Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank you EVERYONE!!

 I just wanted to Thank everyone who helped in one way or another with the Wedding....
It turned out to be a PERFECT DAY with your help!!!

Some of you helped with sewing the dresses...A HUGE thank you to you all!!!!

Some lent us items for the would not have turned out as beautiful without your kindness in letting us borrow things...Thank you to you!

Some helped in Serving and cleaning up...Again, freeing me to be the mother of the bride!...
A Thank you to you!
And a Thank you to everyone that came to BRIDAL was crazy and fun with all of the support Cayla received that day...Thank you everyone!  (But you all didn't eat enough food!!)

And then Thank you to everyone for picking up the slack since I've been a CRAZED MOTHER lately! Your all wonderful to help in one way or another....

And the BIGGEST THANK YOU of all is to ALL of you who have had a hand in helping me raise such a perfect daughter!!! She is who she is today because of all the wonderful people she has had in her life!!

Thank you EVERYONE!!!

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