Saturday, February 4, 2012

One month down-11 to go...

Hard to believe we are already over a month into 2012!!!  Already this year has been a busy year for our family and if it continues this way then maybe...just maybe this year will go by fast!!  Which by the way I'm hoping for cuz then Josh will be in high school and maybe life will be a little bit less stressful and crazy for him...oh wait, poor guy, hes my will always be crazy and stressful!!   

The month of January had DJ having surgery (he recovered just fine, so no need to worry about him), me heading to Disneyland with my Aunt and cousin (fun fun fun), pinewood derby for Seth (might I add his last one!!), I think 4 maybe 5 major projects Josh needed to do for school (over kill if you ask me!), issues with our truck and the engine we got but now need to return, which now makes us a one vehicle family.  Plus Scouts (they seemed to have something every time we turned around, merit badge stuff), cub scouts (that in itself is a very long story but one I don't think I'm ready to share yet), long work outs with Teresa and it seems like tons of other stuff!  This was just the month of January! Crazy busy month!!   

It really seemed like something everyday and every week during January.  I'm telling you if the rest of the year is like this...I'll be happy that its going by fast...but at the same time I will be stressing wishing for a time to slow down!!

Heres to February!!!  BRING IT ON!!!  I just might of dug my grave with that statement...oh well...BRING IT February!!!

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