Friday, January 18, 2013

Meet Eric...

Meet Baby...
(My Grandson)

That's right Cayla and Craig had their little baby boy and we are so excited...he was born on the coolest date ever to write...
(Isn't that so cool, all those 2's...)
and he was...
7 lbs 11 oz
21 inch long
(I call him my convenience store...blackjack baby...get it  7-11...21...blahahahahaha)
Doesn't Cayla look GRRRRREAT (as Tony the tiger would say)
She just has a baby and she looks picture perfect!!! Now that's my baby!!!
Look, the proud daddy Craig holding his little baby boy!
They look so cute!!
And can I say my grand son is just so GORGEOUS...OH WAIT...your not suppose to call little boys gorgeous or is it ok cuz I think he is!!... but he is just so stinkin cute!!!  
So Grandpa DJ and me Grandma Suzi are so excited...we can't wait to spoil baby out Cayla and Craig...MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Revenge shall be sweet!!
Its still hard for DJ to take in that his baby girl has had a baby but I think he kind of likes having a grandson...he has another little boy to teach all his sneaky skills too! 
Josh just thinks its kind of cool being an uncle...for some reason he really likes holding Eric...I'm starting to think he does it get out of work around the house...hummmmmmm.
Seth still thinks being an uncle is strange but he is liking the idea of all the mischief he can teach Eric...However I do know what a big help he is with Jerrae's kids so I know he'll be a BIG help with Eric.
I of course am very excited to have my first grandchild.  I think Cayla and Craig did a good job and we'll keep Eric around and not send him back, which I'm sure will make Cayla VERY happy! 
This was the first day Seth and Josh got to meet Eric...I think they kind of liked him! 
Cayla, Craig and Eric have been adjusting to their new lives together.  Its been fun, its been a little scary, its be a little over whelming at times, and its been joyful!  And whats great is they will be just fine!! 

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