Friday, December 3, 2010

The Wedding....

Well the marriage between Cayla Janay and Craig Gassaway went off without a hitch! 
Everyone looked beautiful and the weather was perfect! 

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Gassaway

Its nice to know we can all clean up and look nice once in awhile!  

Cayla made the perfect BRIDE! 

My little PILLS are growing up! 

The wedding party

Yes, that is my little baby girl...all grown up and getting married!

Lets show a little SASSYNESS!!!
She just needed to sit down, so she did! 

In about a week or so you can go on line and check out more pictures from the wedding...just go to In fact you can check out there engagment pictures now, if you'd like to see more!

Thanks to EVERYONE who help make this day happen...without friends and family it never would have happened!  Thank you, you're all AMAZING!!!! 


Cayla Hansen said...

Thank you mom for all that you did! It was an amazing day that would not have gone so well if it wasn't for you, so thank you! You were wonderful through it all.

Amber said...

So fun!! Wish we could've been there!! Is she wearing Jerrae's wedding dress? It is absolutely gorgeous on her!!

Suzi said...

Amber she is wearing Jerraes dress. You know Cayla has alays said that Jerrae is her big sister and she wanted to be just like her. She has mirrored her is everything. When Jerrae got married Cay said she wanted to wear her dress and when the time came...Jerrae let her little sister wear it! I could ask for a better role modle for her!