Monday, April 22, 2013

Crafty week...

Last week was a very busy crafting week for me... 

There was a lot of simple crafts to get done in a short amount of time!!

First up was Seth's play!
Seth was playing the wizard in "Munchkin Mediation". 
It was a play the Jr. Drama Club got to perform at the High School and Seth (if I do say so myself) was AMAZING...he even sang a solo! 
I think we found something he really enjoys!  Bout time if you ask me! 
But that brought me to my first and second crafts! 

What do you give a boy in a show?!?
You give girls flowers and balloons,
 I gave my kid BUCKETS and BOUQUETS of CANDY...
What an AWESOME MOM I my kid all this sugar!!
 Next was what to give the teachers (directors), because again, I didn't want to give flowers and one of them was a man...hummmm, well you can NEVER go wrong with chocolate in my book!

It was very easy to put these together...all you needed was:
Paper, stamps, ink, tape, paper cutter and ribbon
As soon as I got these together it was back to stamping for my monthly "Card Club".
I've always loved stamping and making cards and this way I get to make cards and visit with friends every month...the catch:  you have to make ten of the same card!
Well, I missed last month and we were doing two sets last month.  That's 20 cards, plus this month, so that's 30 was a busy stamping week!


Can I just say I love stampin!!  Its so much fun, I think the hardest part for me is coming up with the ideas, but once I have them...I'm off! 


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