Friday, January 28, 2011

The Holidays came and went...

Well December came and went and lots happened during it. 

The month started with decorating the Christmas tree.  With all the craziness going on in our lives I really didn't think it was going to happen but low and behold it did...but don't tell anyone...January is almost over and it's still up!!

This year Joshua joined the Jasinski basketball team!! 
If I do say so myself, he was a pretty good player!!

Next came our trip to Disneyland with the DeGraffs.  This was our 2nd year going with them and celebrating Seth and Ryans(the DeGraffs dad) Birthdays...Seth turning 9 and Ryan...well who knows...we just know that he acts like hes Seths age.
It rained on us the whole time we were there.  We LOVED it and had so much fun in the rain!! There were a few days we had to go back to our hotel and change our clothes and shoes and then back we went to Disneyland!  It was funny cuz there were places at Disneyland that there was NOBODY got kind of SPOOKY!! 

If only all the gold was real!

DJ and Ryan at the Haunted Mansion in the rain!

Syd'a, Seth and Brenna sporting the latest in rain gear!

Josh and Seth showing off their rain looks!

Seth and Syd'a were always together under the umbrella!

Hansens and DeGraffs in front of the castle at night

We are all wet!

The kids looking good!

After Disneyland came Christmas Eve and the opening of the Christmas PJ's!

Christmas Morning

Passing out the gifts

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if Cayla and Craig weren't there

DJ had to work Christmas morning so he headed out around 11 :(
Santa gave us a trip to his WORKSHOP for Christmas.  So the day after Christmas we headed up to Greer, AZ were Santa has a portal to his workshop. 

On our way to Santa's shop

Santa's work bench

DJ helping Santa make toys

The boys helping make toys

Seeing Santa at the North Pole

Having a snow fight

Seth and Mrs. Claus

In our Cabin

This was our own personal cabin

This lake was frozen!  The boys were trying to break it but couldn't.

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