Monday, December 21, 2009

Its time for the stress wagon to set in...

The Holiday shop is OVER...THANK GOODNESS!!! Like I said before...It was CRAZY! It made Black Friday seem mild. Those kid's were CRAZY!! TRUST ME...I saw it in their eyes!!! They were WILD EYES!! The kids wanted EVERYTHING!! And there was ONLY Teresa and me working ALL week (and due to an emergency for a while -just me)! It was a MAD HOUSE!

BUT because of the Holiday shop --- I LOST A WEEK -- A WHOLE WEEK!! Do you know how much a week is during the's a life time!!

I'm so far behind! In fact other than shopping, I've gotten nothing done!! NO WRAPPING, NO BAKING, NO CLEANING, NO NOTHING!!!

And I only have part of this week left because I lost this weekend, cuz, well we took the kids to DISNEYLAND for Seth's 8th birthday! It was a BIG surprise for the kids! And what a better place to try and get into the Christmas holiday then at Disneyland! Did you know they make it snow there? We soooo LOVE Disneyland!! More on our trip another time, with pics!

But because of the trip, which I'm sooo glad we took, our family really needed it, I'm going to lose A LOT of time getting things ready for CHRISTMAS! So this next 4 days will be crazy. Plus today, Seth has an appointment in town at 1 and then there is Christmas lights tonight...then Wed we are going someplace, can't say where yet, cuz we are taking my mom and dad, and well, mom reads this and then she will know where we are going. She probably knows where already but, I'm not going to say just in case! But the Christmas Eve party is coming up and I have to be ready by then. So much to do, and so little time.

I'm starting to look like one of those crazy women runny around with wild hair and bulging eyes!! Well, I'll some how get it all done...I don't know how...STAY TUNE!

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