Saturday, December 5, 2009


I know~I know...Don't get on me like ugly on a frog!! I've been a SLACKER...AGAIN!! No surprise there~RIGHT!
But what can I say~Life's been~well~NO I WON'T SAY IT... we all have crazy busy lives, so I wont use that excuse... so let's just say life's been life, according to my definition of life!
BUT...I will say I SURVIVED BLACK FRIDAY!!! With all the insaneness and wildness (yes that would be my life, not just black Friday), I managed to get 90% of my shopping done!! (I'm so awesome if I do say so Suzi get off your cloud!)
The day was HILARIOUSLY INSANE if I do say so, and I do! The sales weren't really all that if you ask me! It was what I did and who I did it with that made it a FUN day/night! (yes that was the word night in there).
Thanksgiving Day...we spent it at my moms this year instead of home or at Disneyland (yes we go there a lot on Thanksgiving, its so fun) or at Kim's, cuz, you see my grandpa's in the hospital. We all needed to stay close so we could go back and forth that day. More on that another time, maybe....
So Teresa, my friend (yes I really have one, mom :))~I've talked about her before...anywho, we decided to be a little shall we say mentally ill. We went out Thanksgiving night at 11:35 pm! Yes, that wasn't 4:30 am like most sane Black Friday shoppers, that was 11:35 pm, the night before. Other than the first store we went to, where we had an hour & half wait, the rest of the stores we had NO~ yes NO wait ~ in and out in just a few minutes! We did decide that the mall was not worth going to! That's where we had the long wait! After we left the store and started walking around we were laughing at all the people in some of the lines that went the length of the mall (sorry if that was you). Then, as we were leaving Old Navy at around 3:30~4, we were laughing at the people at Best Buy camping out at their doors in Tents with little grills to keep warm! It was so funny (again if that was you sorry, and I know my laughing is going to come back and bit me in the darreair~it always does), but we were in and out with all our stuff with in 20 to 30 minutes, come on is that shopping or what!
At JC Penny's we had to have one of the guys help us out with our stuff & when he got to Teresa's truck he started laughing. Can you believe that...he laughed at all the stuff we had. Teresa had to buy for a lot of family. When we went to Target a guy was pushing in carts, looked at the back and just walked away laughing at the back of our truck!
Teresa and I got home around 11 or so still full of energy and then I turned around and left again with DJ and didn't get home till 5:30 or so. We went out looking for things for Cayla, came back empty handed! I hate shopping for her!
The two bad things out of all that is...I still have NO idea what to get Cayla other than clothes~ugh! And now I have to wrap the gifts! Stupid Teresa already has hers wrapped!!
~The deals this year were SO-SO (at least I thought so)
~Got 90% of my Christmas shopping done~yeah me!
~Teresa & I had a BLAST!
~Sleep is SO over RATED!! You should try going a few days with out it!

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