Monday, April 6, 2009

Why is it...

Why is it......That every time DJ is out of town for a long time, one of the kids has a science project due!?!? Seriously does he plan this! I'm really beginning to think so. And Science, come on, I really don't like it that much...your killing me here DJ, your killing me.

Why is it......That the one computer program I really want to work, WONT and its late at night and I can't call DJ and bug him about it. REALLY like he can fix the problem when hes not home, but I can still bug him, can't I. And not only is my program not working, I have my whole computer upstairs not working...why does this always happen when DJ's away, cuz if he was home, you know it all would work perfectly. Its just cuz he's gone and it (it being the computer) wants to make me crazier than I already am.

Why is it......That when I find something funny ~ others really don't ~ is it that its really NOT that funny or is it that they just DON'T have a funny bone? I'd like to think its that they don't have a funny bone, cuz I sure do find a lot of things funny!

Why is it......Laundry and dishes...NEVER, do you read this, NEVER END!!! I know I did them yesterday, yet when I looked today ~ the sink was full and the hamper was too. It baffles my wee little mind...It's just WRONG! I need the laundry and dishes fairies at my house, along with the clean the bedroom fairies, the vacuum fairies, the scrub the toilet fairies (I think ya get the hint).

Why is it......when you wake up in the a.m, you feel more tired then when you went to bed? Can't figure that one out at all. Couldn't be the fact that I stay up late, but sometimes I do go to bed early. Or the fact that I wake up a million times and can't go back to sleep, so I just watch TV in bed. You should see some of the shows and commercials they have at night. Did you know they will you sell ANYTHING on TV, it's really kind of cool.

Why is it......When you have a really good hair day...IT'S WINDY OUT. Come on already. You know really good hair days DON'T come around that often, but when they do, you want someone to see it...BUT NO, NOT IN BUCKEYE...the wind NEVER stops here. It really is the strangest thing I've ever seen (well that and when I saw that elephant fly).

AND Why is it......There are so many songs about rainbows and whats on the other side?


Sarah said...

I have the same problem. When Aaron is here, everything manages to hold it together. When he has to be away, somehow stuff breaks. Good luck. I say you get to buy new stuff since he's not there to fix it. Oh, and there's nothing wrong with paper plates.

Suzi said...

Paper plates are my best I just need to teach Seth how to put them in the trash so it wont take up the whole thing:)

Kelli and the Girls said...

I agree!!! :)