Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My parents are pretty AWESOME!!!

I don't know why but yesterday I felt the urge to find a Christmas gift my parents gave all the family back in 2008.  This was something that up until recently I KNEW exactly where it was and for some reason I couldn't find it yesterday.  To say I was getting upset was an understatement!  For years this gift was with my Family History, I could see it there, I've gotten it from this same spot over and over but this time it wasn't there.  During my frustration DJ happened to call and asked what was wrong and I told him and he said well my first thought is in the safe and my second thought was with the Family History...well it's not with the Family History and WELL SILLY ME...I then remembered it was so important to me and I didn't want it to be destroyed in a fire so I put in in the safe...and GUESS WHAT...it was there safe and sound!

And what is this silly little gift you ask...
well it's not so silly to me and my family...
in 2008 for Christmas that year my parents gave us (my brother, sister and me) one of the most precious gifts they ever could have given us, they gave us...
 the story of How the Gospel of Jesus Christ came into our Family...
as they put it, they wanted to share something of lasting and eternal value.  
They wanted us to recognize the treasure that is contained in their story and the lasting worth it is to our family and our posterity.  

Every so often I get out this story and I sit down and I read it.  Even though I know this story and I've heard it for years I seem to find new things in it, perhaps because I'm in different stages in my own life as I read it.  Its not that long of a story but the things that my dad went through during his journey into the gospel is truly a testimony.  You can't help but see how the Lord was preparing him for what his future was.  It just shows you that the Lord truly is there with you no matter who you are, member or non-,member, the Lord always has a hand in your life. 

As I sit here reading what was the start of the first chapter in my parents life in the gospel, I think about next month as the next chapter in my parents life comes to a close.  You see my dad will be released as the Stake President of the West Maricopa Stake.  Its kinda crazy to stop and think about this chapter coming to a close.  Dad has served as stake president for 10years and before that he served as 1st counselor to President Hinten for 9 years.  So basicly 19 years of my father's life as been serving as a member of the stake presidency in the West Maricopa Stake. My mom has been by his side supporting him all during this time. Lets put it a little differently...I have 3 children...Cayla, age 23 (married almost 5 years with 2 children and one on the way), Joshua, age 17 (senior in high School), and Seth age 13 (almost 14, 8th grade)...I only had one child when my dad was first put into the stake presidency.  My other two kids weren't even born.  Pretty much this is all my children have known of their grandpa.     

Watching my dad and mom live the gospel has been a true teaching experience in my life. Watching how they have handled the trial and tribulations that have come their way over the years and how they have come through those situations has been a true blessing in my life. I know that sometimes people look at my parents and think that they have this perfect life but really they are just like all of us except that they have learned to rely on Heavenly Father to help them when they are in need of help and guidance. Not to say that we haven't, I just think that they have fully put that trust in him.  I love the example they are to me.   

I'm so grateful for the true pioneers my parents have been. They accepted the missionaries invitation to join the church, to be baptised and to go forth and be examples to those around them.  
The seeds were planted before my dad was a member, he was sick and he received a blessing...from that blessing we now have a family growing in the gospel.  The examples they have been in teaching me and now I have taught my family and will eternally be grateful!   

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