Saturday, July 4, 2009


I am going crazy...can I just say, we got the new modem the other day and the Internet worked great as soon as we hooked it up, that is for a day and then it all started all over again, the static and everything.
Seriously, the static on the phone is enough to drive me crazy! Others may not hear it when I'm talking to them, but I CAN hear it and I'M going CRAZY! I really CAN'T hear anything anyone says...WAIT maybe thats a good thing.
When the box came with the new one in it, it was all banging around, loose inside the box (nice packing job) and everything. SO back to the drawing board we go! DJ will give them a call this week while I'm at camp and try and get it fixed. Who knows, maybe it will never be fixed and I'm doomed to have STATIC in my ears forever and my Internet turning off and on all the time.

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