happen since September last year......
     ~At the end of last year we received some very exciting news...Cayla and Craig were over for a visit and they were getting Eric ready for bed and Eric came out wearing a shirt that said "Big Brother".  Yep yep...Cayla was expecting!!  Very exciting for us know that we were going to have another grandbaby sometime in Aug!  

     ~Christmas (2013) came and went. It was so much fun having Eric around.  It was so much fun watching him open all his gifts!  

     ~Seth played the Frog Prince in his Drama Club play "Ever After".  He sang, he dances and got kissed on the cheek from Snow White and Cinderella (Not sure how I felt about that, LOL).  

     ~Josh started driving and turned the big 1-6...(Stay off the roads)  

     ~In May Cayla and Craig graduated from ASU.  Craig will be continuing his education and is currently applying a different schools.  To save money they are temporarily staying with us cuz most of the schools Craigs looking at are out of state (tear tear tear :( ). 

     ~For the last year or so before Cayla and Craig finished school I was driving out to their place to help watch Eric 2 times a week.  It was so much fun getting to spend a couple of hours a week playing with him and watching him change every day!  

     ~Seth survived 6th grade!!  It was VERY questionable if he would or not!  There were times he had more homework than my High School and College students (Crazy crazy).  Now he's in 7th grade and knock on wood (yes my head) its starting out as a GREAT school year!!  

     ~Josh is a Jr. now and its kinda scary to stop and realized hes only got a year and half of school and hes than off on a mission....Oh plus hes dating and driving...wait did I mention hes driving!!  Seriously who said this was aloud...this growing up thing!  You think I would have learned with Cayla not to let it happen!  

     ~NOW for the BIGGEST and most EXCITING news this year...drum roll please...........We had a new grandson!!  David Gavin was born August 21st.  Its been so much fun having a new born around!  Hes so stinkin CUTE!  Eric just loves his little brother so much!!  

     ~Oh my heck...I almost forgot one other BIG bit of news...DJ retired from DPS!!!!  Who on earth would have thought that he ever would...not me thats for sure!  After 21 1/2 years he decided it was time to move on!  He was retired for a whole 18 hours and then started a new job...hes now a police officer for the community colleges.  He currently working at Glendale College.  Its been strange having him work this new job.  His hours are taking some getting use to and ready for this one...hes wearing a uniform again!  Thats been very crazy!  But he likes it!  

I know I've forgotten a ton but really its hard to remember what happened yesterday let alone all year long.  Geesh I'm lucky I remember my name!  But really I'll try and be better at updating this thing!  There have been so many new recipes and cards and crafts that I've made this year that really I should have added them.  Oh well, we all know life tends to get in the way!  

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