Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My man ROCKS...

I know at times we all think that our hubby's are the best and ROCK...but can I just say at times...mine really does ROCK!!!
As most of you know, at times, I can be...well how shall I put it...a little high strung...ok just plan crazy...AND hes the BEST, he puts up with it all.
And he puts up with EVERYTHING I put him through. I know everyone of us gets a calling and our spouse gets the calling, but not like my hubby. I put him through ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I can. I EVEN make him do stuff for PTSA and for my Family (and most times I don't even ask, I just volunteer him, I'm so bad, I should really say sorry and feel bad for the things I put him through...maybe when I have time;-) naaa)...thats right...hes the MAN!!!
So this last week I was at girls camp and I asked DJ to change his days off, work Monday and take Tuesday off so that he could drive up to camp and pick Cayla up and drive her to Flagstaff so that she can compete in a Cheer competition.

Well, silly me didn't think things through, like always, BUT he did. Heres what was going on. See on Friday DJ was going to be leaving out of town for the next few weeks for Military Duty and really didn't want to miss too much work, so he was going to work all week except for when he was taking Cayla. One little problem in the plan...the boys (yes mom was going to take care of them, but they wanted to spend time with dad before he left and could do that if DJ was working all the time)....
My wonderful hubby, said "Family First" and took Monday and Tuesday off and went into work late on Wednesday...WHY you ask, cuz he took the boys camping and fishing while Cayla was Cheering.
He drove up to Strawberry on Monday, set up camp, took the boys out hiking and fishing. Then bright and early Tuesday came into LoMia to get Cayla and drove her to Flag were he spent the day with the boys. Left camp set up in Strawberry cuz it was 11:30 by the time they dropped her back at girls camp. DJ and the boys spent the day hiking and fishing...of course the only thing they caught, which didn't make me too happy, was a SNAKE!!! Ok for that, he gets knocked down a few steps off his pedestal!!! I DON'T DO SNAKES!!! (I've got a pic that I'll put on later for all of you to see...my heart skipped a few beats when I saw it)
Anywho, the next morning, they were off, back to Phoenix, dropped the boys off at grandmas and then he was off to work!! Sometimes he really can be the BEST!!!
He really does ROCK!!

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Anonymous said...

yep he rocks!!!!!