Friday, April 9, 2010

I don't want to...

...and you can't make me~SO THERE!!!

Well, DJ's off to Utah for the Military for a couple of weeks and when that happens I know it's time to get down to business. So I look around to see what I have to get done while hes gone...I really don't like what I see!!!

(yes, I'm a list maker~I don't always follow it~But I ALWAYS make them)

1. CLEAN MY ROOM...(But I don't want to Mom...isn't that what we always say and then we play with our toys...WELL, my toys have changed, I have a TV in my room now, not toys, so maybe I will clean my room while I'm watching TV~Thats something to think about...Hmmmm)

2. CLEAN MY BATHROOM...(Again, I don't want to...why do I ALWAYS have to do it! Oh I know why cuz if I don't it will get really really gross and creepy crawly things might grow and you could do a science experiment in there...Thats why~SO I think I'll Clean. BUT, on the plus side, I can still see the TV from my room!)

3. CLEAN MY CRAFT ROOM...(This ones a so-so on if I want to clean it or not...most times its clean except when I have to do a rush project for the kids, if I'm working on stuff for me, then it's fine and stays clean, so maybe I'll clean it)...cuz...of # 4

4. THE TOY ROOM...(WAIT, it's clean, cuz I already cleaned it and bless my boys pointed heads, they've been keeping it clean...well so-so for almost 2 weeks now...thats a record in our house!)

5. THE BOYS ROOM...(Again WAIT...already cleaned it, so I can mark that one off my list, but I can give the boys a little credit...they've sort of kept it clean for a's a miracle!)...BUT NOT #6

6. THE KIDS BATHROOM...(I think this one is beyond help...I clean it, Cayla cleans it...I've even had the boys clean they say...but I think its time to bring in the military, the FBI, the CIA, the whoever is anyone that can do anything, cuz that room SCARES two little boys and one teenage girl...well not so much the girl, but she does use the bathroom so I have to group her in that room...can cause so much damage...even after it's been clean, so fast, is beyond my understanding...amazing!)

7. CAYLAS ROOM...(Where to begin...I can't...)

8. MY OFFICE...(Thats another room that every few months gets cleaned out...Its the drop everything in it room...which is pretty sad...BUT I've got to get it cleaned out again)

9. After all the rooms are cleaned out I need to vacuum and carpet clean the carpets (why cuz mom wants my cleaner...shes been asking for a while and I need to get her the cleaner but I REALLY need to clean my carpets, so now its being added to the list...its a must get done thing.)

10. Of course theres the normal stuff, like the kitchen, downstairs bath and the laundry which I'll justs lump on one line cuz I do these things EVERYDAY. They NEVER seem to go away, I wonder why that is! No matter how many times I do them, they still are there, like a kid, they just stay around! Strange!

So theres my list of things to get done while DJ's gone....

Do you want to know one of the main reasons to get these things done while hes gone...Well over the years we've talked about it...So I work and get the house perfect while he's gone and then he walks in and its so nice and clean...and...well...the first thing he does...drops all his gear and junk on the floor then walks to the coach and drops more stuff and sits down tired...goes upstairs and drops more stuff...goes and looks through the mail and makes a mess there...looks through what the kids have done with their school work while hes been gone and leaves it a mess...YOU GET THE IDEA...We've decided that I work so hard to get the house clean so that when he comes home he can mess it up all over again!'s the CIRCLE OF LIFE!!!

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