Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let November be a NEW START...

I don't want to complain...(NO laughing- I NEVER complain - I just voice my opinion, LOUDLY!)...because I know what happens when you complain about the trials in your life...they get worst! Yes I said it, so I guess I'm in trouble!  I know the Lord isn't doing it to be mean, its to teach us something!

But October and September were kind of yukky months for our family! So November is a BRAND NEW MONTH and things have to be better, RIGHT?!?!? (Humor me, ok)

I mean really, still no fixed truck, hubby was in TWO...count, two car accidents this month, things going on with the military (don't worry he's not going over seas), another kid possibly might have Asthma now (not sure yet) but hes been sick and coughing like crazy (I think his lungs might fall out), plus lots more...............BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING CUZ I KNOW HOW THAT WORKS!!! 

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