Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Poor Josh

I'm telling you...this kid has had a rough couple of weeks. I always thought that Cayla and Seth were my klutz' but now I think Josh is trying to play catch up. Or maybe he just felt out of the loop.

Last week, every time we turned around the kid was hurting his hands. He smashed his finger in its turning black. (Its only the 3 maybe 4th time hes almost lost this same nail). Then the school got this really cool hot pink-big, I mean really big, ball for P.E. The kids all love it, BUT you can get hurt if your not careful and leave it up to one of my pills to get hurt. He smashed his fingers into it. Did a pretty good number on them. Even had to have his teacher do his writing for him. Way to manipulate the teacher.

As if thats not enough for his poor little hand, he went to the park and was playing basketball and crushed his fingers in the ball really hard. When he got home, they were kind of swollen. We put ice on it and told him in a jokingly way, I know this is very motherly, told him to suck it a man and STOP getting hurt. Well, what else could I wasn't broken and he was getting hurt ever 5 minutes and I WARNED him that his hand was hurting and he shouldn't go play basketball, but he didn't listen, said he'd be fine. Hey MOTHER ALWAYS KNOWS BEST. The next day was his class field trip and he was having a really hard time moving his finger, so my EMT friend looked at it. It was pretty swollen. She pulled on it and "POP". It had gotten jammed into a spot and wasn't popping back, so she did it for him. Taped his fingers and it was all good....

UNTIL...Yesterday...Poor guy. I was with my two friends, in town handing out flyer's, (again shameless plug for our silent auction and spaghetti dinner coming up for the school), and of course going to Dennys for the FREE breakfast. (The lines were more than a mile long so we changed and went to IHOP). Anywho, while we were out I get a call from the school. Its Josh..."Mom are you at the school?" I always know when he asks that, its not good. Poor thing, you could hear the hurt in his voice. He was trying so hard not to cry.

Heres what happen...He was running in P.E. for warm ups and another kid running behind him hit his foot somehow and sent him flying on the basketball court. He went a tumbling every which way. His head is all cut up, his arm has road rash and some big cuts on it from the shoulder to the wrist. His hip got a small little puncher wound from a rock and some road rash and of course the knee is all cut up. And all the muscles hurt like heck.

When he falls, he falls good. I mean really, I've always tryed to teach my kids...
If you're going to do something, do it right, go for it all the way!!!
I think he took it literally.

Poor guy couldn't even sit down, he was limping and everything. After a while he started getting dizzy. He did hit his head pretty hard. I ended up taking him home cuz he wasn't getting much work done at school.

BUT if you ask Josh what happen, one of the teachers told him he had to be creative, so you might get one of these story's (They worked on them at school)...

"There was a baby in the street and these cars started speeding down the road. I turned and saw the baby, just as the cars were getting closer. I ran as fast as I could and dove in front of the car and grabbed the baby and rolled out of the way. Protecting the baby with my body."


"Our house caught on fire and I heard my brother scream. He was still in the house. I ran in, with flames coming from everywhere. Ran up stairs to get him. Then we had to jump from the top window. I was holding my brother so he wouldn't get hurt when we landed."

Whats funny, when I went back to the school to pick up Seth, our friends said that there was already a rumor going around that Josh got into a fight. Hes really the last person you'd think to get in a fight. But anyways, he was in a fight with an 8th grader and held his own. When I told Josh this, he sat up with a smirk on his face and says..."Really?" Our friends were telling their kids it wasn't a fight cuz they also heard it. SO Josh may just add that story to his other two, Who knows.

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