Friday, January 18, 2013

It came~We survived~We CONCORED!!!

That's right!!!
Christmas came...We SURVIVED it...and I will say we CONCORED IT!!!! 
Whoowho US!!

Its become a Family Tradition to have a BIG CHRISTMAS EVE get together at our house every Christmas Eve...and what do we do...well we EAT!!!  Food is very important to our family (all you have to do is look at my waistline to know that)...We have anywhere from 20 to 40 people show up and all of them are family...some are adopted family but they are ALL our family......AND WHY DO THEY ALL COME...WELL FOR THE FOOD (well and to see me of course cuz that's all that matters) 


Its also Christmas Eve when we open gifts from family that we might not see on Christmas day...

 And of course there was the traditional Christmas PJ's given out for Christmas...All the kids got them...Josh, Seth, even Eric and Cayla and Craig (even though we had issues with Craigs size-oops, my bad)

That night we had our visit from Santa...What was really fun since Cayla had just had Eric, they decided to stay the night at our house instead of driving all the way home. Unfortunately for them, it was a long night with Eric (welcome to parenthood guys), but they seemed to be asleep at the right times when Santa came...funny how that works! 
Santa got all the stocking stuffed for everyone and ready for the morning
Josh really got into his gift opening!! Or is he guarding his gifts so that no one takes them...its hard to tell!
I think Grandpas favorite part of opening gifts was holding Eric
Seth was just finding one gift after another he could open, even if it wasn't his he wanted to open it and for Cayla and Craig, they were able to just sit back, enjoy and relax while they opened their gifts.
DJ finally decided to put Eric down and start opening his was a hard thing for him to do!
Even Dakota wanted to show off her new toys from Santa...see her orange ball in her mouth!
Josh and his new gadgets!!
Mia didn't want to play with the toys...she just wanted to see what all the fuss was about with this new little baby...she is SOOOOO fascinated with him!
All the excitement of the morning wore both grandpa and baby Eric out, so they decided to take a short cat nap while the rest of us cleaned, baked and played!!

Baby Erics Christmas outfit!! 

Josh really loves holding him, OR does he do it to get out of doing work around the house!!  Either way I think he'll be a GREAT uncle!! Hey but don't tell him that...I don't want him to get a big head!!! 
Christmas morning was great!! Cayla, Craig and Eric headed over to Craigs folks to spend the rest of Christmas with them and to talk to Craigs brother who is serving a mission (what a fun Christmas to meet your new nephew)  The rest of our day was a nice relaxing day...we spent it with the boys, relaxing, watching movies and just having fun!! 
Like I say...
Christmas CAME...sometimes I think it comes faster and faster ever year!!
We SURVIVED...I didn't think we would...I mean really Cayla having a baby, we weren't sure when she was ify/ify! And all she wanted was to be home for Christmas Eve!!   
We CONCORED!!!  Because the day went perfect, we had fun, we enjoyed and we relaxed! 
What more could you ask for!!!


Cindy Jenkins said...

I LOVE your tree, Suzi! And that baby is ADORABLE!!!

Suzi said...

Thanks Cindy! I do have to admit, I love my tree! We wont buy a house unless my tree fits in it. I know its crazy but ITS ALL ABOUT THE TREE IN OUR HOUSE!!! And I think we will keep the baby, besides I don't think Cayla wants us sending him back anytime soon! LOL!!