Friday, September 4, 2009


...thats what I heard at 7:45 in the morning, while I was getting ready to take the boys to school. Josh, Seth and myself had the jeepers scared out of us!!
Here let me paint the picture for you:
I'm in my bathroom, putting make-up on (trust me, you don't want to see me without the stuff...its pretty scary whats under all of it...sometimes I even scare myself), anywho, I'm putting the much needed make-up on when...I hear this loud noise coming from somewhere in the house. NO sounded like someone crashing into a wall with their car. It was so loud it scared the jeepers out of me!! I go running out of my room and start yelling..."Are you guys ok...what was that sound?"
Josh answers and says "Seths dresser fell over". I run to their room and see poor Seth almost in tears. I ask are you ok and he says yes as he sits down. I ask did it hit you and he says yes on my leg and foot, but I'm ok. At this point I'm holding him and before I know it he starts to cry. Poor guy, his leg was really hurting him and he was trying so hard to be brave. I checked his leg and it has some cuts and busies on it, so did his foot. (He looks like I beet him to death)
When asked what happened, he wasn't really sure. He says he was looking in his top drawer and then it fell. Mom being Mom, put two and two together. I asked if he climbed on it and he says "no I'm tall enough to reach", but I still figured it out. You see he is tall enough but barley, I'm guessing he stands on his tippy toes to see inside, pulling on the top shelf to help him see better. So being the Sherlock Homes that I am...I'm guess he did this and the poor dress just couldn't take it and down it went...scary the jeepers out of the boys, oh and me.
Poor guys, Josh was scared to death. Then he started looking at the dresser...of course the drawers broke but that wasn't the worst part...they have a lot of knick knacks on their dressers and the ones on Seths are now in a million pieces. Josh got really upset and started to cry (I think mostly because he got scared, not so much the broken pieces) then I told him I'd rather have broken stuff, then two broken boys...oh wait I had one a couple of years ago:)
What away to start the weekend off.

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