Thursday, May 23, 2013

A school year full of first~crazy...

Its crazy to think about that the school year coming to an end for the kids!

I know I probably shouldn't call Josh and Cayla kids anymore, even Seth is getting older...
.BUT really, no matter how old they get they will always be my BABIES!! 

It was definitely a school year full of first!! 

~Josh starting High School~Crazy!
~Josh starting early morning seminary~Crazy!
~Josh growing 4 to 5 inches~Crazy!
~Josh joining track~Crazy (but fun)!
~Josh becoming an uncle~Crazy!

~Seth starting 5th grade~Crazy!
~Seth having the BEST school year since starting school~Crazy!
~Seth learning to enjoy reading~Crazy!
~Seth getting an "A" in spelling~Crazy!
~Seth joining Drama and LIKING it~Crazy!
~Seth being in his FIRST district play and SINGING a SOLO~CRAZY!!
~Seth becoming an uncle~Crazy!

~Cayla working full time and going to school full time~Crazy!
~Cayla starting the school year PREGNANT~Crazy!
~Cayla having a BABY (at Christmas time)~Crazy!
~Cayla learning to be a great mom while balancing work and school~ Crazy (in a good way)!

See its been a CRAZY year of first with my babies (and I didn't even list all their firsts)...

I have such amazing kids if you ask me ~ which you didn't but I still think it!!! 

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