Monday, March 26, 2012

Deep thoughts while driving...

I know, me have a deep thought...well it has been know to happen sometimes, not often mind you but sometimes.

This thought came to me Sunday on our way to church.  So at around 1 a.m DJ got called out to a pretty bad accident.  He got home at around 8 a.m.  Which is when we usually leave to church but of course we decided to wait for him when he said he was on his way home...currently we are a one family vehicle, with our one vehicle that's working have problems (that's a long story for another day)...but anywho....

We waited for DJ to get ready.  He shaved and showered, which trust me after working an accident all night is an important thing to do.  Then he got dressed for church and we were out the door within 20 minutes...not bad at all, we were only 5 minutes late for church.  Now DJ barely went to bed at around midnight.  Its a bad habit hes gotten into so you can imagine just how tired he was.  But he was ok on our drive to was when he started slowing down that the lack of sleep started catching up with him...sacrament was very long for the poor guy, but lucky for him he had to run to a few other wards to meet with some Bishops so that kept him awake til we got home!  

As we were driving to church, DJ started telling us about the accident, mainly cuz he wanted to use it as a teaching tool for the boys.  

The accident was actually two different accidents connected together.  A drunk was involved in the first accident, which was pretty bad and then someone using drugs was in the second one, hitting into the first accident causing it to spin out of control.  But in the second vehicle involved there was a lady who may not live and if she does she wont be able to breath on her own ever again...why, one reason, she wasn't wearing her seat belt.  

So of course DJ took this opportunity to talk to the boys about the importance of always wearing their seat belts.  

But it got me comments now about thinking...but wearing your seat belt is such a simple law, which we have to protect us.  When we obey this law then we will be safe, but if we break this law, there are consequences, such as a loss of life or something simple like a ticket.  In this girls case it might be the latter.  

Its like the laws our Heavenly Father gives us to help protect us.  Most of these laws, commandments, guidelines, rules, whatever way you want to look at it are so very reading our scriptures, saying our prayers, attending our church meetings.  If we don't obey these very simple laws from our Father in Heaven then we can't return to him, we wont have his spirit with us always, etc...BUT if we obey these laws we will receive the greatest gifts ever...the gift of eternal life, to return home to our Heavenly Father, to be an eternal Family, to have the atonement in our lives!  And so much more.  Just by doing the simple things our Heavenly Father has asked us we will be protected!!!  

So why is it these simple laws sometimes can be so hard to follow, when there is so much at stake!?!?  Like this girl, it was such a simple law to follow but she took it for granted and now has to deal with the consequences of her actions, however sad they may be.  Its the same with us. We sometimes take these simple commandments for granted.

So there you have my deep thought for the day!  Follow the commandments our Heavenly Father has set for us.  Really they're not that hard, we just make them hard!   

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